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Today is the first day of taking my champix prescription so I thought I'd start a bi-regular blog to keep track of how I'm doing and to also let everyone who is embarking or thinking of embarking on this what to expect!

Funny thing happened yesterday. I know some folk have reported having chest infections/congestion with Champix but I got mine before taking it! My voice was nearly away this morning so i started taking a bronchial mixture to help clear it. Then I had my breckie (yes I actually ate breakfast - not done that in years!) then I took my first pill. Does anyone know if this will affect the champix...?

On the plus side I've not had the feeling of nausia that a lot of folk report so I'm crossing my fingers that this won't happen. I've also decided to think of Champix as vitamins - maybe if I distract my brain from what I'm taking I might not get ANY side effects *yeah right...*

I've yet to set a quit date in stone but day 10 sounds good!

I'll be posting on this same thread throughout my 3 months of Champix so I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. :D

Quick question - had anyone stopped before the end of week 1..?

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Champix too!!!

Hi there

First of all congrats on your decision to quit, you won't regret it! it is probably the best decision you will ever make!

I started taking my Champix tablets on Friday 28th August and Gave up on the 8th day (04/09/09) so I had my last cigarette on Day 7 of the tablets.

I started to experience nausea from the tablets on day 3 ish of taking them but it doesn't mean that you will as we are all different, I just make sure that I have breakfast before I take the tablets, this seems to help. I don't have any nausea from them now and I am on Day 19 of the tablets.

You will know when to set your date in a few days, by day 3 of taking the Champix, the fags started to taste disgusting and I continued to smoke till day 7, where quite frankly I was glad I was quitting!

The guys on this forum are great and are always here when you need them for advice or encouragment! :)

Good Luck with your quit and keep us posted


Hi Pdocherty :D

First chanpix doesn't cause chest infections I know someone on here's Dr said that was the cause but no they found out he was wrong

Sorry you had some congestion though but as far as I know the bronchial mixture won't affect champix at all

Always take the champix after food with plenty of water this will cut the chances of you getting the nausea

I'm not sure if I posted the following for you earlier in case I did apologiws in advance

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK



Good luck with your quit, keep your objective always in focus.. and be kind to yourself too.. i heartily recommend fruit juice in the early days, and chilled water whenever its ok too. Alot of folk say to cut down on the caffeine, but i found i like a cup of coffee and well .. tis nice :)

again, good luck.. i'll keep checking your posts as you make them.

Hi Folks,

day 2

Well that’s another day down and my second tablet of Champix taken without incident once more *yey*

I was at a very long and very boring meeting this morning so I had no chance to go down at my usual time for my morning ciggie but, almost on auto pilot, as soon as the meeting ended I grabbed a coffee and headed out for a cig. Halfway through smoking I realised that I was getting this really tinny, foul taste off of my smoke. So I stopped sipping my coffee (just in case it was that - its no Blue Mountain you get in this office!) and took a few more draws....and I realised that it was the cigarette that was making my mouth taste like that. For the first time in years I threw over half my cigarette away. It felt GREAT :D I honestly didn't want to smoke it anymore.

I know that they say that it takes 7 days for the Champix to build up in your system but maybe it’s different for different folk. Or maybe its psychosomatic.....whatever it is i like it

So far I've managed to be really good in the evenings - only one last night after dinner!

Days are definitely when I do my serious smoking. I have one walking to the train station, one when i get off the train on my way to work, one at around 10am, at least 2 at lunch time, one in the afternoon, one walking back to the train station and one going home. That’s 8 in total that I usually have during the day and I really need to get out of the habit cause I know for a fact that’s where the hard work is. Training my hand NOT to go for the cigs and lighter automatically and actually thinking it through first. Before I started cutting down in preperation for stopping I was down twice in the mornings and afternoon at work and at night I was getting through at least 5 easily. where was I getting the money to buy these things???

Well roll on Day 3 and the last of my one-a-day pills!!!

I'd like to say thanks to FayRay, Margreth and Jase180709 for supporting m on my first day blog. I'm feeling really positive and happy and I just cannot wait for my quit date!!

Fay - I'm so chuft that you seemed to have gotten the same fast results as I did on the Champix - heres hoping I'm as anxious to stop by day 7 as you were!:)

Margareth - Thanks for clearing up the issue on chest infections - you never know what to expect with Champix so when you read something you pretty much assume its true. FYI - my chest has cleared up and its all moved to my head so now I know its just the cold :o Me and my anxiety eh!!!

jase180709 - Completely agree with you on the coffee. In fact that might be the next addition I need to tackle!!!:D

Hi Pdocherty :D

Well done you day 2 of champix is really good I finally stopped on day 8/9 but hated the taste after the first few days and had to force myself to smoke the last couple of days

Keep going you'll soon begin to feel the benefits



Hi PDocherty,

Welcome to the Ex Smokers club.

Although I put myself down as a 20 a day smoker, I would often get through 8 on my way to work in the morning, driving in from Essex to London, not even a 2 hour drive.

Also, you travel by train, I used to do that too. Only i'd hang outside Fenchuch Street and have my fag before getting up to the platforms to catch my train, so thankfully, once you quit, you won't have to go through all that nonsense having a fag before you do something that smokers do.

Im on 44 days now, and feel absolutely fantastic! I feel as good as I did when I was 17, go good luck with it and i'll keep an eye out over your progress.

I never used the Champix, but others have had good results by it.



Hi Folks

day 3

Well I'm keeping this short and sweet!

Last night was a bit touch and go since I've cut down to one cig in the evening. I got a bit ratty with my faince for no good reason at all - well there was a reason - I wanted a cig:o

I ran a bath and by the time I'd finished running it I was ready to appologise and it was all done and dusted - unitl the NEXT time.

Today has been worse for me than yesterday in terms of what I'm smoking. Had one first thing before breakfast and then one on the way to the train station, one going to work, I took 2 cig breaks in the morning and had 2 at lunch time. Really disoppointed with myself and I never experienced the same strong feelings of disgust at the taste of my cig as i did yesterday. Suppose I just got to trust that the Champix will kick in eventually as my will power has been crap today :(

Well tomorrows a new day - onwards and upwards (hopefully not backwards...)

The trick right now is not to make expectations the order of the day.. you will 100% know when you are ready to set your date.. these are early days, and it's baby steps all the way. It'll happen for you.

All in good time, day 3 whichever quit method you are doing is a git.. get through today and tomorrow and see how you feel then.


Hi Pd!

Please don't force yourself through this - the Champix will work all on it's own - you don't need to suffer! :D Just smoke when you want - eventually you won't want at all, and things will be fine - but that will be into week 2. Let it happen. It doesn't have to hurt - that is the beauty of Champix! :D

Well done for getting here - just take it easy.

Hi Pdocherty :)

As Coaltyt say's don't force it the champix will really kick in very soon and you'll find you really don't want to smoke

I used it and set my quit date for 10 days after staring it and found that the last couple of days I had to force myself to smoke at all so don't force it take it day by day it will happen



day 3

Hi everyone and thanks for all the email support you've been continuing to give me - I really appreciate it! I've decided to chill out and not overthink everything as its happening which seems to be working for me as I've smoked less than yesterday!

Well today it the first day of my double dose of the 0.5mg tablets and theres not much change here. Very happy to report no side effects appart from the fact that my dreams are larger than life - not scary - just really random and they feel so real. But thats ok with me - quite look forward to hitting the pillow to see what new dusty dark corners of my mind the Champix is going to animate!!!:D Not losing sleep at all as it goes and if anything maybe sleeping more but no complaints at all from me on that!

