Another Diary of a Champix Quitter!

Day One

Yesterday I visited my GP for the usual annual check up, and again got the usual lecture about smoking. Most of the time I hate smoking - but it's what I do - it's what I have done for the past 35 years. Heck! 35 years.:eek:

I have given up a few times before, but never lasted beyond a week. I have twice joined NHS Stop Smoking groups and used patches, I have tried gum, those little plastic ciggies, willpower, hypnotherapy, read Alan Carr (twice), and Paul McKenna. I have nearly given up giving up. But not yet.

Yesterday my usual GP was on holiday and I saw a lovely lady who empathised with me, and spent the next 20 minutes explaining about Champix and why it is so good. I had to sign a monitoring form, but walked out with a prescription for the Champix starter pack and a quit date set for Sunday 19th July.

I came home and explained the above to my OH (who also smokes) and he seemed quite jealous - I hope my experience is a good one and he follows in my footsteps.

Today I was at Boots early, got my prescription (another really nice lady who, despite the queues) took the time to look me in the eye and wish me luck. How nice is that! I bought water, and took the first Chamix - "Day 1" it says helpfully in the packet!

Went and got my hair cut, did the shopping, and had a fairly usual Saturday. No effects what so ever - except I'm excited - I'm looking forward to the experience and, in 8 days time, being a non smoker. I know it's going to be great! :)

I'm really happy this forum exists - it gives me space to blog my experience and hopefully, find folks who have either been there and done that, or are in the same part of the boat as me. Which ever you are - thanks for reading.

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  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    I'm pleased that you're excited about quitting this time round I also tried to quit many times by various methods but nothing worked my son recommended champix to me he's a couple of months ahead of me and also on here

    There are people on here at all stages of quitting and we'll all help as much as we can Promise


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Thanks margareth! What a lovely son you have. I'm looking forward to sharing.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    OK you can share my son


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • This forum will be a great help!

    Hello...welcome and good for you! I think you will find a lot of help and comfort in this forum. I know I have. I also think being excited about quitting is one of those "AHH HA" moment signs which is great! I too have entered this quit, being my 7th, with a lot more excitement and really wanting to become a non-smoker than in any of my other previous attempts. I also think it just takes some people a few tries to get it right! Looks like this is your time to get it right!

    Hope to read your posts often about your success!


    quit 7, Day 19: 39 year old mom of 4: 24 yr smoker: 20-30 a day.

  • Hi Coaltyt

    Good luck to you with your quit, I have found this forum a great help, lots of lovely people pop in an out with lots of helpful hits and tips. Im on day 9 of Champix and so far so good, no nasty side affects, bit of dizziness and a little more tired than normal but apart from that its going well. Today I have really noticed the difference in the amount i have smoked, so I think the tablets are starting to kick in now.

    Good luck in your Race for Life tomorrow, I took part in our local one last weekend, its a great cause and you will love every minute of it.

    Wobbles, xx

  • Hi Coaltyt, well done, you have got a great positive attitude! Looking forward to more chatty diary entries and send warmest wishes for your success.



  • DayTwo

    First - thank you for all your replies and best wishes.

    Margareth - love the idea of sharing your son! :) I wonder if he will mind!

    Hannahmarie - Seventh time lucky! I wish you every success.

    Wobbles - great to hear you are a bit ahead of me and had no problems either! Well done for your RFL - great aren't they!

    Shanoor - thanks for the link - it's a really useful web site.

    JustSayNo - thanks for your good wishes, it's very kind of you.

    Day Two

    Dawned wet and windy - lovely running weather! It was a bit early for me for a Sunday, but I was up and bouncing. Weetabix and Champix for breakfast. Lovely! Took the advice on the packet and had my tablet after food and with plenty of water.

    Then I had a bit of a drive into town to meet some friends at the start of the Race for Life. 2600 people running - a sea of pink - it was great! Support was a bit thin on the ground, but the weather wasn't really great for standing around. Good for running though! I "ran" all the way and finished in just over 35 minutes - which is great! Had a lovely time.

    Then off to Curry's to change my DVD recorder that won't now we have changed to digital! Ended up buying a much better one with a hard drive. Home for lunch and then spent time with OH trying to hook up the new DVD. It no work - well, it works for 2 minutes at a time and then shuts itself off! It's not long to figure out the menus and get something sensible. I found the auto switch off setting - it was off anyway - so now I have no idea what to do. It's sat looking at me now, but I'm resisting getting annoyed with it until I can contact "Customer Support" tomorrow.

    I am still buzzing from the race this morning, and spoke to OH about entering a 10k - he said yes (he plods too!) and we now fid ourselves entered into the London BUPA 10,000 next May. Plenty of time to train - and an excellent goal to have.

    Dinner cooked then - roast beef and yorkshire pudding, broccolli, carrots and cabbage. Nice! Now sat with coffee.

    As you will notice - a normal day was had by all. No side effects, no problems. If I was completely paranoid I'd say things taste different - my carrots were a bit weird, and the broccolli a bit irony. But maybe that's me!

    Now I am looking forward to Day 3! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done on the race and only 35 mins that's great well done and just think what you'll be able to do next year you'll be so fast no one will see you :D

    Glad you're not having problems with the champix just that DVD recorder I don't think my son will mind you sharing him at all


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Day Three

    Day Three

    Monday already! I'm happy that I am on holiday from work this week - it's giving me some "me time". I'm also catching on on marking (I teach with the OU), for which my students will be grateful! :)

    Took my Champix this morning after my Weetabix and got on with my day. The DVD issue is proving difficult! Samsung say it's faulty - take it back to Currys. Currys have told me to take it back and exchange it - but - they don't have one in stock - can't order it - can't guarantee when I can have one! I wasn't best pleased as it's an hour round trip to the store! I have left two messages for them to ring me - but obviously they don't do customer service there. No phone call. All the lady on the "customer service" line could suggest is that either I went to another store that did have one in stock, or I take it back, get a refund, and then order it online and they'll deliver it.

    I don't think so.

    I'm in town on Wednesday, so I'll go and get a refund and buy one that does work somewhere else!

    So - nothing much to report on the Champix front, no side effects or anything. Tomorrow is Day 4, so I take 2 of the small tablets - double the dose in other words. Looking forward to it! :D

  • Day 4 - a few "issues"

    Day 4

    Mmm - last night I turned into Windy Miller! :D Tummy was bubbling away and not at all happy. This morning I woke with stomach cramps and a bit of a poorly botty. I checked out the Champix info and it states that 1 in 100 people will get these symptoms - so I'm reasonably happy that it's normal.

    I took a couple of tummy calmers and things settled a little bit - but it's still not happy. I have taken my 2 x 500mg tablets and eaten as normal and nothing has made it better or worse, so I can only hope that it passes.

    When not suffering today, I managed to finish my marking - but haven't been out running today.

    Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    The things you're finding with champix at the moment are normal I didn't have that problem but know of some who did it will pass


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Coaltyt

    I had that lasted about 3 days then stopped. I'm still a bit windy :D but think thats maybe the lack of fags. Stick with it I stopped 11 days ago and couldn't have got through this without champix

    Carol x

  • hi coaltyt

    a big well done on youre decision to quit. Good luck with quit day keep posting xx

  • hey coaltyt how is it going , stick with it, you will start to feel some benefits soon enough. I got a bit frustrated in early days because I wanted it to hurry up and start working. Well its day 12 and I quit today and so far doing OK. So hang in there and it will kick in soon enough.

    Best wishes


  • Day Five

    Day Five

    Five! Can you believe that! Thanks for the support all - it is much appreciated.

    Margareth - thanks for the support!

    Carol - it's so good to hear I am not alone! Perhaps we could form a band!? :eek:

    KitKat - thanks - I will! It really helps to keep track of the subtle changes.

