No Smoking Day

I'm an even fatter bast*rd

Hi every1

Still plodding along 105 days i think lost count dont care about days so much.

Still happy to be a non smoker, have an appt with gp this pm regards champix tablets i have fininshed my course of full dose tablets and we have spoken about going on a reduced doseage for a few weeks. I want to come of the tablets but i am a bit apprehensive about being without tablets i am sure it will be ok but still get niggling doubts in the back of my mind.

I am stepping up my fitness campaign i even came to work last sunday to go to the gym for 1 3/4 hrs and been stepping up the weights, so i go to the gym 6 days a week making the most of it whilst i am single and I AM STILL PUTTING ON F***ING WEIGHT the good thing is its making me work even harder in the gym because i am determined to lose this weight.

But i am noticing the difference in my fitness levels because today i RAN on the treadmill for 40 mins which when i smoked i could never do, not even half of that. So i do feel fitter and obviously with the amount of exercise i am doing i should but the the weight still goes on. I have been told by an ex smoker that my metabolism will level out after about 6 months and i should start loosing weight.

Enough of my rant that is a good thing about this site that i can come on hear and have a good rant and every1 is supportive and understands what i am going through.

Cheers every1 and i hope you all have a nice weekend, i am hoping that i might meet miss right soon or maybe even miss right now ah well fingers crossed LOL

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Ahhh your doing so well Andy!!

Your gym stats are very impressive!! I found my weight settled around 4-5 months it did come down a tad but still obviously a bit above my smoking weight. I always advise not to do anything about your weight till month 6.

So really don't worry about it please x x x

It is something else to deal with at a much later time! you are already doing so much for yourself!

Well done x x

~Buffy x x


Ah thanks Buffy

I will just have to be patient


Patience is of virtue ;)

and will top off your new you perfectly :D


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