Last night I was a bit edgy again with the one cig rule I've imposed on myself but maybe with the double dose I'm starting to take now that might fade a bit...

Overall feeling happy and positive today!!!!

I won't be back for an update until Monday as my home internet connection is knackered but hopefully that'll be up and running soon (getting itchy fingers from not being able to google at home!)

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.;)

PS I've noticed that when I do go for a cig break or when I have a cig in the house I ALWAYS have coffee with me so I'm trying to stop that as maybe I won't get the same bitter taste that the Champix creates...

Hi there

Don't worry too much about how many your smoking at the minute or that they don't taste as cack as they did the day before etc, as the others said, the Champix will kick in and you will know when to put the pack and your lighter down (when you are literally forcing them down your neck for the sake of it!)

I decided on day 7 before I started taking the Champix so I was determined to stop on that day any way, but by this time, as I said earlier I was glad to stop!.

Hope you manage to get your internet sorted and have a great weekend!

Fay :)

Hi Pd

Very pleased to have found your posts as we are running 'in synch' on Champix (pretty much). I'm now on Day 3. Been smoking for years and am really noticing the down-side in terms of physical fitness, just climbing a flight of stairs has me breathing heavily.

I've not noticed any side effects, in fact I've not noticed anything different yet - positive or negative. Still smoking the same amount and they aren't 'tasting' any different.

Hoping Champix will kick in at some point in the next week.

Let's do this together.


Hi PD & Cyprien

Im on day 3 of not smoking and on champix, this is 8 days after my first tablet.

The push was on day 5 when I had my CO2 emmissions measured, I was down to 6 cigarettes and my reading was from 30 to 10. 5 and under is a non smoker. I too couldnt walk up the stairs without puffing but on day 2 without fags I could and today I can run up the stairs

Its not easy but its in your mind that you need a fag as Champix blocks you nicotine receptors so you are not having withdrawal symptoms just the withdrawal of actually smoking. Keep focused and good luck



Well - another update folks:). I'm now on my blue tablets (took the first one this AM) and so far it’s been not too bad. I have my days where I don't want to smoke at all really and then I have my days, like today, where I have already smoked 3. The cigs are tasting like crap tho but I still have the urge now and then...

On Friday night I was out and smoked a lot more but that’s normal for me when I'm drinking so I need to watch that this Friday as I've now officially set that date as my quit date:D. On Saturday I smoked some but not a lot then on Sunday it was way down again, as was Monday. Drinks the trigger with me and I know that and I can fix that so I'm really confident that this time next week I'll be a confirmed non smoker (at least a beginner at non smoking!!)

Again, the only side effects I seem to be having is the dreams but as I've said before its not disturbing my sleep and the dreams aren't bad just really REAL! I't not had any more real moans and I've been in control of my dreaded mood swings in regards to my one cig rule at nights so happy about that!!!!

CYPRIEN - YEY!!! Glad to hear there’s someone on the same timeline as me with the quitting - I agree completely - let’s do this together!!! How are getting on since your last post? It'd be really good to hear from you. With regard to the taste let Champix kick in soon you'll also be enjoying what I can only describe is the combined taste of burning plastic and blood with every cig you have...eugh!

CAROLINE - I hope you’re doing well with not smoking and keeping focused on the reasons why!! Wee question - when you set your quit date was it easy to stick to or did you get the dreaded cravings that keep coming back. When I tried to stop with the Nicorette tabs I kept getting cravings that lasted about 10 minutes but would keep coming back every half hour - it was driving me nuts!!!!

PAUL - I’m so glad to hear your feeling THAT much better off the cigs. When you’re on then you just don't think about all the ways its effecting you. I remember I had to run for the train one day and I swear i was still out of breath when I was getting off at my stop 15 mins later. I'm not heavy I was just completely knackered on the cigs. In fact when I began running to catch the train I was still, unbelievably, smoking a fag!!!! Its a real eye-opener and has been something that contributed to me chucking it.

MARGARETH - I'm on day 8 now and can agree with you on the taste. The only thing is sometimes I get blocked sinuses and so can't really taste the cig so I need to watch for that one!!! Its not all the time, for instance, this is the first day I've had them in ages and I suspect it'll only be for today but I am aware of the fact that when I get the urge, then I smoke I'll not realise that I'm tasting that really crap taste...Oh well lets hope it clears soon eh!!!!

Well I'm off to see how the day treats me!!!!

Thanks for the continued Support I get from FayRay, Coaltyt and Jase180709 I really appreciate it guys and it always reinforces in me why I'm doing this and what i need to focus on! In fact thanks to everyone - I can't believe how much this actually helps:D

cant really offer any advice mate as i'm going through the same as you

but hold in there, you can do it


Cheers Mack I appreciate it! Best of luck to you as well - big day for you eh?:D

I'll basically need to do it cause there is no effing way i'm going back to 20 a day, couching like hell, smelling like sh*t and being skint!!!!!:D

Hi Pd

I quit before my actual date as I went to see the non smoking nurse at my local docs and she measured my co2 readings from my lungs. I had smoked 6 fags that day and my readings were down from 30 to 10 and as I walked out of the surgery I just decided that was my last day yesterday after 6 days of no fags my readings are zero. Its a big boost.

You will have cravings but its not for nicotine as Champix blocks your nicotine receptors. Your cravings are for the habit and its not easy to break (see my post from today) but it passes, I feel good at the moment.

I can honestly say though, when you get past the first couple of days things really change quickly, you will forget about fags more often than remember them and you will feel and look so much better. I dont cough in the mornings at all and I can even run up hills now. Yes its that quick.

Keep with it Caroline

Thanks Caroline.

I never actually understood that part of how Champix works - actually blocking the urge. I just assumed it just made the cigs taste awful and averted you from wanting to smoke because of that. well thats made me feel a whole lot better:D


Hope you're doing better than me. I'm really having no effect whatsoever. I'm even wanting to feel sick or something even if it's just to show the side effects are kicking in. But I don't feel the slightest bit different one way or another.

Thanks for the various messages, I've been reading the boards and am encouraged that not everyone feels the effects immediately. Just about to move onto the 'heavy' blue pills, so hopefully they will work in some way.

I realise a lot of this has to do with attitude as well as Champix, but I'm just not getting anything from them......yet.

Cheers - and good luck


Hi Cyprien,

Don't get too bummed out yet mate as I was saying to Margareth the side effect of the cigs tasting bad come and go - today the taste has went so I'm definately smoking more :(

I really hope you start getting some sign that the Champix is working for you - I know it must be frustrating cause your taking pills that are messing with receptors in the brain and you get no "bang for your buck" as it were but I'm convinced that you must be one of those folk that it hits out of the blue on day 11 or something. Before you know it you'll be getting that disgusting taste and dreaming like your a 5-year old coming off a 3 day skittles binge!!!

I suppose it all takes a different amount of time to build up in some folk - who knows you might be quitting before me..!!!!!

I'm back on this tomorrow to remember and check in and let me know how your doing:D

Take Care xx


Pd and Sue - you need to chill and just let the Champix do it's stuff - it will happen - in time. That time frame is different for everyone. Eventually the Champix blocks all the receptors in your brain and the cigarette will have no effect what so ever and you'll start to wonder why you bothered! The first thing that happened to me was that I smoked more - to try and compensate I guess. The timing of the effects will differ from person to person - just let it happen. Get on with your life whilst Champix get's on with it's job! :D

You will both be fine - stick with it! :D

Day 9

Awwwww. remember me saying I had no side effects???

Well last night proved me wrong! :(

I duely took my first pill yesterday with no incident and headed home after work, had my dinner and dropped the second bluey. About an hour later I start getting ratty and feeling...empty. I decided to run a bath so that I could just chill out and thats what i did. I just sat there in the bath and relxed and read my book but I had this feeling in the back of my mind all the time and its so hard to describe.