    Justsayno - I wish you all the best - I hope today has passed without incident for you.

    Well, grumblings are subsiding - just a few cramps today so I'm hoping that it is on its way out. Still playing Mrs Windy Miller though! :D Things are not bad though and I keep going knowing that this is going to work, and it is going to be a one-off forever thing.

    So, both tablets taken and nothing worse than yesterday. I have noticed a distinct lack of interest in ciggies today - I have smoked them but only because that's what I have always done. I also have a bad taste on my lips - which is weird. It's not in my mouth - just my lips! How strange is that! (It probably isn't for those of you who have done it!). I also get a burning at the back of my throat. At one point today I wondered if what I can taste and feel is the real taste and feel that I have become immune to over the years and they have always been that bad.

    I'm hoping that these gradual dislike events will become more frequent. Like Justsayno I want to start on the blue tablets now and get it over and done with - but I know thats not the right thing to do! Two more days of white tablets, then onto the big guns! Can't wait! :)

    Went for a short run this morning to get the cobwebs out after the Race for Life on Sunday. Just 2.5 miles, and it was hard - felt my awful lungs all the way around - I just can't wait to turn into Paula Radcliffe when I kick the weed!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    that's great day 5 of champix glad the grumblings and cramps are subsiding

    Also a distinct lack of interest in smoking is great well done


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Day 6

    Another "getting better" day after a bit of a bd incident last night. I will spare you the detail, but I didn't make it to the bathroom quickly enough. :(

    Since then I am gradually feeling better and the cramps are now gone (fingers crossed) so probably got another day to get back to "normal".

    A fairly normal day all in all really. I have noticed no difference in my smoking today, I don't think I have smoked any less, but I have no (I don't want to write "pleasure") "sensation" from the the ciggies.

    The even better news is that OH got curious this morning, we sat down and I told him what the GP had told me about Champix, and he read the packet. Then he picked up the phone and got himself an appointment to see him on Tuesday next week. I'm so happy! :) Not only will I be claiming my life back, but he will just be a few days behind me - and I can support him. It also makes my giving up an absolute - I can't let him down. :) I want him to believe that it is easy - then it will be!

    Day seven tomorrow and the last of the little white tablets - I can't wait for something to happen!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Glad you're starting to feel better again now on day 6 of taking the champix

    Another 2/3 days and you should really start to see a difference in the amount you're smoking

    Also well done to your Hubby for deciding to quit as well that's great

    Big hug for you both


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Day Seven

    Day Seven

    Thanks for your support Marg - I'm still here and still on schedule! :)

    I'm really happy to have reached Day 7 as tomorrow the big guns kick in and to be honest I am getting impatient for something to happen! It's Saturday too, so that will be nice.

    Today has been a good day - no cramps or any other effect that I have noticed. :D Maybe I've had my quota and it will be OK from now on!

    Had a nice quiet day at home today - the last day of my week off. Next Monday I am back at work, so another challenge - bring it on!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done now you start the higher dose of them and you'll soon notice the difference in the amount you smoke

    You'll also find that after 2/3 days you won't like them any more and then that you really don't want to smoke anymore at all and then you'll just stop smoking altogether at least that is what I found and I know of others that found exactly the same thins happened to them


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg

    Thanks for the reply Marg - I just can't wait! :D I'm so excited - but impatient to get stopped! I know I have to follow the plan though - I'm being very good!

  • Hi coaltyt

    Dont be impatient..............just listen to your body and you will know when the time is right to stop. I used champix and didn't stop till day 13, have been stopped now for 14 days. My sister smoked right up to day 14 and she has stopped too. Hang on in there it will happen.

    Carol xxxx

  • Day Eight

    Day Eight

    The start of the big guns! :)

    Thanks for your reply Carol - I have taken on board what you said and will now take each day as it comes. Thanks.

    Today I took the 1mg tablet after breakfast and the other after dinner half an hour ago. I have been a bit tired today - but then I always am on a Saturday! Did the shopping and usual stuff and no real problems. A few stomach cramps this afternoon, but they passed in an hour or so.

    Still smoking around the usual amount - probably a bit less today because I couldn't be bothered! :) That's a good sign I think! Those that I did smoke tasted bitter and did nothing for me - just going through the motions really.

    I gave my GP tomorrow as my quit day, but I'm just going to see how it goes. The information says between day 8 and 14 - so I have a few days to play with.

    Sunday tomorrow - so I may manage a lie in! :)

  • Day Nine

    Day Nine

    Not a bad day today - I even got out for a run! OH came with me and pushed me along, so it was short and sweet.

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I got a couple of mouth ulcers - I popped them! :eek: They went away. My jaw also ached - like all my teeth hurt - but not so bad.

    This morning I got up a bit down - I thought that things weren't happening as quickly as I wanted them to. Still smoking as much as usual but not enjoying any of them. The stomach cramps are back - not so bad as before, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

    By this afternoon I had had enough of cigarettes - they stink, make me feel sick and taste awful - but I have still had a couple.

    Tomorrow is going to be my quit date - I don't want these horrible things any more!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    So tomorrow is quit day well done you

    Now is definitely the time to stop as you're not enjoying them and they make you feel sick just as they did me

    Sorry the cramps are back although not a bad as before


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi

    Have just been reading through your daily blogs and it is great to know a bit of what to expect. I am on day 5 of the Champix and have had the wind and the taste problems.

    It certainly wasn't what I expected it to be, but not sure what I expected. If that makes sense. Like you, I also feel I am just going through the motions of smoking, but its a habit; when I get up in the morning, etc.

    Like you, I can't wait to go start the blue ones, getting anxious already though about my quit date which is Friday 24th. Ooooh. :eek:

    My 15 year old son has been nagging me for months to stop and when I had finally had enough of him going on, I rang to make the appointment in the middle of the shopping centre and he said he would come with me which he did. He asks me each morning (and night now) if I have taken my tablet and how am I feeling? Have warned him that I could be a bit "ratty" but he says that's fine, he understands and will do his best to help me. Bless him

    Well look forward to seeing how you get on tomorrow. :)

  • Hi Toptotty :D

    Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

    You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

    Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

    I also used champix as an aid and found it really good I was very lucky in that I had few bad craves, please don't be nervous or anxious about your quit day there really is no need to be the thought of quitting is far worse than the doing

    Just take it a day at a time OK

    Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Coaltyt

    Ive been reading some of your blog and I can so relate...

    Also seems were on the same quit date...20.07.09 is my first smoke free day too... Just wanted to say hi and wish us both all the best..


  • its so exciting! quit day is on my 8th day of champix which is the 25th July.

    Coalyt......sorry to jump in on your diary but as you are slightly ahead of me it makes interesting reading for me too!

    Monalisa....great name! I look forward to reading your postings too.

    Marg....thanks for all your comforting words too

    I am only on day 3 of champix and have already cut down on smokes!

    Cant wait for tommorow...... two tablets to take.

    I am in work on shifts all week, late shifts so trying to work out the best time to take the evening tablet.

    All the very best to you all!

    Cant wait to kick this habit/addiction.

    My family are already proud of what I've commited to already and that gives me a buzz

    Take care all of you

    Heather xxx

  • Day Ten

    Day Ten

    What a strange day. It all started out so well, didn't want a ciggie, so I didn't hav one. By 11am I'm driving myself nuts thinking about them. I didn't want one, knew I wouldn't like it and it would make me poorly - but I went and did it. So today is not my quit day.

    Earlier I got a bit down about that - but I have now come to terms with it - and much more importantly - learned from it.

    I have read other's messages that say, even with Champix, you have to break the habit. That's all it is - just a habit. So, I have spent the rest of the day working out strategies. Serves me right for thinking it would be a breeze.

