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I'm a celebrity get me out of here!!!!


I can't believe it i'm actually leaving this section without a single puff entering my lungs. I feel triumphant, elated, confident and very optimistic for what the future holds for me. I really cannot describe this feeling or what i have accomplished into words, really i can't.

It was like when i passed my driving test(first attempt ladies;)) and not expecting too. You wouldn't though would you if you had hit a curb on the parallel parking maneuver during the test ?

I was so shocked to hear the words "Congratulations Mr xxxxx you've passed" i actually cried like a little baby at the age of 28 (please don't tell my mates down at the pub)

Anyway i still continue to roll my girlfriends cigarettes everyday without fail which hasn't bothered me from day one. I'm in the process of trying to convince her to quit but i'm finding it hard to be honest.

Well time has come for me to say goodbye to months 4 & 5 forever and the people i've left behind as i'm now walking up the path to enter the front door to number 6. A new chapter is about to unfold in my life and i'm every excited.I absolutely love it when it's time to move into a new section. It's like reliving Christmas Eve over and over again.

Looking back to March 20th i can honestly say time has flown by for me and as the days and weeks tick by the easier it gets. Sorry for that old chestnut saying but it's so true. I still have tricky moments to deal with so don't get me wrong. Infact the last couple of weeks i've gone through the missing part of it again.

Finally good luck to everyone and especially new quitters. I still remember day one like yesterday. I so much wanted to click my little red shoes 3 times and be teleported straight into the Penthouse. I don't now, I just simply get on with life.


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Hey mate good for you!! enjoy your next 6 months, hopefully see you in the penthouse in 1 year lol :-) as an early quitter on day 3 hearing your success is very inspirinig! im also wishing it was one year one but to appreciate the 1 year on i need to go through this shit you call withdrawal to appreciate it more!!

oh and congrats on passing your test clipping a curb, i failed my first attempt hitting the back of a car, ok was only 5 miles an hour but still, eeek!! past second time no bother,, mental note " do not look at hotties walking down street in driving tes whilst in road works"! you may hit something haha :-)


way to go Rogue :D

reading that postive post got me thinking that if you had been able to strut as you typed you would have done :p ((or is there a way to strut and type at the same time? )) ;)

And you have every right to do so im sure your fellow quitters wilbe joining you very soon

i passed my test first time too :p ((which really got up the nose of my brother who took his test that many times i lost count))

there wilbe times when your smoking head will try its best to temp you back but stay strong you have been through the worse bit and can do it

onwards and upwards is def the way too go


Nice one Rogue!!!! You were one of the first people who replied to one of my posts as I remember, as you say it's flown by, thanks for being there for that though, along with the others who did, means a lot to get replies when you first come in.

Driving tests, passed mine at the fifth attempt (my first was abandoned by the examiner when I ran a red light due to horrendous nerves!) at the age of 31. The elation was the same!!! :D

Bloody brill Rogue!!!

You've cracked it, no doubt there. I'm looking forward to your penthouse post and I have no doubt it wil be forthcoming!


Hello celebrity, I'm just over the moon that you are still here and doing so well:D

I will also soon be saying "get me out of here".

Book the limo Rogue;)

Cheers all for the positive feedback. :)


Cheers all for the positive feedback. :)

Well, you earned it! :)

Keep on keeping on, my friend. We'll both make it to the Penthouse soon enough.

Meantime, take a deep breath. Now then, doesn't that feel good???

Well done Rogue

Well done Rogue. That is brilliant and you deserve it. See you in the penthouse!:)

Way to go! Slow clap for my brother in arms! Totally stoked for you man!


Well done Rogue, you're an absolute star :D Erm, was wondering if I could borrow your little red shoes now you don't need them anymore?? Pleeze?? ;):D

Zoe xx

Brillient Rogue. Thats the way to do it. Just get on with life as normal and no cigs is now normal


Cheers Aitch and Zoe. Nice to see you start an other quit Zoe and yes you can have those red shoes ;)

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