I wasn't thinking right (kept staring off into the distance with no real thoughts going on) and I had the empty feeling still in there. When I got out I went over to my usual spot on the sofa (curled up next to my fiance) and we were watching Jamie Oliver in the USA and next thing I started crying and I couldn't stop. (Appologies jamie but I doubt its anything to do with you!!!) The thing is I was really breaking my heart but all the while I was thinking "what the hell am I doing - just stop crying" but I couldn't so I cried for a solid 5 minutes non stop. Oh and as nice companion to the crying I started getting a splitting headache as well. When I did manage to stop crying i just felt that the slightest thing would kick me off again. Luckily it didn't but my fiance got the fright of his life. He even said that if this is what Champix does then don't take them. And it did cross my mind folks to ditch them cause I had this really awake and wired feeling after crying and my next thought was "I don't think I'm getting a sleep tonight!!"

But I made myself chill out, my fiance gave me a wee head rub and I made myself tune out all the panicky thoughts and just foucused on not focusing! So after that episode we shuffled off to bed, I put a comedy DVD in (Talladega Nights) and I feel asleep to that.

Dreams larger than life but no different to the norm just now. Slept right through as well.

This morning I was very cautious about taking my next pill. I made my breakfast and decided that I'd not ovethink this because of last night and so went ahead and popped what is now my third blue pill.

So far so good guys. None of the same feelings as last night but I am seriously considering only taking half of the pill tonight. I don't want that happening again and at a time when I think 'm taking control of my life last night's epoisode felt like I had no control what-so-ever over that.

I have had 2 cigs this AM already but those were the last in my pack. I made the concious decision not to buy them walking to work (had a pocket full of sherbet fruits that i munched instead!!) and am determined to try and not give in so easy when the next urge takes hold.

Last night made me more determind to see this through. I never want to feel like that again and I'm definately talking this over with my doctor on Friday, which happens to be my official quit date.

I know I'll be fine for the rest of the day but I am anxious about tonight's pill, as I've said. I also don't want to make my fiance worry by cracking up in front of him again but as I said I didn't at that point have any control!!

Well - I'll see how the rest of the day goes and as always I'll be keeping you up-to-date on how I'm doing:D

take care everyone xxx

not had anything like that, may just be with the larger dose ?

hopefully you'l be fine today, keep us posted, you can do it :)

Hi Pd

Know what you mean by the headache ( by day 5 had gone for me) but the emotions will be up and down for a while yet, but it might not be the Champix.

Ive just been talking to a good friend of mine who stopped years ago and she likened the feelings to a bereavement and if you have ever lost someone the light will now flick on. Thats just how I feel I am bereaved at losing my fags, they have been my companion through thick and thin and now they have gone forever. But just like losing some one it gets better. Shall we both hold a funeral for our empty fag packets and maybe get some closure.

Keep going Caroline

Thanks Mack & Caroline - I think it might be the larger dose (going from 1mg a day to 2mgs might be thing!)

I'm definately sticking with it - 'it' being stopping smoking!!

I'm going to see how I go with Champix tho, give it a few more days - see where my heads at, speak to my doctor and then decide on how to take it from there. The only thing I know for sure right now is I stop, no matter what, on Friday!:)

That was the first headache I've had since starting Champix but if theres one thing I know for sure is that there is not 2 people who have the exact same experience on these things! The thing is I could understand crying like that this time next week (watch out fiance!;))when I don't have cigs at all but I'm doing that now...when i can still smoke!!! Caroline - I'm with you on the burial - I'm giving mines a watery grave - down the toilet you go you b@stards!!!:D

Feeling better already!!!!

Hi Pd,

Sorry you had a bad/sad experience but it sounds as if you've got it balanced in your head now.

I'm still not really feeling any diferent. The only change has been weird dreams, which are like vivid and real continuations of something that has happened during the day. Also I'm not sleeping too well and keep waking up, then when I go back to sleep I return to the dream at the same point as if I've put a video recorder on pause. Very odd.

Hope you feel better today



Thanks Sue,

I've not had any problems sleeping right through but I can completely agree with you on the dreams! At the weekend I got up and after 5 mins decided that I deserved another hour in bed. So off I trot and BAM right back to where I was in the dream. So weird...!

I do feel really positive - just can't let myself get stuck in the negatives regarding Champix. In the grand scale of things a weepy night and a headache is far better than a life on cigs:eek:

Take Care


Hi PD and Sue :D

Keep it going you'll be just fine as Coaltyt says give the champix time to work as it will it just takes a little time to kick it when it does and it dsoes vary from person to person you'll know when you're ready to stop smoking altogether

Being emotional and headaches and bad/weird dreams are all perfectly normal at this stage but they will all pass

Just try to relax and let the champix do it's work hang in there


Marg xxxxxxx

Thanks Margareth,

I read the leaflet that came with Champix and was really worried when it listed the mood swings as a 1-1000 chance. Born worrier:o But I'm feeling so much more positive as the day goes on and I have this site and everyone here to thank for that. I got advised about joining Liferewards by my doctor but to be honest I get no positives from that site at all. This forum has been a god send!!!!!:D

Hi PD :D

I'm happy to have been able to help you along with others on this forum


Marg xxx

day 10

Hi All,

Well after yesterday's post I was getting very nervous about what side effects I would get last night and do you know what? I got none:) No breakdown, no crying, no panicking - nothing!!! I was amazed. I know that i was considering only taking half the tablet but I decided that as I'm so close to my quit date I'd better not mess with the dosage!

The only thing I've noticed is that the cigs are not tasting as bad as they were and that kinda worries me cause its only 11.5hrs till I stop smoking!!! I did have a slight headache today but that may have been caused by a 3-hour presentation at work and not the Champix!!

But as I've been advised I won't over think things I'll just chill out...

I've decided that when tomorrow comes I'll treat myself with a nice big breakfast before I head to work then just take it an hour at a time. I think if I take it as baby steps I'll be fine. Just want to get over the 1st week and then I'll know that I'm definitely making progress.

Been going over the reasons why I'm stopping and it's reinforcing these reasons and putting things in perspective so I'm in a good place mentally.

I'm on a half day tomorrow and my fiancé is meeting me to take me to a great Indian restaurant for a thali and then I'm off to the doctors for my next prescription! My weekend will be a combination of chilling out and getting chores done that I’ve been avoiding for ages but if I keep myself busy then I’m less likely to think about the issue at hand.....

I can't wait until someone asks me for a light and as of tomorrow and can start saying "sorry, I don’t smoke" :D

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with their quit day and also has anyone experience of a bad taste when smoking that seems to lessen...?

Cheers and speak soon xxxxxxxx


champix never made the fags taste bad with me, just

lost interest with them, as for tips, just try n keep yourself


i'l be routing for you tomorrow, be strong ;)

Hi pd

I think your getting a few denial thoughts, your fags still taste foul but like us all your quite prepared to smoke foul fags rather than non at all.

Remember they are killing you thats how foul they really are.

You seem to have a busy day coming up and I think that helps, on my first day I didn't stop and cleaned the whole house from top to bottom then went to bed at 9pm.

Good luck and be strong, you can do it

thinking of you Caroline

Cheers Mack I appreciate it!

I've stocked up on boiled sweets and plan to have them at hand where ever I go. I may have no teeth left by next month but I'm determined that my breath will be smoke free!!!:D

Thanks and I completely agree with you Caroline - I have doubts - many and major doubts but it’s all the addiction talking.

