Still alive on day 5!!!!

Hello peeps.

Yep I'm still here. I won't be on until later this evening due to work and I also got to go to the drs this morning as he is going to cut a mole out of the palm of my hand. :eek: After numerous visits checking size,shape etc he is pretty certain that it is benign but wants to remove it cos it only appeared about 9 weeks ago.

I'm not exactly looking forward to it - can't even have a fag cos I've quit!!lol

Anyway I will let you know how things went later this evening.


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  • Ouch :(

    Hope all goes well with Mr Moley x x

    Well Done on day 5 :D can't believe you've done nearly 1week already!

    Catch you later x x

  • HI karen

    Well done day five already see how fast the days go. Funny about your mole I am waiting to have one taken of my neck so let me know if it hurts not looking forward to it myself. Love Linda

  • Linda

    The mole removal went really well. The only time I felt anything was right at the

    beginning when I had to have an injection to numb the area. The doc made it quite clear though - the only reason he was removing it was to confirm it was benign. He said he wasnt cutting it out because he thought it was in any way

    malignant - only cos it had appeared recently. There was no discomfort whatsoever. Its a bit sore at the moment but nothing major. My hand had to be bandaged up however to keep the wound clean. SO NO WASHING UP FOR

    A FEW DAYS YAAAAAA!!!!! (got to keep the dressing dry) Don't fret about having yours done Linda - compared to quitting smoking its a breeze!:)

  • Evening Karen x

    Sooooo glad that the mole removal went ok, I had a polyp removed a couple of years ago, it wasn't painful but so uncomfortable, had like 3 dr's hands in my mouth, cutting and stitching away :eek:

    Still, I am dead proud of you on 5 days! maybe long for you but it's gone fast for me i can't believe it's nearly 1 week!

    Buffy x

  • Hi Buffy,

    I dont beleive it's nearly a week as well. I am starting to "accept" the fact that I do not smoke now. I still get the odd Yearning at times. especially after dinner or when I get bored but I'm slowly Learning to handle that.( If I get really desperate I use my inhalator but it's really rare) Like I said in my previous post about my mole removal

    it's not too sore - nothing a couple of glasses of semillon chardonay can't fix!lol:D

  • Wow a rarely used inhalator! thats dead impressive! :D

    Hehe Don't! I am on semillon chardonnay (Jacobs creek ) Again, just sat down with a glass, ahhhhhh

    It's the bloody heat lol next weeks half term so i will be starting on the wine at about 10am :D lollol

    Can't believe how fast this years gone, it's sports day tomorrow :eek: seems like they just started their new school years, scary.

    I'm going to disappear for an hour, going to get my katie n peter fix :rolleyes: sad i know, hardly watch any TV, what i do watch is tat lollol

  • Oooh reminds me, BB8 next week!! I can't wait :D

  • This is Wolf Blaas

    yellow label (1/2 price from Morrisons) Know what you mean abt 1/2 term. At least my daughter is old enough to entertain herself. UNFORTUNATELY on Tues hubby is sodding off to San Francisco again - this time for 2 weeks!! I'm determined to stay quit though!!! Hope fully this time I have afew days down already so I reckon it will be easier.

  • Hi there thread surfing again, Im on the Banrock Station tonight Cheeky little Red £3-49 local supermarket, hit the spot just fine :) Karen hope you are ok when hubby is away, ps can he take mine with him I could do with a break X Sue

  • sue - if you like Banrock Station splash out on Sparkling red banrock stn. A bit pricey at 6.99 from asda or tesco but soooooooooo nice especially on a hot day.

    You see this is a red wine which has actually got to be chilled! Try it.

  • Try anything once Just eating picled onions with the red wine What can I say!!! better than the amount of ciggies I would have had by now. Also Im trying to keep away from the cheese cos dairy product = more bloody fat x

  • Good luck Karen and congrats on day 5! Good work. Get ready for the weekend. That was my hardest. The first weekend


  • Hi all -I'm here... and do you know I found out tonight that Asda (used to work there - lovely people) have got three crates of cider for £20!!!! So I'm gonna sleep well for at least three days!!!:D :D

    I have got a bit of a thing for Branston Pickle at the mo - gosh I hope I'm not pregnant!!! Only joking...

    I once had a strange thing removed right from the corner of my eye - I got sick of people telling me I had sleep in my eye - what really hurt was having the needle put into the edge of my very bony nose to freeze it - never felt a thing after that!

    Hey all doing so well - keep happy

    Loopy XX

  • Hell Loopy you have got to be the BEST bargain hunter *makes a note to go to asda* Sue

  • oh >_< bad timing karen!!

    heehe 1/2 term :rolleyes: i hope hubby will bring back many a glorious gift to make it up to you! :p

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