    I'm now prepared for tomorrow. I know I am still going to want to smoke in all the places and at all the times I always did, and I understand that is natural. I will have to be strong and not give in. Tomorrow I am going into the office, which is a good thing. I will leave the house with no ciggies, and I will be fine.


  • Be Happy!

    Hi Monalisa, RedHen and Toptotty - great names!

    Thanks for your comments - and I really hope we all make it through to the 1 year posts. :D

    Keep us posted!

    P.S. No mention of any problems/side effects - because there aren't any! A few grumblings in the tummy but nothing to worry about! :)

  • Day Eleven

    Day Eleven

    <Drum Roll Please.......>

    Today I have become an ex-smoker.

    I smoked my last cigarette at 11pm last night - so I have now gone 21 hours and 18 minutes. Can you believe that I have already got an extra 3 hours 15 minutes of life to live - that's an amazing statistic!

    I woke up in a determined mood after yesterday. I armed myself with strawberries, took my ciggies and lighter out of my bag and put them in a drawer (OH still smokes) and went to work. I had a few wobbly moments when I half considered going out to buy more, but they soon passed.

    No more side effects from the Champix, and no difficulty with the not smoking. I feel quite chilled, no panic, I'm not dying, nothing hurts, in fact - I feel fine. :D

    I don't want to celebrate yet - I know I have a long long way to go, but as someone once said, the first step is the hardest, and I can tick that one off! Quite looking forward to waking up tomorrow knowing that I am that bit closer to being free.

    Other good news - OH went to see his GP today and has a prescription for Champix that he should start on Friday - so in a week or so we will have a smoke free home! :D

    It's all good - all very good. :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    One drum roll duly sounded for you well done and really pleased to hear you feel fine

    Keep it going take it a day at a time and you'll be suprised how fast the days and weeks add up

    Also well done to your OH deciding to quit as well


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • superb, brilliant,fantastic, I am eager to get where you are now!! :)

    What an acheivement already Coalyt :D

    Heather x

  • Thanks

    Thanks Marg and Heather - how good does this feel! :D:D

    Heather - read back through my posts - I *was* you! Just too excited and impatient - and that probablt led to my little hiccup yesterday. Take it one day at a time, and listen to your body. You'll know when it's right. Good luck - I'll be watching for your posts!

  • CONGRATS Coaltyt :)

    Youre right in saying the first step is the hardest but doesnt it feel so good?

    Im still having a few side effectes from the champix but its worth it as I am on day 3 of not smoking :D

    The cravings have been bearable and Ive used the drinking water and keeping myself busy in the evenings to help me through what I find to be the hardest time of the day.

    Its only day 3 and I already feel a difference in my breathing and my energy levels.... Keep up the great work and heres to us :D

    mona xx

  • Day Twelve

    Day Twelve of Champix - Day 2 of not smoking

    Hello - I'm still here - hanging on by my finger nails!

    Thanks for your good wishes monalisa - great that you are a couple of days ahead of me and I can see what's coming!

    Today hasn't been such a good day for me, I guess the initial shine has gone. So many times today I have nearly given in, I am actually quite weary now, it is sapping all my energy and occupying all of my brain. I don't want to be down beat - I have made it to Day 2, and will make it to Day 3 etc etc, but it is hard!

    I need help with a couple of problems - one of the places I used to smoke a lot is the car. I have a 1.5 hour journey to work, and the same again home. During that time I used to get through 4 ciggies into work, and 4 (sometimes 5) on the way home. What can I do instead? It drove (no pun intended!) me nuts today and I have got through a whole bag of chocolate eclairs! That can't continue.

    I seem to have spent the whole day eating. I know that's normal (something to do etc) but I don't like it, and really don't want to substitute one bad habit for another (chocolate is favourite today!). Any advice anyone?

    I am actually now wondering why I am continuing to take Champix as they don't seem to be helping at all. I know they made ciggies taste horrible and empty - but now I am not smoking I can't see they they are doing anything for me.

    Has anyone any medical/scientific knowledge of why you need to continue to take them? I have read messages from people saying that they went back to smoking after stopping taking them, but I am thinking that's psychological rather than physical.

    I ask because of two reasons - firstly I hate drugs - I don't want to take them for any longer than necessary. Secondly, I really can't see what help they are now. I got the bad bit, decided to stop, stopped. NEVER going back.

    So many questions! Sorry. I'm sure it will be better tomorrow! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Sorry you feel rough today also tired and weary this is normal butit will pass as will the constant thinking about fags also normal this early in a quit

    The champix is working even if it doesn't feel like it is

    Don't stop taking it yet I stopped after 9 weeks and the course is 12 weeks as you know Just hang in there it does get better and easier for you

    After tomorrow night the nicotine will have left your body as well

    Click on the bottom link in my signature the are lots of helpful bits in there to help about all sorts of things you may find

    Give your body time to heal it takes a little while but heal it will just be patient

    I'll send you a link I found about champix as well, I'll lokk for it and send you a PM with it


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks

    Thanks Marg - I am due to have my 2 week review with my GP on Friday - I'll have a chat with him about how it all works! Having said that, Friday is a long way away and Ill probably have changed my mind by then! :D:

    I'm allowed - I'm female! :p

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    I hope today is easier for you and yes have a word with the Dr about how it works on Friday

    And yes you're allowed to change your mind after all you're a female :D


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Thirteen

    Day Thirteen of Champix - Day 3 of Not Smoking

    Amazing how the days go by isn't it - and no two are the same. Today I'm on top of the world - no problems at all! No doubts, no worries and just a couple of moments of craving that went before I knew it. :D

    Third day of working in the office and it was really fine. Ate my way through half a bag of sweeties on the drive into work though! On the way home I bunged on a CD and sang - loudly! :D I bet I looked a right sight! Still, I didn't eat half as much!

    My lunch time strategy also worked - I went for a run. The first run I have done since giving up the ciggies. I did a 3 mile route by the river and it was lovely. My nose didn't constantly run, my breathng was way way better, I even ran a little bit faster - and that's just 2 and a half days without the ciggies. :eek: I'll be Paula Radcliffe before you know it!

    That really made me very happy, so the afternoon was a breeze.

    My other really reinforcing experience today was smelling cigarette smoke - yuk yuk yuk! I was walking down the street on my way to start my run actually, and I could smell it - I couldn't see ayone - but I could smell it - horrible. When I got around the corner there was a man stood there smoking. Wow! He was out there in the fresh air I knew where he was ages before I saw him. Really made me think about how many times I had walked that road with a ciggie in my hand - and how dreadful I must have smelt.

    So - there you have it! It hs been a great day for me - I know that there are many stories about the Day 3 blues etc, but I am happy to report they didn't catch up with me today! Not a single effect from the Champix either - I guess my body is now used to them.

    4 hours to go before I hit 4 days - onwards and upwards! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Really pleased to hear that today was so much better for you Big Hug and you feel on top of the world


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nice one :)

    See I said that the singing worked...........I don't care what I look or sound like it works for me :D Don't think my kids would agree with me

    I too find the smell of someone smoking turns my stomach. I can't believe I used to smell like that............yuk

    Carol xx

  • Hello

    It's good to read how things might pan out for me, i'm on day 3 right now and looking for some information, came across this forum. my main concern was the best times to take the tablets. By the way well done for the progress so far.:)

  • Hi Steve

    I take my morning one first thing with a biscuit and a cup of tea............I was taking my evening one at bed time but was having trouble sleeping so I now take it around 7.30pm. That's what works for me :)

    Carol x

  • Keep up the great work!!

    Excellent...I am glad to see things are going so well for you!! Keep it up!