I know myself that I need to do this and all the reasons for staying on them are overshadowed by the reasons for kicking them to the curb!!

I'm planning on gaining a few pounds and not worrying for the next month about that:D, I'm planning on also treating myself next week after I get by week 1.

Just got to stay focused and thanks so much for all the support - I really appreciate it!



Good luck. I'm sure you can do it....I'm counting on you setting the example:)


Thanks Sue - eeekkkk its all systems go now:eek: Just a few hours left as a smoker!

Feeling ok and also anxious to just get on with it but I've set tomorrow as THE day so i think its good for the head to stick to the plan.

I'l let you know how I'm doing tomorrow:)

day 11 a.k.a. QUIT DAY!!!

Well folks I'm pleased to finally get to this day! :D

Took my second bluey of the day after dinner (no side effects whey!!)

I had 2 cigs left in my packet last night to so I decided to have one after dinner and the other one I just left for a while. About 9:30pm I decided that I wouldn't let cigs have the last word in this so I stepped outside, lit the cig, and had what is definitely going to be my last few draws. I got to just before half way through and I chucked it on the ground and stamped on it. It had tasted crap and I was genuinely glad to do it.

It has been 12 hours since I last smoked and that is the longest I have ever gone without. I don't feel like I need one - but as I'm sitting here at my desk I feel like I should be picking up my coffee cup and heading downstairs for a cig...but there’s no big craving. I feel like I am missing something but I can't put my finger on it.

Overall feeling really positive and I know that’s down to the Champix.

I've tried other methods (but always NRT) and I was always battling the craving - this time is so different.

I made the decision to sleep in a little this AM as I always used to get up to allow time to make coffee and have a cig. When I did get up i went straight to the kitchen for some cereal, switched the TV on and ate that then made toast and orange juice, popped my bluey, straight into the shower, changed and ready to head out of the door at the usual time. Didn’t give myself time to dwell on the loss of the normal routine!!!!!

Hopefully everyday gets better!!!

I hope everyone’s doing well today and I'll give you all an update as soon as!

Glad to hear you did it Pd, keep on going, keep busy and keep focused on why your doing this. I can tell you it wont be easy but if I can do it you can, I wouldn't have believed I could get to day (do you know I still cant work out which day Im on, help me out Rob) and non of my friends can believe it either.

Treat yourself this weekend as you have made the best decision of your life.

Caroline xxx

even with the champix today is not going to be easy but

stick with it, on day 4 now and today i feel great, so much more alive

you CAN do it

Thanks Caroline and Mack I really appreciate the support folks!!!:D

I've made sure that I'm busy over the next few days and that I stay the hell away from alcohol in case that tempts me back and I've also got myself in a good place mentally so my tactics are just giving myself a metal slap across the face if I start getting the urge to smoke!

Need to do it this time - so sick of trying and failing!!!

Thanks again guys and I'll let you know how I get on - and hope you guys are holding up as well:D:D

I thought I would have to stay away from my vino but I find it helps me, I mean you have to have some vices in your life or you may become boring and I didn't fancy going on the game!!!

Hahahaha - Well I'll give myself a week then maybe put a seriers of vices in a hat and pick from them (gambling, drinking, selling my ass, etc) and then I can update you all next week and see what lady luck has picked out for me:p:D

Thanks Caroline - you make me laugh!!

i thought i would have to stay away from my vino but i find it helps me, i mean you have to have some vices in your life or you may become boring and i didn't fancy going on the game!!!

:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d pmsl

just wanted to wish you know you can do this, your new life starts today:)

Let us know how you get on:)


Cheers Lilacwinie,

I appreciate the support - hope you're doing well today. :)

We'll get this dirty wee habit binned once and for all!!!!

85 Hour smoke free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 14

Well - I've been off the cigs for 85 hours and boy has this been tough!!!

On Friday I posted that I felt ok - and I really did! I had a half day as I said and I did go for lunch as well, then headed over for my doctor’s appointment. They took a oxygen reading and I was at 99% which apparently is the best reading she’s ever taken:D maybe she thinks I was bluffing and never really smoked anyway!! After that I went to visit my mum and duly drank a cup of coffee and chatted for a few hours and resisted temptation to crack a beer opened as I knew that I might tempt me back to smoking. Headed home for about 7pm and we had dinner, chilled out and watched some TV...then it hit! I started feeling really out of sorts and really craved a cig. It lasted ages but I didn't give in. In fact I went to my bed a couple of hours after it started and I was still really tense and stressed!! Managed to get to sleep but woke up at 4am, shuffled in the livingroom and watched TV till 7am. Woke up again at 9:20am and had a killer sore back and all the plans I'd made for keeping myself busy were out the window as I could hardly move.

I did think about smoking again on Saturday afternoon but it didn't last long and before I knew it all thoughts had went from my head.

Sunday was good, back was less sore and I got some stuff done around the house which helps keep your mind off things.

Today I feel ok - still got a sore back but on the plus side the smell of smoke makes me want to puke. On the train this AM I could smell this really foul stale smoke smell off of this young girl and I just thought how bad I must have smelled before!

I can honestly say that my first night off of the cigs were the worst and each day it’s getting better! I'm so chuft that I've not smoked in over 85 hours and I'm even more chuft that I know this is the last time I need to go through this. I just feel strong and confident and this is so different from all the other times I’ve stopped this year - I know I'm going to keep off them with the help of Champix and this forum.

I hope that everyone is doing great today and I'll speak to you soon:D


Thank goodness your back, your gonna have to get internet at home, I find myself worrying about everyone all weekend.

Well done and it will get easier as the days pass, just stay strong and keep thinking of the benefits. I also find it helpful thinking what I would be like in 10 years time if I still smoked and its not a pretty site believe me.

Glad you doing good Caroline

Well done, 85 hours as a non smoker no wonder your chuffed you have every reason to be:)

Keep the good work up.

Lilac x


Just thought about leaving work there and nearly forgot that I'd stopped smoking - just pictured lighting up a cig!!! Ahhhhhhh:mad:

Damn you cravings!!!!:mad:

Day 15 Day 5 off the cigs

Hi Folks, keeping this short and sweet(tonne of work to get thro!!)

Have had an awful night last night:( Don't know if its to do with the Champix or maybe somethign I've ate but about 1 hour after taking my second bluey I felt really ill then an hour later I was throwing up everywhere! Crawled into bed then couldn't sleep with the stomach pains. Totally bummed out. On the plus side the back pain is subsudiing quite a lot:)managed to get about 4 hours sleep but had the manditory "real" dreams as well!!!

I've ran out of Champix as well - took the last in my pack last night so I've not had my dose this AM - will pop to the chemists at 11:30 an should be popping it round about 12:30! Is this bad....?

Well I hope your all tip-top and see you soon!!!

I ran out on my quit date (day 14). Its was fine for me though as by then cigs had started to taste foul to me. Also, I had been taking them at different times of the day due to my work patterns and my ability to sleep in at the weekend. As long as you leave 8 hours between your first and 2nd of the day you should be fine.


BTW i had to wait 2 days for my next batch of champix so i took 1 on days 13 and 14 and got my next batch at 2pm on day 15. Didnt really notice any difference so I wouldnt worry

Thanks Dee - just got a top up from the chemist and popped my first bluey of the day. :)

Youre right didnt really notice any difference but I think I was just a bit uptight cause I knew I hadn't taken my dose!

Hope your doing well with the quit!


Dont run out again, its dangerous cause those little monsters that the Champix is caging up in your brain might just escape and then we all know what could happen.

Thats what my smoking nurse told me anyway, but her name is hans christian anderson.

Weird that eh!!!


hello pdocherty

Just been reading thru your champix events, you have done really well.

