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start of month 2 and i'm choked!

I went cold turkey and so far have alot of hard days and alot of good days.

I have gained 5 lbs even though I have made sure that I didnt replace my habit with eating. Please don't reply with any sh*t about how the weight prob can be tackled later .. you're doing great ...blah blah blah. I'm not interested. I need to beat the gain now or I won't make it. Are there any long term quitters reading this that can tell me anything about the weight gain/ metabolism levelling off ?


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The weight gain can be tackled later.. You're doing great!!!

But seriously... :)

What about fitness? At the start of month 2, your body should be capable of a lot more exercise due to the improved circulation, and general feeling of having some increase in lung function. I'm only a few weeks ahead of you, but have already found that my average running times are coming down by 20 seconds per kilometre without stress. If you've got the energy, then use it to help with weight control.




haha .. jerk ! :p

Well , the last time i quit i made it to month 2 and started again because of the 8 lb weight gain. I actually bought an elliptical machine and worked out daily. I figured this time I would try not working out as I'm sure some of that weight gain was simply muscle. Now I know alot of people would say muscle weight is good, But I'm a petite girl at 5'6 and I don't want to be all big and butchy haha . but okay , maybe i should start getting some exercise.


Elisa - my wife quit last April. She was thrown off a horse and broke her pelvis . She had to spend 2 months lying down, during this she was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and stopped smoking there and then.

The quitting combined with the inactivity caused to gain quite a bit of weight. By the end of last year she weighed over a stone less than before her injury. How did she do it? exercise, exercise exercise.

Now i'm off for a sarnie



Hi Elisa I know just how you feel. I have been quit 5 weeks and have put on 7lbs. I hate putting on weight it really depresses me.

My solution now is to get back on the slimming world diet. Ive been on it before and Ive never been overly active but still lost weight. The good thing with this way of eating is that there are lots of food that are classed as free, meaning you can eat as much of them as you want. Killing that hand to mouth craving and keeping you full at the same time.

Anyway give me a week and I'll let you know if its working.

Good luck

Lillie xxx


Welcome to the forum Elisa,

Please don't reply with any sh*t about how the weight prob can be tackled later .. you're doing great ...blah blah blah.

And please don't presume that we talk sh*t and blah blah blah on here. We don't.

Also don't use the weight gain as an excuse to start smoking again. Five pounds shouldn't take a lot of effort, so, as has been suggested here, try getting some exercise.

Unfortunately there is no magic pill to help you lose weight. As there is no magic pill to help you stop smoking. You need to work at it.



Extra weight gain whilst making a good positive life style change is demoralising ... but for some folk, it happens!

My life style had become pretty sedentary. I put on more weight than I needed or expected when I quit over 2 years ago. Partially through quitting and the subsequent drop in metabolism, mostly by over eating and substituting smokes for drink.

Cure .... I didn't diet so much more that I ate better, drunk less, dusted off my old cycle and took up cycling/cycle touring and then Pilate's.

I've lost a load of pounds whilst cycling, Pilate's x 2 a week and now zumba. I've toned up, lost the weight I gained and have dropped a clothes size. The worry over muscle weight gain is, IMO, shite ;) Like a diet, exercise is best tackled and enjoyed in a varied and balanced way.

I took some natural supplements to try and give my metabolism a boost. Can't say either way if they worked or not as I began exercising at the same time. I'd say, in my case, that it took a year from quitting to get back to pre quit weight. It only took that long due to me being a lazy arse. Had I exercised and ate healthier from the outset, it'd be a different story.

It's the norm for most folk (women esp) to gain between 5 and 10 lbs in the first couple of months. If your up for it and focused on both quitting and maintaining your weight, it can be done.

What I do feel could be completely shit and blah blah blah would be to go back, again, to smoking for the sake of a few months of extra weight and dented vanity ;)


lol .. thanks guys .. Yes , I'm a lazy cow and need to get moving. I actually took the advice today and hoped on the elliptical for an hr today .. then came to find my so bought me a pineapple pizza for dinner. When I was a smoker I could have ate half of that or more and not thought twice .. tonight I had a slice .. MEH !


I gave up for 3 years so could be classed as a long term quitter.

(That was 6 years work it out!!)

Anyway... losing weight Elisa is simple. Forget metabolism.

Move more, eat less.

That's all there is to it.

Good luck!


I seem to be up and down three lbs for the past 2 weeks .. I guess I should just count my blessings. I have started running on the elliptical since I joined this site. we'll see how things go. I like the comment to forget the metabolism .. good idea :) !


Hiya Elisa,

I agree with Lizzie about metabolism, I watched a program about obese people not so long ago. All moaning that it's not their fault, they have a slow metabolism, obesity runs in the family so it's genetic or due to thyroid problems.

It was all a crock of shit...about 3% of people with weight problems are due to metabolic disorders, genetic factors and thyroid problems. The others are just too fat cos they eat too much. None of those people on the program had a medical explanation as to why they are fat. Simples.....too much food went in and not enough calories were being burnt off. And as for the whole family being fat, well if your mum and dad are gonna eat unhealthy guess what? Their kids are gonna eat that way too and most likely will all throught their adult life and then feed their kids that way too. Genetic tsk, just a never ending fat cycle.

So screw metabolism get your ass on a rowing machine...heave ho!

Lisa x


Anyway... losing weight Elisa is simple. Forget metabolism.

Move more, eat less.

ooops mines been EAT MORE MOVE LESS...... :rolleyes:

lol I'm trying I'm trying can I start in JAN......:D

just wobbling off to find a mince pie :eek:


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