  • Hi Steve :)

    Well done on your 3rd day [guessing of taking champix]

    I took mine at around 9 in the morning and around teatime for the evening one and it worked for me

    Below is my standard welcome and advice post for newcomers to the forum

    Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

    You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

    Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

    Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • whats champix?

    Hi everyone, really pleased your all doing so well.......but what is champix? never heard of it before:o

  • Champix

    Hi Ishta

    It is a new drug out that helps block the brain receptors and help you stop smoking. The effects are different on different people, but generally they first block receptors so you get nothing out of a cigarette, they also start to taste awful. The idea is that you no longer want to smoke.

    The down side (as with all drugs) is that they do have side effects - all documented in various posts on this forum!

    Hope that helps.

  • Day Fourteen

    Day Fourteen of Champix, Day 4 of Not Smoking

    Evening! :D

    Another fine day - that's two in a row! :) Spent the day working at home - my first since stopping, so faced a few challenges. I used to use ciggie breaks as breaks - and as OH smokes it was our time to go out and have a chat. I also used to pop the kettle on whilst out for a ciggie. None of that today.

    OH has been good and just gone, no announcements or anything that might make me a bit grumpy. He is very supportive. Not sure what to do whilst the kettle boils though - that one stumped me for a while until I ended up putting the kettle on, going back to the office to work for a while, and then coming back to it.

    Surprisingly, none of these challenges have left me craving a ciggie. I don't want one. The feelings that I had on Day 2 of giving in and just having one, have, thankfully, all gone (for now!). I really don't want to ever smoke again.

    Two weekly trip to the GP late this afternoon - it's a practice of a few doctors and this one wasn't the same one I saw last time. Thank goodness it wasn't! What a miserable person he was! He was obsessed by whether I was suicidal! All I said was that I had experienced a few side effects all of which were clearly stated on the leaflets! :rolleyes: He then got all upperty and said that he wouldn't have prescribed them blah blah blah. I was deflated I have to say. I was expecting someone to be really pleased with me, proud that I had gone 3 and a half days smoke free.

    I think I snapped at him (serves him right!) I told him that I thought I deserved a medal! In the end he thawed a little and gave me a prescription for another 4 weeks of Champix and a smiley face sticker! :D

    So, day four is fine for me thanks! Champix is still being taken, but has no side effects on me anymore - thank goodness. Weekend is looming, and I'm looking forward to another run tomorrow, and, no doubt a few more challnges to meet along the way. It won't be long before I have met all of the most common situations and dealt with them. That'll be nice!

    I'm off to post in the Day 4 - 7 conference as working may way down the list is one of my little personal rewards! Oh, and I have decided that I am going to save up all my savings and treat myself to a treadmill. They cost around £300 - at £30 per week saving I make that 10 weeks before it arrives, just in time for the winter!

    Have a great evening everyone - onwards and upwards!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you 4 days smoke free is great

    Keep going and you'll get that treadmill :D as you say just in time for winter so no need to go out in the cold


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks!

    Hi Coaltyt,

    Cheers for letting me know what it is and good luck with your quit


  • Day 10 Champix - Day 1 Quit

    Hi Coaltyt, Margaret, Monalisa, RedHen and all other fellow quitters.

    Firstly may I just say how interesting and amusing I find your daily blogs Coaltyt. Today is my first day for quitting (have now been a non-smoker for 23hrs and 15 minutes - woo hoo) and I have been pretty okay. Did get cravings once of twice but they only lasted for minutes.

    I have to visit my GP weekly, to check on BP, etc. I also told mine about the side effects I was having, which I thought were to be expected from what I have read on here and from the leaflet, and she wanted me to come off straight away. Told her I would persevere a bit longer so she agreed.

    Cramps have nearly gone now, but still feel sick for about 2 hours after taking the tablets, morning and night.

    Have managed to keep busy today and just hope its gets easier. It's strange as it's not my body craving cigarettes, but my head? Weird.

    Coaltyt: After the first pack, is it normal for them to give you a 4 week pack next?

    Margaret: Always nice to see you are there supporting us all in our challenge.

    Day 2 tomorrow: Plan of Action - Daughter away for the weekend so going to dig her bedroom out. Should keep me occupied for a good 8 hours. :o

    Looking forward to tomorrow's news from everyone.


  • Hi Duhno :)

    Well done on day 20 CT that's great and you're right not to expect to much of yourself just now,go with the flow and do what you need to the rest can wait for another day and getting mad with yourself won't help or make it better

    Here's my standard welcome and advice post for new members of the forum

    Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

    You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

    Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

    Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi

    Hello and welcome Duhno! Well done for your 20 days - fabulous stuff!

    Toptotty - I really don't know what is "normal", but my GP has given me 4 weeks (after the irst 2 week starter pack) and I have an appointment in 4 weeks to check how things are going. I guess that's about right!

  • Day Fifteen

    Day Fifteen of Champix, Day 5 of Not Smoking

    Hi Folks! Saturday - I quite like Saturday's! :) I like the fact that there us no alarm clock to kick me out of bed, and no meetings - always a bonus!

    So today, I fell out of bed late - about 9.30am and sat outside in the sunshine with my coffee - it was so nice to sit there and appreciate the fresh air. It was also a little battle won as it was a first without a ciggie. I also did the shopping - and got my next prescription for 4 more weeks of 1mg Champix. Because I ran out yesterday, I did not have one this morning. That means just one today - had one after dinner tonight. Nothing bad has happened though - so that's another Brucie Bonus! I'll see how things go tomorrow, but I might just stick to one a day - we'll see.

    Shopping was expensive! I treated myself to the "good" wine, a couple of bags of chocolate caramels (coz they're nice), 8 boxes of tictacs (for the car), 3 packs of chewing gum (just in case), and a big bag of grapes for the office. I wouldn't say I am eating a lot - just constantly! You would laugh at my office desk - next to the computer keyboard is a bag of spearmint chews, a bag of fruit chews, a bag of chocolate raisins and now a large bag of grapes! :eek: I have decided to allow myself one week of indulgence - when I hit week 2 I am going to stop indulging and go back to the diet. I have only put on 1kg this week - which isn't bad considering what I have munched through.

    Went for a little run with OH this afternoon. I'm trying hard to run faster, but I just get knackered much more quickly! I have to run/walk at his pace, whereas I can plod at my pace for miles. I'm not sure which is better - but for now I'm doing a mix of both!

    So Day 5 has been good to me - thank you! No problem what so ever, even with only one tablet. Of course there have been a couple of challenges - but, as I have been out today, there are more times today that I have smelt other people's smoke and been quite disgusted by it. I can't believe that i used to smell like that.

    Day 6 tomorrow and I am looking forward to an early nice long run. I need to burn some calories!

    See you tomorrow!:D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    You're doing fine on day 5 well done you Big hug

    Running as well where do you getthe energy from


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Day 16

    Day Sixteen of Champix, Day 6 of Not Smoking

    Hello Everyone!

    Sunday already. I had planned to get up early and go for a run, but the day dawned wet and it has stayed that way - it has rained all day long. I'm a bit of a whimp when it comes to running in the rain! There's always tomorrow. :D I'm working at home tomorrow, so it will be easy to nip out at lunch, or late afternoon, and the forecast is so much better than today.

    So, instead of a run, I set to (you'll understand the pun in a moment...) and made some jam! :D (set - jam - get it?) I had a fridge full of fruit left over from last week - strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries - all a bit beyond their sell by date. So, they all went into my "Summer Berry Jam" - I may well patent it - it's fabulous! I ended up with just 2.5kg of fruit, and used 2kg of sugar. It took a jiffy to get it to setting point and it was in jars before you knew it. Jam is so much easier than marmalade! Pectin - I know!