Hope that i can achieve what you have, not even been 24hours yet.


Hi Caroline,

Yeah I'm going to have to make sure that I'm not ever sitting with an empty pack again - theres just too much balancing on this to *uck it all up by not planning a wee bit in advance!

On the subject of doctors - is mines just being really tight or do they ONLY give our champix on 2-week precriptions? Can't keep getting time off to just go chat with her for 20mins about cigs!! Whats the deal Doc ?-I'm in my 30's I'm not going to go throw a month's pack down my throat in one go cause I haven't been down for a wee chat (JEEZE:rolleyes:)

Hi Alfie09,

You'll get there as long as your completely fed up being a smoker - I know I was!!! I think you already know that this forum is a gem and keeps your head on straight in the tougest of times. I've been in mid crave and then opened the Name That Film Thread and got so completely engrossed that i forgot everything (including the fact that i should be working:o)

keep up the good work and thanks for the support :D

Your next lot will be a month as long as you are a very good girl and pass the breath test.

Ahh - so its two 2-week packs and then you get a months pack...and I thought my Doc just liked me visiting as well!!;)

Speaking of breath tests - never had one to begin with. Only had a wee finger monitor that measures your oxygen...maybe she caught a whiff of my killer lunch breath and decided to just ask for my finger instead!!:D

the blues

Day 16day 6 off the cigs

Well i can say that i am well and truly going through the depression stage just now.:( I know that you can feel that there’s some sort of loss when you come off the cigs and that might be to blame for it but I really can't put my finger on it. My OH isn't being as helpful and I think he’s getting a bit tired of it.

Its not just getting off the cigs its the other things that are happening like the crippling sore back I've had since Saturday that means I'm miserable with that, the feeling of sickness after my daily second pill that means my evenings from 7:30pm are spent with me clutching a pillow to my stomach and not really speaking, it the disturbed sleeps I've had for 3 nights in a row that’s resulting in my being on auto pilot for most of the time with no spark to me at all and its the mood swings in-between it all that puts the cherry firmly on the top.

OH was really ratty with me last night from just about the moment I got in the door and from there on we're not really been talking which makes the whole thing all the more difficult. he even said again about me stopping the Champix. I know that a lot if its to do with the stuff I described above but I really thougt I'd get more support - am I being unfair? I dunno where my heads at. I only know I hope that these feelings slide and I can get back to being myself.

Just feel really isolated - completely down. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm not stopping the Champix and I'm not smoking again as I never want to have to start this process again...

well i hope I cheered you all up - gin anyone..?:o

Morning pd,

Right first of all you've acknowledged that you're having a bad day. Whether it's to do with stopping smoking, champix side effects, arguments with the OH or just generally feeling rubbish; you are having a bad day. And that's ok. It is what it is. A sh1tty day! And we all get them from time to time. It's totally normal. something that you like and is just for you. Put on a favourite song that makes you smile. Watch your favourite film. Have a long, hot bath with lots of bubbles and relax, read a good book.....whatever. Just do something that makes you happy and is just for you!

Just think, today might be cr@p but at least it's a cr@p day without having to worry about fags cluttering up your arteries and your lungs etc.

Chin up chuck

PP xx

i second that, there appears to be a couple of you have a bad day, must be a Wednesday thing. just get through it, not helpful i know, but it will pass and tomorrow has to be better:D

you can wallow in your bad mood all day, come here and moan, shout out loud, sing a lot, cry a lot whatever it is all ok.

you can plan a treat for yourself, play games all day, find the silliest thing of youtube and share it whatever it is all ok.


Hey pd, Come on, you've been so brilliant so far, don't let one bad day get you down. It happens to eveyone - and if you think about it smoking isn't going to change that one way or another.

Just hang on in there, allow yourself to feel fed up and then, tomorrow you'll be pleased that 1) you got through a bad day and 2) you got through it without a cigarette - another hurdle passed.

I know what you mean about the zombie-like state. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I started Champix. Normally I go out like a light for a good eight hours, but now I'm waking up many times in the night and can't get back to sleep. The result of this, of course, is that I'm half asleep all day long. But I'm hoping it will pass.

Keep your chin up


Thansk PP & Bev,

Messgae loud and clear!;) I realsied that I've just disappeared up my own *rse and decided to wallow in there in all the comfy and familiar self pity that used to keep me smoking!

My chin is slowly rising up - feeling a lot better. Took a few painkillers for the back, my OH has cheered up and called me and I'm sitting down to a subway and following it up with toffee poppets!

Roll on tommorrow:)

Sorry Cyprien, missed you message there! Thats what happens I suppose when your mid-reply and then leave because you've got an attack of the munchies:)

I'm the same - could rely on a decent sleep if all else was failing but now *poof* thats away along with my back, my sense of humor and my ability to fit into my usual jeans!!

will keep the "heid" as they say and try to remember that I'm not a delicate little flower - I can actually handle this god damn it!!!!:mad::D

Umph you think your having a bad day Ive just had a Brazilian so anyone else want a moan

I'm sitting down to a subway and following it up with toffee poppets!

MMMM......Penguin wants subway. Penguin wants poppets. Penguin has no food in this god damn house.....Penguin is sooooo hungry. Penguin eyes dog and wonders what he tastes like.....Penguin thinks must walk the pooch....maybe past a bakery, or a fish and chip shop, or a pub. Penguin loves food a little bit too much.....that is why Penguin has put on 5 pounds.

Somebody throw her a sardine

awww Penguin! (I feel sorry for you!) Get out there and get the goodies in - its not a quesiton of a weight issue at this tricky stage in our lives its our about mental health! Feed penguin, feed!!!:D

:eek: Caroline .....a Brazilian! Whey hey - look who’s all aerodynamic now!!;)

Somebody throw her a sardine

Just because she's had her lady bits waxed she thinks it gives her license to be all mooooooody moo pants.

Umph you think your having a bad day Ive just had a Brazilian so anyone else want a moan

lol....well thats cheered my night up :D

Day 17 day 7 off the cigs

Surprise surprise - guess who feels a lot better today!? This is worse then PMT! :rolleyes:

Back still hurts, still got distrubed sleeps and still feel sicky after second pill but its just not effecting me in the same low was it did yesterday.

I still feel like I'm missing something but when I think of actually inhaling smoke I feel sick. On that subject I've been dreaming that I'm smoking for a few nights on the trot now. When I wake up I keep feeling guilty until I realise it was just a dream/nightmare!

All in all folks feeling fine and doing wellxxxxxxxxxxx:D

Glad to hear you are feeling better, please don't get me started bout PMT:p

oh the dreams, seems like lots of us are suffering from them at the mo. the way i think about it is when i wake and think "oh no i smoked......" then you get that it was only a dream, just think "how fab am i. i don't smoke and i felt terrible that i might have" that has got to be a plus point.

Painful backs are a nightmare, you just can't do much about them. but you have my sympathy if that's any good to ya.

Keep up the good work. Stay strong.

Your doing really well PD, keep it up. I dreamt the other night that Al Queda were outside my local pub killing everyone but they let me through cos I dont smoke!!!!!!!!!! I am not even on Champix. Seriously I was there!

Anyone seen Penguin today? :confused:

Hi PD :)

7 days smoke free is great well done you

Glad you're feeling better today



no sign of a penguin i'm afraid, hope i didn't upset her with the quips about the sandwich thing, i did apologise, several times.

