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Hi Guys

Well what can I say? I'm back but what a roller coaster couple of months emotionally! Although I have never really started smoking again I feel I've had too many to keep posting anywhere but back at the beginning!:o

I keep quitting and then every couple of weeks fall off the wagon again for the most pathetic excuses. (Those who don't know me, I quit for three months then went on holiday during Britain's monsoon season in July and haven't posted since then!)

To be honest having read Ron's last post I can see where he's at and feel just the same but the most inspiriation I've had tonight is your post Kazza (good to see you're back on the ball) re: no-one can accuse you of giving up quitting!! I've never stopped trying this time and know I will do this eventually but I've realised I need you lot to help me - you know, you think you've got this thing licked.....blah, blah, blah.

I've had some stressful moments to be fair, my beloved cat died recently (seventeen years we'd been buddies), work's cr*p and to be perfectly honest I am still absolutely sick of still thinking about bl**dy fags.

So....good to be back, good to see you all again (Hi Buffy, Boudee, Linda, Kazza, name but a few! - (know you've all had stresses too - I have popped in from time to time!)

Your support would be greatly appreciated. I think I may need to change my log in to 'Serial Quitter'.

Love Loopy:)

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Welcome back Loopy, nice to meet you and congrats on decididing to quit! This is just the beginning of an exciting and interesting journey, the greatest thing you could ever decide to do for youself and hey being a serial quitter is so much better than being a serial smoker ;)

P.S. Let me send you a huge hug and tell you how sorry I am about your cat - having lost my beloved cat of 18 years last year I know what it means - I think about her every day but every day I am so grateful for all the years I got to spend with her, she'll live forever in my heart XXX


Hi Loopy,

Glad to see you back!!!!!! You have been missed. Also glad to see you keeping on trying. Thats what I am doing. I will do this until I get it eventually. Keep at it girl!


Welcome home Loopy. Missed my virtual drinking pal! Hey I really AM gonna do it this time. Just feels different like I said earlier. The nurse gave me champix this time - its ace. What are you using this time. Wasn't it patches b4?Have you been out on your bike lately? Anyway good luck lovely loopy and if I can do this after 25yrs and god knows how many times and ways - SO CAN YOU!!!:)


Hi Loopy, I am new to the forum and so glad i found somewhere I can moan and people understand what i am going through.

Sure i will see you around.


Hey thanks so much for understanding...

Francesca - it's so good to find someone else who understands the relationship I had with my cat...They never judge, are always there and their love is unconditional..well as long as you keep opening the Whiskas!!!!

Cindy, Kazza - I'm just so impressed you remember me! In fact I'm having a tinny right now to get me in the mood for more! - Yep I'm back on the patches which worked well before but I am struggling with my emotional state of mind this time - still now I'm back on here I know things will get better.

The bike's good - I went round the local nature reserve this afto but it must have been national ignore cyclist's bell day 'cos everyone just stayed right in my way! - I might just run 'em over next time!

Day one's not been too bad and I know from long experience that it can only get better:)

I'll keep you posted

Love Loopy


Hi Flippy

sorry didn't pick up before but I find when I try and look back at the thread I've suddenly lost everything I've already typed!! Good to meet you and I'm sure we can have a good moan together! I reckon people underestimate this quitting lark - even some ex smokers - everyone's different and everyone's battle is different and (as my kids would say) no-one should diss the acheivement:)

Best wishes and a pint of cider,

love Loopy


yay!!! alky loopy is here!!! cider anyone?!:D


Sorry Loopy didn't mean to imply you was an alkie or anything! - it's just that it's so nice to know you aint the only one giving stuff another go . Its so motivating to know that youre not alone in your failure if you know what I mean.I find it so inspirational to see that although some folk(like me) don't make it - it doesn't stop them trying again and again if necessary. I'm sure you can do it this time sweetie well cider - cigs both begin with'C'. Just make sure its the liquid stuff you have!!! Take care:D


Hi Kazza

Actually I have a confession - I am a tee total psychologist studying the effects of giving up smoking on the ability of certain individuals to drink like a fish. My findings so far are verry interesting....

In fact to make sure I understand fully your emotional state I have decided to start drinking cider to better understand the mental processes of the average ex smoker who doesn't need to feel at all guilty for having a whole bottle of wine:D

Good to see ya!



Hey Kazza

Our posts overlapped there - I took so long typing you'd already posted again - and hey, no offence taken I actually think the health giving benefits of a drink are underestimated - stops me going stark staring mad!

On a serious note I'm so glad I came back on. I've been peeping in now and again but have only just realised how much help this site is. Doh!!!!

Lets face it those of us who keep posting are probably the ones who are sticking at this with all we've got - we deserve to feel good!!!

Love Loopy


I'm Origi****ly from a small village nr Leeds and all my family used to be miners - Tee total miners NOT!!!

I'm pleased you get on with the patches. They made me cry - Literally everydy I would bawl my eyes out for no reason!!!! I know they are excellent for some people and I don't diss them in any way - but for me they didn't do it.Hey horses for courses- It wouldn't do for us all to have the same thing(as my gran used to say!)I think I've found my saviour in champix -took a long time to find but better late than never! You'll do it Loops!!! Think: CIDER NOT CIGS!:D :D

Love karenxxx


Cheers Kazza

....and as my gran would say 'it's just a clearing up shower' or 'mek haste' or 'there's snow in't hedge bottom' or 'no one knows what hosses cosses' but most importantly 'have you washed your face this morning'! - hey do you know that's just conjoured up some very happy memories....

Speak soon

Love Loops


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