    I am now the proud owner of 4 jars of summer fruit jam, plus a small pot of leftovers I put onto a toasted buttered cinnamon and raisin bagel for lunch. Mmmmmm - it was soooo good!

    After stuffing my face with that, I sat on my backside and watched the F1 Grand Prix - go Lewis! Enjoyed that! There was then the motorbikes (GP) which I watched on and off as I prepared the roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner. It's all food isn't it! :D

    Actually - that's good news - I have had no snacks - so mints/chews/caramels - so that is excellent. I have drunk water instead, it's not got quite so many calories in it! Back to a reasonable diet tomorrow after I weigh myself. I think we should take bets on how much weight I have put on in the last 6 days - or 7 as it will be in the morning! It stops tomorrow.

    I have only had 1 Champix today - I took 1 this morning. I have had no problems during the day, and as I only had one yesterday, I figured the world hasn't ended so I'll stick with just 1. I'd rather not take any, but I think it's too soon for that. I am very confident with my non-smoking lifestyle - that may be my downfall! Once or twice today I have wanted a ciggie - but I didn't want one - I'm sure you guy's understand that. The little green monster reared his head for about 20 seconds and then went again.

    The rest of the time I am full of energy, happy, and finding strategies for dealing with each new situation. Some of those are a challenge, but I like a challenge!

    OH has started his Champix too - his first yesterday, so Day 2 for him today. He is planning to quit on Monday 3rd August. I really hope this works for him as well as it has worked for me.

    Day 7 tomorrow and then into Week 2 - how cool is that! :cool:

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you're doing great

    I Like the jam making bit I used to make all my own jams etc and you can't beat home made

    Tell your OH well done from me on the decision to follow you on the road we all travel


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Seventeen

    Day Seventeen of Champix, Day 7 of Not Smoking

    :DOne Whole Week! :D

    Had another good day today with no real problems at all. In fact, if anything, I have been way happier than usual! I'm not complaining though. Still on just one Champix and that seems to suit me, so I'm sticking for a while.

    Had a work day, so I won't bore you with that, but did go for a run with OH late afternoon. I am getting significantly quicker! It was so nice getting up the hill without puffing and panting. Finished the run with an average speed a whole minute per mile quicker than my usual plod! Yeah! It absolutely bucketted down from mile 1 - I don't think I have ever been so wet - it was fantastic!

    I had to shower and wash everything when we got back - but I was beaming. I love my new life!

    OH is on day 3 of Champix and no problems - touch wood. Tomorrow he moves on to 2 of the white tablets so fingers crossed all stays well.

    Tomorrow's Brucie Bonus is the arrival of a man with a new carpet for the staircase and landing. The one that is there now is very threadbare - it has been down since we moved in 12 years ago! I think it's about time we treated ourselves. The new one is red and very posh, so that will be a lovely surprise when I get home from work.

    Tomorrow is also the start of Week 2 - onwards and upwards! :D

  • Day Eighteen

    Day Eighteen of Champix, Day 8 of Not Smoking

    Well - lesson learned for today - Champix or no Champix - that little green monster can hit you right between the eyes at a moments notice!

    I was doing great until after a really bad meeting that lasted all afternoon and finished an hour late at 6pm. My first thought on getting out of there was that I wanted a ciggie. Luckily I didn't have any and made do with yet another chocolate caramel! Drove 20 odd miles - got half way home and the car is judering - oh no! I pull into a car park and inspect the flat tyre. Bums! I phone the RAC - a nice lady tells me that waiting time will be around 2 hours. :eek:

    I phone OH - tell him dinner is on hold. I want a ciggie. Without really thinking about it I am in the supermarket and buying cigarettes. They are in my bag.

    I got as far as opening the packet and taking one out before my real brain kicked in. WHAT AM I DOING?????? Thought process went something like, I don't do this - I have gone a whole week without a ciggie - I don't need this - it won't do me any good - it won't make the man come quicker - it won't make me feel better - I'll have to go back through all of those folders again!

    I threw the cigarette away.

    Phew - that was so close! :eek:

    Finally the man arrived, fixed the car, and 3 hours after leaving work I got home. The new carpet is beautiful! :D

    Lesson learned - hey - be careful out there!

  • you made my heart stop there when I got to the bit about when you went into the supermarket, etc. I was shouting "No, No :eek:" at the laptop.

    Thank god you came to your senses. That was a close one. We have to be extra alert when these little demons are about.

    Glad you got home, eventually!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  • Loving your diary!

    I'm loving your diary, keeping me very entertained and giving me some insight into my Champix journey!

    I'm day 5 on Champix, not stopped the ciggies yet, but thats coming soon. I'm keeping a blog for friends and family on my Facebook page and popping on here for inspiration.

    Knowing that all of you are going through the exact same feelings as me is such a great help!

    Keep up the great work Coaltyt! ;)

  • Well Done

    Oh lord, I was reading your post and thought any min now im gonna read you actually smoked that ciggy, oooohhhh that was close. Well done for realising what you were doing and throwing it away. Tomorrow will be a better day.

    Wobbles x

  • Thanks!

    Hi Tboots - welcome to the madhouse! :D

    Hey Wobbles - you are so right, today is a much better day! I'm happily sat at home safe from the monster! If he pops by again I'm going to set my chocolate caramels on him! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt

    Well done you..............wish I had been as strong. By the way you wouldn't have enjoyed would have been stuck in your car feel very sick and dizzy with a mouth tasting like a sewer :( And there is the moving all the way back up the folders...............stay where you are you are doing great :)

    I'm back starting the climb all over again.............throw me a choc caramel I'll maybe try them, seem to be working for you..............:)

    Carol (CTC)


  • Hey - don't put yourself down - you are doing great. Getting back on the wagon is just so brave.

    As for the caramels - have 3!

  • Cheers they are divine................need to get myself a bag :)

    carol (CTC)


  • Day Nineteen

    Day Nineteen of Champix, Day 9 of Not Smoking

    Well, after the trials and tribulations of yesterday, today has been a breeze! Worked at home today, so no stresses of driving or sitting in meetings. In fact, the day has passed quite quickly and with only one or two fleeting thoughts of ciggies.

    Both of those thoughts were the result of OH going out for a ciggie. He is on day 5 of Champix, so I am hoping that, all being well, he too will be stopped by early next week and that distraction will be gone too.

    I like all this extra time I have - I managed to get so much work done today it's amazing! I have also eaten my way through half a bag of chocolate caramels, quarter of a bag of spearmint chews and half a box of tictacs. Still - better than smoking! I have plenty of time to lose weight and I am not in the least bit bothered.

    I am still just taking 1 Champix per day - in the morning. I am fine with that, so I'm sticking there. No side effects at all - except I feel so much better than I use to - I'm even awake when the alarm goes off! I really like all this extra energy - hopefully it will stop raining long enough for me to go for another run tomorrow.

    All is good! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Double figures towmorrow well done

    Glad you found today mush easier than yesrerday

    Glad also that Hubby is doing OK

    Keep taking the tablets and eating them caramels :D


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty

    Day Twenty of Champix, Day 10 of Not Smoking

    Hello World! I reached double figures - amazing!

    I went to the physio this morning (leg problem - won't bore you) and on the way out I had a strange fleeting thought that, as I was going out, I could have a ciggie! :eek: What is that all about? I didn't want one - no idea where the thought came from.

    Apart from that, it has been an unremarkable day. I got some proper coffee today - the other stuff I drink really doesn't taste nice at all. Whilst I was out and in a big shop (! - little pleasures for one that lives in the middle of nowhere in Devon!) I stocked up with a bit more chocolate and another bag of chocolate caramels - I finished the other packet this afternoon! If I had any spare money I'd buy shares in Cadbury's!