Hiya folks,

Bev - the dreams are a complete headf*ck tho!! Must be the demon inside us that wants us to remember what like it was smoking just to try and tempt us back. I swear I spent 10 minutes this AM standing in the kitchen trying to figure out if I smoked! I could actaully taste it! :confused: Keeping stong and carrying on tho!! Younme - hahahahahaha - I feel glad I have the smoking dreams in comparison to yours! Come on, tell me, are you eating paint flakes or something - those dreams are wild girl!!!!:D Cheers Margareth - I bet you I'm back to being a sad sack tomorrow but it won't be a big surprise to me or you guys I don't think!!! Neverthe less my chin will remian up and I will get through it :)

Penguin - where are you....!??!?! Give as a squawk (or whaever you crazy penguins sound like) when your in the vacinity!!!

Well done PD

Sounds like you doing well, keep it up hun. ;)

Talking about dreams and i'm on Champix (4th day of quit)

The reason i've quit is because i've been diagnosed with COPD, because of this i wake up sometimes out of breath and have to lay on my side for a while, this happened Saturday night and i fell asleep whilst on my side, any way i started to dream :

I was walking through a desert carrying a bamboo cane about 12ft long, after a while i came across a pond and in the middle of the pond i saw two little heads sticking up, they were both elderly gentlemen and both had beards, anyway i said "hello" and they both ignored me, they wouldn't even look at me. :mad:, so i poked them with my stick to see if this would help, still no reaction, not a sound, they still ignored me, so i carried on walking.

After a while i could hear a funny noise coming from behind me and getting louder, i looked around and there was a little man about 2ft tall, with a beard, running toward me shouting "weeeeee" "weeeeee" "weeeeee", he ran straight past me turned around and jumped on the end of my bamboo cane, breaking the end off.:mad:

He then starting running around in a circle getting closer each time, i thought once he gets close enough i'll trip him up, he did get close enough so i stuck my leg out to trip him up and fell out the bed. !!:eek:

It's strange the dreams seem so real and you can remember every detail.

hahahahahahahahaha I have nearly wet myself reading that carpenters mate that is soooooooooo funny. But yes the dreams are so real, its weird cos you know your dreaming and you tell yourself your dreaming but the feel real time and you do remember every little detail, its like things are more in focus. Its so weird.

We need a dream expert to tell us what our dreams mean :)

Hey all

Im on day 25 of champix (day 11 without smoking). Not really craving much at all and even less so when im on the drink! (The exact opposite before champix). I only feel a wee bit sick just after my morning bluey, other than that, no obvious physical or mental side effects at all... when awake. That brings me to the subject of dreams which have been pretty awful the last 2 nights. On tuesday night I had snakes at the bottom of my bed trying to bite my feet! My OH had to drag me back to bed whilst i fought off these invisable creatures! Last nite saw the death of 2 loved ones... in 2 separate dreams! A friend of mine who successfully quit with champix had to stop taking them in week 10 because the dreams were getting too severe. Im on week 3!!!

Oh dear!!!!!!!!

Apparantly if you dream of death there is a prenancy within the family! But dont take my word for it, although the only 2 times I have dreamt of death it was me that was pregnant! :eek:

My son used to have bad dreams and I went on the internet and bought him a dream catcher - according to him it worked he doesnt get them anymore so I might invest in one - you never know it might keep Al Queda, little diddy men and snakes from the door!:)

LOL :D You all make me look sane – that’s a hard thing to do these days as well. I can just imagine what’s is going on at night in with folk on Champix....people spinning in circles trying to knock imaginary snakes off themselves, folk kicking their way out of bed and onto the floor and me, well, I was crying my eyes out last night, even woke up like that (forgot to mention before – dreamt that my OH was messing around – I’m such a drama queen ) our neighbours must think we're on meths!!!!!!!!

Hahaha - maybe we should open a thread on weird dreams - get a vent going to clear our poor heads out!!:confused::p

Lol! Good idea bout the dreams thread. Could u imagine a room full of sleeping champix users with CCTV cameras on them for a night?

Someone would get hurt me thinks!!!!

LOL :DSomeone call channel five - its got to be a better idea than that mince they've got going about getting a farmer a wife!!!

I am not even on Champix - and I have started taking off the patches at night cos thought that was giving me the weird dreams but noooooooo I am still getting them.

Bevs OH is a doctor of some kind we could ask her to ask him where the local mental sorry I mean sleep clinic is?:)

Ahhh hahaha!!!!!!!!!:D

I can just imagine all the patches and champix users now for the Channel Five promo. All locked in one room we'd look something like this:

LMOA - checj out the three on the far right - there must be snakes down there somewhere!!!!!:o

LOL - yeah and I'm pretty sure the one in the middle is just about to kick a dwarf in the face:D

And is that me in the pink crying??!!!!:D:confused:

LMAO now. I just spotted Younme (in the brown jacket) walking by the Al Qaeda!!!!;):D

Ha you got me, and there is me thinking I had got away without you spotting me :rolleyes: Still cant find penguine or bradders in there!

yeah I know - can't seem to spot either of them as well:confused:

Penguin (or Pingu as I now think of her) and bradders - where r u....?

Maybe thats pingu behind the guy in blue;) for the life of me can't spot Bradders tho....!

Day 18 8'th smoke free day

Well top-o-the-monrin' folks!:p

Dito on yesterday's post - feeling good and staying strong while I head into my second weekend of no smoking:)

One thing is I did decide to do is to try and not expand my waistline any further - so on my way to work today I got a pack of juicy fruit, a pack of cola hubba bubba and a pack of apple hubba bubba. After nearly finishing the lot off in the space of 2 hours I now have a jaw line resembling Dolph Lundgren and a chronic wind problem (sorry had to be said :o)

So have decided I need to try a different approach to not overeating whilst not smoking but haven't found that approach yet - maybe that’s my weekend homework!!!

Well I'm off to drink the vending machine coffee - this maybe the thing that tips my good mood over the edge;) Take care peeps and speak soonxxxxxx

Swapping dental health for wastline care!!! Why must every aid be bad for us in some shape or form!!!:eek:

Dito on yesterday's post - feeling good and staying strong while I head into my second weekend of no smoking:)

Good on ya PD. ;)

Have a nice weekend.

Try munching on celery. Allegedly, it takes more calories to eat it than it contains!!! Maybe not as satisfying as chocolate donut or something, but certainly less fattening!

Have a good weekend


BTW I thought I'd just let everyone know that I won't be on here for a few days (just in case I'm reported missing like wee pingu - who by the way is STILL missing!!):confused:

Back on Monday however!:D

Cheers Carpenters Mate and Dee - I've been thinking that maybe I'll get Murph to package me some of the lovely morphine she’s on and maybe I can knock myself out for the next few weeks. It’s the only way I won't turn into a fat blob by next weekend (amazing how quickly the weight piles on:eek:)

Bet you never thought in a million you would get this far - and guess what? Your doing brilliantly.

Hope you have a few brill days off - I am also going to be away for a few days but I will also be back on Monday.

Worried about pingu though!

I am on a diet following my disaster at SW the other night , the diet is going soooooooooo well I had chips and curry sauce for me dinner! Oh well will try and do better next time. At least I havent had a smoke :)

Just trying to decide what to do tonight as for the first time in I cant remember how long me and OH are child free :D

Have top weekend and keep your eye out for any penguines :)


Thanks for all the support Younme! I really appreciate it and I'm really pleased I've made it this far. This forum (and folk like you!) have helped me more than I thought it ever could.

Planning on having my first drink tonight so wish me luck!!!! (Just a pint or two) Will make sure I don't cave in - promise!

Hope you have a fab weekend and I'll see you on Monday:D


sent Pingu a PM and still nothing.....hmmm:confused:

Go on! treat yourself! I know it affects everyone differently but i found craving, or any thought about smoking diminishes completely when on drink. As an Irish champix user, I demand you drink plenty me dear!!!:D

LOL - Advice taken and complied with. :D xxxx


I smoked a cig on sunday:(. i was drunk and I caved. I feel awful but I'm keeping going with the quit. Completely ashamed of myself....

It's just a blip PD.

Keep going with the quit, you can do it.

Never mind, you have the right attitude, you had a blip, but you are getting right back on it, identify the reasons why it all went wrong and learn from it, you were doing so well and still are with your attitude, all the best x

Fay x

Sorry Pd

Looks like my advice didnt work out too well for u. I guess this thing just works differently for everyone. On the upside, its just a minor set back which i know wont stop you. Dont beat urself up about! ;)

Thanks Sue,

I've not had any problems sleeping right through but I can completely agree with you on the dreams! At the weekend I got up and after 5 mins decided that I deserved another hour in bed. So off I trot and BAM right back to where I was in the dream. So weird...!

Oh my God that happened to me too ! It's only now that I'm reading your account that I'm reminded of mine. It was actually the 1st pill I took right back at the start. That night I woke up, went to the toilet, back into bed again and I was right back in my dream. Bizarre

I smoked a cig on sunday:(. i was drunk and I caved. I feel awful but I'm keeping going with the quit. Completely ashamed of myself....

Honestly, don't worry about it. It's ok. You smoked. No big deal. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. The Champix continues to work. It gets stronger and stronger until you just don't want to smoke drink or no drink

Is it me, or has this thread quietened down somewhat?:confused:

I was hoping for more of peoples dream stories they have had.

First of all thanks to everyone who picked me up there. I feel stronger for having fallen at the drink hurdle and even more determined to get past this. The thing that’s really helped is that I had so many vivid dreams of smoking before all this i think I’ve managed to convince myself that Sunday was a dream as well so I’ve managed to keep going! Last night I constructed a dummy cig out of a train ticket and some magic tape and so have been using that as my prop whenever I get the urge and its worked! Basically I’m doing everything thing I can to stay with this. I’ll be back to keep up with the diary soon xxxx

Dee – don’t be daft it was me that smoked again and it was me that caved – your advice was nothing to do with me smoking – believe me girl!!! :D

Thansk to FayRay, carpenters mate, younme and IrishLad1978 – I have officially kicked myself up the @ss and am not allowing myself to dwell in the negative about this!!!

ps - I just had to spend a couple of days licking my wounds there so I should be back on the daily diary tomorrow!

Great to have you back PD and good attitude to take with that dream thing

(Btw im a boy, not a girl... last time i checked at least)!!!!!:D

Good girl - great to see you back, I hope i didnt kick you too hard with my steelies on :D

Great to have you back PD and good attitude to take with that dream thing

(Btw im a boy, not a girl... last time i checked at least)!!!!!

Dee - hahahahaha! How do you know I'm not a flamboyant drag queen that just talks to folk like that:eek: Ok I'm not and and I'm sorry Mr Dee have taken note of that!!!:o

Day 24 Day 13 off the cigs or Day 4 Day 4 off the cigs

Update for you all! My sleeping has improved 10 fold these days! No crazy dreams and the only reaons I get up is cause I'm drinking loads of water and fruit juice so I'm always bursting for a P!!!:o

I'm fattening out nicely as well :mad: I'll be dealing with that new issue soemtime in the next few weeks!!!

Can't think what to call my headings as they're all over the place due to my slip last Sunday so might just track it on days on Champix instead....

Hope your all well and keeping strong. I'm off for a P again - how unusual:D

ps. Was in what i can only describe a Ball of Rage this AM for no apparent reason. I was luckily on my own but I was throwing bottles of water about (plastic!), gritting my teeth and growling like a bear. It all passed after about 10 mins but for a while I thought I might just be possessed and genuinely feared for my fellow passengers on the train I was due to leave for in the next 15mins!!!!

Hi pd

So how you doing?


Noob arrives!

Hi all. What an inspiration and education this thread is - a wonderful resource, and some great people. I'm 56, and have smoked since I was 10. I'm on about 20 a day - but hopefully not for much longer. I've only ever tried to quit twice before - both times with patches - but I'm enthused about the potential of Champix. It's good to have your eyes opened to what might happen on the journey, though.

Motivations? My mother, who's 78, is - and has been forever - a 30/day woman, bless her. She now has COPD, and can't move far without stopping for breath. The thought of dying early has never worried me, but a dramtically impaired life does. Plus I'm so tired all the time, and having tried many things, I think I've convinced myself it's the smoking making my blood oxygen levels low.

So, where am I at? I just went to see the stop smoking nurse, and got myself a Champix prescription which I'll get filled tomorrow.

And, inspired by PD, I'll hope to post regularly with updates.

Just reading this thread has inspired and excited me. Bring it on!

Well done Ian

I'm on Champix, day 4 of not smoking and in fairness never thought it would work but it does!!

Good luck and let us know.

Thanks Christine - go you! (Where in The Lakes? - my mum, who I mentioned previously, is a Penrith girl.)

I'm back!!!!!

First of all - sorry folks for dropping off the map. After being naughty and smoking a cig a few weeks back it really knocked me back on my heels and I actually thought that I wasn't a real quitter and shouldn't really be on this forum spreading the good word if I was dithering and slipping back to the dark side! But after a good long while of licking my wounds and sticking it it 100% I feel much better. I'm going to pick up the diary blog this afternoon but I just needed to let you know really quickly that I'm still about and I;m still a quitter:D

Ian - thanks for taking inspiration from this thread. I never in a million years imagined that this would be seen as tha! It started out as a totally selfish thing for me to be honest - I needed soemwhere to vent and be reassured. But I'm so glad that this has actually insprired someone else and i hope that you are doing great with your quit!!! I'll be an avid reader of how your doing. Its never too late to quit my mum quit 12 years ago at 50 years old and she smoked 40 roll ups a day for 32 years. Hang in there and keep going - its so worth it - but i think you know that! :)

I'll be back in a couple of hours so youandme and Murph70 who very kindly put out an SOS - I'm back in town to stay this time possums!!!:D

Good Lass see you in a bit

Hi PD :D

Welcome back and well done carrying on with your quit

You're right it's never to late to quit I'm 66 and smoked for over 50 years so it can be done no matter how old we are or how long we smoked for


Marg xxxxxxx

you had us all worried there - glad your back. :D

Glad your giving it a go, Im on day 16 of Champix Day 11 of giving up. I came across this site while i was researching Champix (I know I know i should have researched it BEFORE i started the course) I know its early days for me but i have been surprised by the comments of others on the sometimes very severe effects of champix. All i can say to people reading these posts is that the side effects appear to be very individual and dont be put off by other peoples experiences. Personally, other than some mild nausea for about an hour after taking the pills i have had no side effects at all (A little bit jealous of the wild dreams people are apparantly having lol). Maybe i still have it all to come.!!!

My point really is give it a go.............. I am nowhere near through the woods yet, but you dont get to 2 weeks without doing 11 days, you dont get to a month without doing 2 weeks etc etc etc..........I may need you all here at some point i hope i can rely on you, you can rely on me ...cheers in advance.

P.S. im 47 and been smoking about 15 a day for about 30 years....but no more !!!

Hi glad your giving it a go. Im on Day 11 non smoking and Day 16 of Champix. I came across this site yesterday while i was researching Champix (I know I know i should have researched it BEFORE i started the course) I know its early days for me but i have been surprised by the comments of others on the sometimes very severe effects of champix. All i can say to people reading these posts is that the side effects appear to be very individual and dont be put off by other peoples experiences. Personally, other than some mild nausea for about an hour after taking the pills i have had no side effects at all (A little bit jealous of the wild dreams people are apparantly having lol). Maybe i still have it all to come.!!! My point really is give it a go. I am nowhere near through the woods yet, but you dont get to 2 weeks without doing 11 days, you dont get to a month without doing 2 weeks etc etc etc..........I may need you all here at some point i hope i can rely on you, you can rely on me...cheers in advance.