    Went for a run this evening, but the leg was very reluctant - I guess the physio was a bit more vigorous than I thought! Still, I went and it was very nice to get out. Just a couple of miles - but they all count.

    I still seem to have a "wind" problem! It's the only side-effect I am left with - at least, I hope it's a side effect! :eek: So, picture this - I kind of "squeak" as I am running! :D Pretty hey! :D

    Friday tomorrow - last working day of the week - thank goodness! Here's looking at Day 11 and into the lovely restful weekend.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Double figures that's great well done

    That odd thought as you went out don't worry about it this happens at times

    As for the "wind" this is very commoan and normal at first but it will pass

    Glad you enjoyed the run even if short due to the leg hope it improves soon


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Marg! You are such a great support - thank you for taking the time.

    Made me smile though - you are so right - the wind will pass!

    At about 90mph!


  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Opssssssssssss did that once before about the wind glad it made you smile though but that fast really Hope I'm never stood behind you then it would blow me over :D :D


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty One

    Day Twenty One of Champix, Day 11 of Not Smoking

    Hello again - I'm still here! :D

    Working at home again today, so a few times I thought about going out with OH for a ciggie, but really didn't want one! I understand this addiction - I have read everything going - so I am aware that these moments will come and go. That's fine. I can cope. I even went outside with him once and sat in the garden for 5 minutes, it was quite wierd as I watched him make and light his ciggie and it never crossed my mind to have one. No - really - it didn't even cross my mind, which is mad.

    I wanted to do that as he is on day 7 of Champix and has Monday as his quit date. We tend to use ciggie breaks as breaks from the computer (we both work on the pc all day!). To that end we have to be able to take a break from the computer without having a ciggie. So, time to find alternative reasons to take a break. Number one on the list today was making a cup of tea, then toilet breaks (!), even doing a bit of weeding in the back garden at one point! They are all good though - I have to prove to OH that it's OK to take a break and not have a ciggie!

    So I have had another really good day thank you. I have eaten (slightly) less chocolate too! Still on just one Champix tablet per day and still doing good.

    The best news of all - it's the weekend! Yeah! :D

    Onwards and upwards to Day 12!

  • Day Twenty Two

    Day Twenty Two of Champix, Day 12 of Not Smoking

    Don't you just love Saturday's? I know I do. I managed to stay in bed until just before 10.30am! :eek: I wasn't lazing around - seriously - that when I woke up! I managed breakfast just after 11.00am - no wonder my day has gone quickly!

    I did the shopping, picked my car up from the garage with her nice new tyre, and then made lunch - just before 3.00pm. Strange old day! OH was lovely and didn't smoke in the car, how nice is that. We had a chat about his smoking, he is due to stop Monday and tells me that he is just going through the motions of smoking now and may stop earlier. I said it was his choice, so we'll see.

    I have had another good day, nothing to stress me out and no new challenges, so I have breezed through the day with no thoughts of ciggies at all.

    Tomorrow I become an unruly teenager - can't wait! :D

  • Fab Coaltyt. :D

    Its good when days go like that. Mind, when tomorrow comes, don't be using that as an excuse to throw tantrums and refuse to do anything missy. LOL

    Well Done.

  • :)

    I love saturdays :) i woke around a similar time, its great to have sleep for any hours when quitting what we are quitting.

    Glad you had a good day :)

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Oh no not an unruly teenager can we cope with that guys???????

    No tantrums though if you please

    Seriously though well done you Big Hug

    Also well done to your OH as well who might bring his quit day forward as he feels he's only going through the motions now


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty Three

    Day Twenty Three of Champix, Day 13 of Not Smoking

    Hey - I am a teenager! :D

    Another super day for me - it started well by me getting out of bed at 8.15am today! I wanted to be up early to go for a run - so I was - and I did! I had a really great run - 5.75 miles and enjoyed every moment. I saw a beautiful little rabbit playing on the grass verge, and a stunning buzzard taking a drink from a cow tough. Lovely, lovely morning.

    I didn't break any records, but I'm trying to build distance, so not interested in speed today. Marathon here we come! Well, realistically I have a long way to go - like the mere 20 more miles to actaully get close to a marathon distance, but you have to start somewhere.

    When I got home OH had decided to revamp the office carpet by fitting in the left-overs from the hall and stairs carpet. Another 6 hours later and we have a nice new office with all the piles of papers that were stacked on the floor either tidied away, or in the recycle bag!

    Roast beef and yorkshire puddings for dinner, with beautiful organic carrots, brocolli and cabbage. Mmmmmm. I think I earned that! :D

    What's missing? You are so right - not a single chocolate caramel or spearmint chew consumed. I've been too busy! Which shows that it can be done.

    Tomorrow <drum roll> I venture into week 2!!!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Did you hear that drum roll OK

    Well done 13 days a teenager and no tantrums so far make sure there aren't if you please

    You're doing great keep it up


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Coaltyt.

    What a lovely day you've had. Sounds bliss. :p

    Have you always done running or is it something you have just started. How do you keep motivated doing it on your own. Think I would be stopping every 5 mins.

  • Running

    Hi Trisha

    I'm not a natural runner, but I have been plodding for a couple of years now - started with the Race for Life (5km (3 miles) women only in aid of Cancer Research). I started by running and walking - there are some great programme available to get you started - check our the Runners World web site

    I have done a couple of 10km (6 miles) races, but I am really slow! I then found I had a problem with my leg, and finally in March this year had an op on my leg. Now I sport a 6" scar and I am gradually building distance.

    The smoking obviously didn't help! The run yesterday was marvellous - only a bit of puffing and panting - nothing like the train that I used to be! I have entered the ballot for the 2010 London Marathon (:eek:) and OH and I have signed up for the London 10,000 next March (:eek::eek:). Any excuse to go look at the galleries in London!

    It really is a fantastic thing to do - out in the fresh air - and it's free! Well, you need a proper pair of running shoes that will set you back a couple of weeks worth of smoking (!) but that's it - you go where and when you want. Fantastic!

    Have I persuaded you? :D

  • Day Twenty Four

    Day Twenty Four of Champix, Day 14 of Not Smoking

    WoooT! Week 3 starts here! :D

    And the bestest ever news - it's Day 1 for my OH who has been a star today. I haven't made anything of it for him, and he has quietly got on with it. He was getting a bit restless by late afternoon, so I suggested we went out for a little run. We did - it rained - but it felt good! :D

    I have had a good day too - I have thought more about smoking today because I am naturally concerned about hubby, but that's OK. At one point I actually found myself trying to find distractions for him! Look who's talking! Obviously I am now an expert! Not! :D

    I am back in the office tomorrow - so that will keep me busy and off the streets! Hope OH copes as well without me there staring at him! :o

    Here's to Week 3 - I'm feeling quite old now!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you 14 days quit is great Big Hug

    Also well done to your Hubby on day one give him my best wishes please

    It will be good that you can support him through the first few sometimes rough days


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty Five

    Day Twenty Five of Champix, Day 15 of Not Smoking

    Hello! I'm still here! :D

    Had a day in the office today and kept very busy, so no real problems for me. I have had no urge to smoke at all for days now - I think it's a miarcle to be honest, but I am not letting my guard down - ever.

    Had a bit of a rough night with stomach cramps, and they lasted all day. Strange that, as I got those in the first week of taking Champix, but nothing since. I'll ride it out until tomorrow and see what happens, but I am considering stopping the tablets - we'll see.

    On the good news front - hubby is nearly through Day 2 and is doing really well. Cheeky thing even went for a run today without me! He has read the websites recommended by Marg and is even more determined than ever! We are talking about what we are going to spend the £200 on at the end of the month! Thinking about a nice weekend away somewhere fairly posh - how nice will that be! :D

    Onwards and upwards!

  • well done both

    So pleased that things are going well for you both:)

    Sorry that your stomach cramps have come back but maybe it is because you are nervous with OH quit starting.

    So please that the thought of cigarettes is now nearly gone for you, but you are right not to let your guard down, thats been my mistake every other quit I've done.

    Once again well done to you both:D and all the best for the rest of your quit


  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Sorry the stomach cramps are back could be as Debby says that you're nervous for your hubby

    Well done hubby on day 2 keep going

    A weekend somewhere posh would be good for you both

    Hug for each of you


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty Six

    Day Twenty Six of Champix, Day 16 of Not Smoking

    Hi All!

    Sorry for not being sociable and welcoming our new comers - but I have to dip in and out tonight.

    I had a dodgy day today - for some reason all I could think about was having a ciggie. I had to go out for a walk to try and get over it. Eventually it went away and I got on with my day - but it taught me a valuable lesson. Debby was quite right about letting your guard down. I am also grateful I have no access to ciggies - I would have smoked one if I had had one! :eek:

    It also taught me a lesson about Champix - having considered stopping them yesterday, I am back on the recommended 2 a day today. I don't want to jeapardise my quit by not taking them as prescribed. I still have stomach cramps - but they are infinitely better than what I could do to myself through a lifetime of smoking. It's only a few more weeks, I'm sure it will be fine.

    Meanwhile, hubby is almost through Day 3 and we are now firmly a non-smoking household. We still have yet to decide what to do/where to go as our end of month treat - but it's a lovely thing to think about whilst having a bit of a bad patch! :D He's also full of beans now and pressing me to go for a run at every opportunity! It's usually the other way around!

    Now I must dash - thank you all for your continuing support, and I promise I'll do my bit tomorrow when I have some time.

    Take care all.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Sorry you struggled a bit today but you got through and that's what matters maybe it's a touch of the week 3 blues

    Well done hubby on day 3


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Take the rough with the smooth, you know yourself that you'll get easy days and much harder days. Riding through the bad days is definitely better than considering going back to square one. I'm glad you resisted and got through it, and look forward to your next day report in.

  • Day Twenty Seven

    Day Twenty Seven of Champix, Day 17 of Not Smoking

    Hello World!

    What a difference a day makes hey! Lesson to be learned - just when you think things can't get any worse - they don't! :D Today has been a good day. Back on two tablets a day and doing just fine today. I have been home though, so I guess my coping strategies are better at home than in the office. I'll work on that.

    Twenty Seven has always been my lucky number - it tends to follow me about - so today is a very very good day! Talking of lucky, a beautiful little cat wandered in our house today - a real good looking "spotty" cat doing a great impression of a cheetah on the plains of the Serengeti. He wandered around and then wandered out again - cheeky! :) I love cats, but don't have any, so he must have felt quite safe.

    So, late afternoon, I finish work and decide with OH to go for a run. We get a couple of miles out of the village in the middle of nowhere and there is a poster on a post showing a lost cat! Yup - the one that helped itself to our house this afternoon! :eek: So, we ran the half mile to the address given on the poster and explained to a nice lady that her cat was in our house earlier! She took off in her car to try and find it - very happy and very grateful to know he was still in one piece.

    I can't give you a really happy ending because we continued our run and didn't get back for an hour or so, so I just hope she found him!

    Back to counting - hubby is on Day 4 today and doing extremely well. The running helps too - so we are throwing ourselves into that. It's a great way of proving how much better the breathing is!

    Home again tomorrow - so I am happy - very happy!

    take care everyone.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Glad you've had a good day you're doing great

    I also hope the story of the cat had a happy ending

    Well done also to hubby on day 4


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • nicely done. You're right about the difference that a single day makes, and sometimes, even an hour makes a difference. I've had some right shakey moments at times, and even though to you i may seem like i'm really confident, the mind-games i was suffering were crazy intense, and i had to be so darn stubborn to the point i was shaking alot just to get through the moments. Time passes, it has to, and experience/feeling changes.. always makes you glad you didn't succumb to the nico-urge and soldier on.

    So well done, sounds like you had a very positive day today :)

  • You must be really pleased that your hubby is quitting too . . . I'm hoping my OH will consider it as the smell of tobacco on him is really quite unpleasant! Keep up the good work

  • Day Twenty Eight

    Day Twenty Eight of Champix, Day 18 of Not Smoking

    Evening All! :D

    The news you have all been waiting for - puss cat is home, safe and sound with a large bowl of whiskers and a family delighted to have her home! :D The lady popped around this afternoon with half a dozen eggs (from her own chickens), a bottle of wine and a beutiful home-made Thank You card. How lovely!

    I like happy endings. :D

    Apart from that, another good day today -worked at home and therefore got lots done. OH and I had a nice slice of chocolate cake mid-afternoon sat in the garden with a nice cup of coffee. Mmmmm. Then, because we ate cake, we had to go do a 3 mile run before dinner!

    OH is on Day 5 and really feeling the benefits now - out runs have become a daily occurence - which is nice - but I wonder how long that will last? I think some of it is distraction - it's something useful to do. Well, that's fine by me - anything that combats the calories I consume in chocolate is fine!

    Saturday tomorrow - shopping I think!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  • Hi Coaltyt and OH :D :D

    You're both doing great Big Hugs for you both

    That running must really help

    Glad the cat is found and home again with it's family

    How nice that the lady took the time to come round and thankyou and to bring you a gift


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Twenty Nine

    Day Twenty Nine of Champix, Day 19 of Not Smoking

    I'm in heaven - I am sat here with a cup of nice coffee, a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, and watching Neil Diamond on the TV. :D MmmmmMMMMMMMmmm

    I can't really concentrate - but here goes -

    It was only five minutes ago I became a fairly stroppy teenager and here I am on the cusp of leaving my teenage days and maturing to hit twenty. How good is that! :D

    Today I got up late :p and did the shopping. I have a new love - mini cheddars! Bought 7 packets! :eek: As it is OH's one week tomorrow, I also bought a tiny bottle of Moet to celebrate. When I bought it home he was just so happy! Tomorrow will be another good day.

    This afternoon was spent in the garden tidying up. I collected half a jam jar full of poppy and aquilegia (sp?) seeds. I also dessimated my little bay tree - it was getting a bit unruly so it had quite a drastic hair cut! Got rid of all the weeds, and generally tidied around. It looks so much better!

    Having bashed about in the garden all afternoon, we didn't go for a run - OH laughingly called it a "rest" day! Tomorrow we will plod.

    Dinner tonight was a Thai prawn curry - I think I bought too many prawns because I am stuffed! Nice curry, rice and some prawn crackers, quick to make too - Thai is one of my favourite curries.

    So, another very good day thanks - enjoyed every minute of it - even the odd wobble when we sat down outside. Still made it through!

    Happy Saturday night everyone - here's to a great Sunday!

    As you know, I am now sogging on the sofa - too full to move now!

  • mmmmmmmm mini cheddars, i know what you mean!!

    Try the BBQ and Branston Pickle flavours of them.. BBQ in particular are v. nice!! I reckon some smoked cheese on them would rock!

    Great day you had there and isn't it great when you step back from your garden that you've been busy in and see how different it looks with care.

    Use your garden to focus your mind on other things, while your garden and house are tidy and clutter free, so will your mind and this can only help you ..(both) I do my garden when i get stressed now, but when it rains.. nintendo wii comes out.