P.S. im 47 and been smoking about 15 a day for about 30 years....but no more !!!


Nice to have you back, I loved this thread and so did many other newbies to Champix, you were a great help.

Are you back on the Champix now?

Ian - I'm South Lakes, but we have friends in Penrith.

PD: early days yet - I'm just on day three of my Champix course - but I'm feeling positive and hopeful. One thing I have to get out of my mind is thinking of things in future - and realising that I won't be a smoker, and wondering whether that will make those things less 'fun'. Like, we're going for a weekend away in the Peaks in a couple of weeks time. Normally, that would mean long car drive = several cigarettes. A few beers each evening = a few cigarettes. A nice meal each evening = a few cigarettes. And now I'm trying to envisage how the weekend will go (and will it be as much 'fun') without cigarettes. That's pretty awful, isn't it, but a comment on how insidious the cigarette thing is, and how it becomes integral to your self-image and what you think of as 'fun'.

Hey Ian.

I dont think you have much to worry about things not being as fun. I felt the same when I first started Champix (on day 30 without cigs 2day). I know everyone can react differently, but I found that occasions like after a meal or a beer, or everytime i got into my car, it just kind of slipped my mind to have a cigi. You'll realise this the further you get into your course. You should enjoy all of these activities just as you did before, but without polluting your lungs with nasty tobacco!

Hope this helps

D :D

Day 26 on Champix Quit for 25 give or take my slip up!!!

Dear Diary....nah only kidding!;)

Well as you can see from above I'm still counting from my original start date and the reason for this is I never stopped taking my Champix and as i said before I'd convinced myself it was all a dream and I'm okay with that!!:p I know folk will think differently about it but for me it’s the only way I can think about and still continue with this quit!!!

Okay what the hell has been happening with me lately eh!?!?? Well I'm now getting to the point where I'm forgetting to take the Champix and maybe an hour or so after eating my brain will kick in and I'll remember to take it. The side effect from this is the sick feeling that hits :( Actually every time I take a tablet now, with or without food, I'm feeling sick! Not the kind that makes you not able to move but its like 45 minutes of feeling green then it passes and everything is ok. Another side effect is that I'm a stone heavier. Now this is more to do with me feeling sorry for myself and not imposing any boundaries with food than stopping smoking. I did always say that I won't be too hard on myself but I had to buy a new works suit there and that really pissed me off so I've purchased a keep fit DVD and am making sure that I keep an eye on what I'm eating. It’s been two days since I started doing that and I've noticed a change for the good!!

Other change are that currently I have 3 mouth ulcers but no idea if this is due to stopping smoking, I'm getting through a TRUCK LOAD of chewing gum a week and the best bit - I finding it easier to occupy myself without consciously thinking about it so the urges to smoke are nearly gone! I get the fleeting thought occasionally but it’s more a whisper than the desperate scream it used to be and is gone before I know it!!

Jack 1664 - Thanks for the support and ofcourse you can rely on me - that’s my last freak out I promise! You can reply on loads of folk here we're all on the same boat and to be honest I don't think there’s anything that can happen to you or any thought you might get that hasn't already happened or been thought by someone on this forum already! It’s a great place - look they put with me even though I flip out for a couple of weeks!!! Best of luck with the quit and hang in there with the Champix!!!!

Youandme - Sorry for worrying you! I'd gotten to a point where it was really difficult to get myself back on here. It was just me being stoopid!!!Back for good. Promise x

Murph70 - right back atcha!!!!;)

Christine42 - Yip still on the Champix - I never stopped taking it. So glad I didn't let that slip screw up my quit attempt cause I feel sooo much healthier just now. I'm taking the stairs instead of using every available lift - whole new leaf for someone who viewed exercise as a form of torture!!Thanks for your support as well I really appreciate the warm welcome back!!!!!!!

Ian - Now that sounds familiar!! Smoking was like our reward for getting through something or for chilling out now it’s not there and it is pretty scary! The way I get round it is to find other things to fill the void. Have a dessert or something at the end of the meal that you might normally not have as you were usually having a cig (as my waist line will testify to!!). As boring as they sound just try popping a sweet or freshening up your mouth with chewing gum. The point is to try and have another reward in place to look forward to so that the edge is taken off of the whole thing. It’s not easy and the first time I had a proper drink is when I slipped off the wagon but try to not let yourself fall into that trap. I’d say even consider staying off the drink. I know – BORING! But when you drink you focus on short term pleasures and not on the long term benefits so it’s easier to slip. When you’re not drinking you can control these urges better. I read this same advice when I as just starting my quit and I thought “to hell with that I love a drink!” but just how much do I regret that advice!!!! Should have listened to what folk were saying on here! Just got to remind yourself how long it took to get to the point where your actually deciding to quit and remind yourself about your reasons. I just keep chanting “don’t let that effing death stick control you!!!” and I seem to get there! You can do this mate! Best of luck and let me know how you get on x

margareth Thanks for the welcome - Its good to be back!!!!

PD: excellent! I'm dealing with a bit of a double whammy here, though, insofar as I have something of an alcohol habit as well as a smoking habit - and many of us know just how interwined they can get. In my case, the habit is two G&Ts before dinner and two glasses of wine after dinner - both habitually accompanied by a cigarette. I'm not sure I can give up both 'pleasures' at the same time, so I guess I'm going to have to learn to drink alcohol without a cigarette... :(

Ohhh - right Ian. I get where you are with this and I'm not going to lie I'm going to be blunt here - this will be a struggle mate!!!! I've got a certain drink habit as well. Theres times where I will drink (or usually would drink) and when I stuck to that drink habit I struggled like feck with the smoking. What you've got here is a case of making sure your willpower is bigger than your urge to puff when drinking. You've got to keep rolling those reasons round your head when you’re drinking that will stop you from smoking.

I actually found an old plastic cigarette in my mums (I think I used it 10 years ago when i managed to quit before) and played about with that when I was drinking – inhaling as usual and all of the normal palaver. It’s boring and you’ll lose interest but it lets you play out that routine without caving! I even (and this is in one of my prev posts) rolled up a rail ticket and used that as my “prop” to avoid slipping.

Ian – your reasons for staying away from cigs is as good as anyone’s but for you personally you need to make sure your gee’d up for this. I can tell you that when I slipped it wasn’t at the time I was upset it was then next day and that was when I knew I never wanted to be a regular smoker again – it’s all a personal thing really.

Hang in there mate – you can get through it. You’ve got to let us all know how you got on cause I think that’s a huge stumbling block for a lot of us recent quitters!!!:D

You’ve got to let us all know how you got on

You got it!

I've stopped taking champix

This is my last post. Had a sever phgsyctoic episode when drinking (i'm talking 4 beers not a gallon of vodka).

I can deal with feeling sick almost constantly. I can't deal with the side effects I've been having. If its a choice between loosing my mind, myself and everyone I love or walking the **** away from Champix then I pick the later.

Everyone please take care. Champix, for me, has been seriously disturbing.

Over and out.

Im sorry to hear that huni... I had followed your posts prior to me stopping smoking and it motivated me to make my decision im so sorry it didnt work out for you... take care and all the best!!


Thats good what I have read about champix here. Some one know where I can buy Champix for a good price?

You can get it through your doctors at a prescription cost :)

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