    Cadbury's chocolate too, mmmm, really nice, but perhaps i can pass you a little hint of something i've tried this week and now have my very own tin of this lovely stuff.. Twinings Luxury Chocolate. No kidding, you get it in a tin, you open the lid and all you can see in there is just the finest chocolate shavings and powder all mixed together in 1 tin. 1 mug of that, and you are in heaven.. lovely stuff :) (oh dear, what have i started here)

    Congrats on another day of success albeit the odd minor wobble.

  • Bad Jase!

    Twinings Luxury Chocolate - OMG! :eek:

    I can't wait to go shopping again! :D

    Thanks Jase! :rolleyes:

  • Day Thirty

    Day Thirty of Champix, Day 20 of Not Smoking

    WoW - 20! Tomorrow I hit 21 - that is quite amazing. And you know what? What is even more amazing is how flippin sneeky nicotine is. Today I am stood in the kitchen watching the birds in the garden and in my head:

    "I could go with a ciggie now"

    "Yup - good idea"

    "One's fine"

    "Sure it is"

    "And if it leads to 20 - well - so what?"

    "Yes - plenty of folks go through life smoking and stay heathy"

    "That's right - you don't have to die from smoking"

    "It might be better that thinking about it all the time - what a waste of time"

    "Yes - I could have a ciggie and be done with it"

    Huh? It took me ages to shake that one. I know why it came back to haunt me - it's because hubby told me of something he had heard on the radio yesterday about a lady of 100 who credited her longevity and health to cigs and whiskey! I'm sure she is lovely - but I do wish they wouldn't say these things - it's just so stupid!

    After that hubby said he was having a few wobbles dealing with stresses in the day and perhaps just needed a few coping mechanisms. As bold as you like I just told him to get on and do something else - after 30 years of always doing one thing it's going to take a little while to retrain to do something else. Pity I don't take my own advice! :D

    We went for a run too today - it was actually far too hot - but never mind! Leg hurt a lot - but it'll get over it. 4 mile plod was hot sticky and painful - but we did it and I feel alot better for it.

    Now - where are the mini cheddars...

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

  • Well done are doing so well....dont you dare give in to those are part of my inspiration....and as for the lady of she doesnt smell as good as you;)

  • Day Thirty One

    Day Thirty One of Champix, Day 21 of Not Smoking

    Into my fourth week! I had a bit of a talk to myself yesterday after the big wobble and my head is now in a much better place. So much so that I even ate less today! :D

    What did I say? Well, I just told myself to get over it! I don't smoke - end of. No use thinking about it, worrying about it, or debating it - it is not going to happen. Putting myself in the "I don't smoke" box has made it easier - not sure why though. As I told my OH - "just get on with it!" :D

    Work at home day today, so I got lots of work done and enjoyed the freedom of home. The birds got fresh water 3 times today - that's a good thing to do to take a short break away from the computer. The garden is looking good after yesterday too. Late this afternoon we went for a short 2 mile plod around the lanes. Luckily the drizzle stayed away and there was a nice breeze. I do believe I am getting a little quicker you know! I certainly breathe much better than I used to - I just wish the leg would play ball. Physio on Thursday - she is going to get some grief from me - I need it fixed! Well, if not fixed, then certainly better than it is now.

    So 21 days sorted - a happy Monday everyone!

  • 21 TODAY

    21 TODAY



    Sorry, just me having a silly moment. Well Done. I will be there in 3 days. Exciting stuff.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Great going 21 days well done you Big Hug

    Glad that talking to you gave yourself worked as well


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Day Thirty Two

    Day Thirty Two of Champix, Day 22 of Not Smoking

    These daily diaries are getting boring aren't they "went to work - came home - might have run - didn't smoke" same-old-same-old! :D

    I think I shall have to now consider how often I post - maybe make it through to the end of the first month (4 weeks) and then reduce the posts so there is some possibility that I have something useful to say! :D

    So, today, I went to work.... Ha! Fooled you!

    Today I had a good day, did my run at lunch (3 miles), but it was a little too warm really. I went because I could, not necessarily because I wanted to! It was fine though - plodded along by the river and enjoyed the fresh air.

    I am still full of wind (sorry - but I am!) and I look about 3 months pregnant - the ladies will know what I mean. I put that down to the Champix, so I am putting up with it. Total weight gain so far - 2.5kg. Not too bad - but not good. I'm sure the running helps, so I just need to do more of it.

    No problems at all today. In fact, until I got on this forum, I haven't even thought about ciggies. :eek: That might be a first!

    Happy Tuesday everyone.


  • Could it be its actually you who is now getting used to not counting in days as much?

    Might be a good sign for you that, and certainly another positive effect of the quit :)

  • Day Thirty Three

    Day Thirty Three of Champix, Day 23 of Not Smoking

    Another fine and lovely day - far too busy to think about anything really! Didn't get my run in, but I have physio tomorrow so it may be a good thing. I'm hoping she will cure my leg "issues" and I can go out on Friday and run a marathon - but I may be being just a tad optimistic! :D I am though - optimistic that is - suddenly I am a happy cheery bunny. Where did that come from? :eek: Good though isn't it!

    So, I was in a meeting this afternoon with a nice lady I haven't seen for a while and she said I looked "absolutely fabulous - so slim and radiant"! WoW! Someone has noticed! :D

    I like the new me, I am fitter, happier, cleaner and full of the joys. Excellent!

    Great Wednesday - bring on Thursday! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Great 23 days smoke free well done you Big Hug

    Glad to hear you've turned that corner and are now a happy bunny


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Day Thirty Four

    Day Thirty Four of Champix, Day 24 of Not Smoking

    Happy Thursday! :D

    Another good day - I hope this never ends! :D I went to the physio this morning and she gave my leg quite a battering. I am hoping that it is a good thing, but it may be a bad thing! I guess I'll find out when I go for a run tomorrow.

    Had a good afternoon at work where my team presented some work to the Management group - they made me very proud! They did a fantastic job. It was so nice to sit through a 3 hour meeting without even thinking about smoking - I watched the smokers in the room getting very edgy - that made me feel very very proud of myself - to the point of being smug I think! :p

    Working at home tomorrow - fantastic! Bring it on! :D

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Glad to hear you've had another really good day


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Day Thirty Five

    Day Thirty Five of Champix, Day 25 of Not Smoking

    Friday at last! I have had a good, but really busy week at work and now I am thankful that I have two days off. :D I have actually started the weekend early - the fridge is already defrosting! It will be good to get rid of the layers of ice in there.

    Had a good working day at home, and enjoyed a 2 mile plod with OH this afternoon. Leg is still a bit achey from the physio yesterday, but it was nice and warm out there and the sheep are happy! :D I don't think I have once even thought about ciggies today. I am getting quite used to doing other things (usually involving either caffine or cocoa!) - all good though!

    OH is also happy and was off surfing websites to try and find us an end of month reward. Bearing in mind we will have saved £250 by the end of August - he found a two night break in a hotel on Dartmoor at over £330! :eek: It's only 30 miles away from where we live so - I don't think so! You get get a week in Malta for that! No wonder folk down't holiday in this country - it is so expensive!

    I wonder what joys the weekend holds? Have a good one everyone! :D

  • Day Thirty Six

    Day Thirty Six of Champix, Day 26 of Not Smoking

    Hi Joan! Edinburgh sounds great! I had a look around the internet earlier, but everything is either very expensive or very busy! I think I'll take a leaf from your book and wait until the school holidays are over. It should be cheaper and a little more available by then! I have a conference in London the second week in September, so I may leave it a couple of weeks after that as OH is coming with me - typical! I'll be working day and night and he'll be wandering around the museums and galleries - where did I go wrong? :D

    I think I'll take a look at and see what I can find for me! :D

    Well, I didn't get up very early! T'is Saturday you know. OH came with me to do the shopping - that was nice. Apart from that, I seem to have spent a busy day achieving nothing! Tidied up, faffed about, cooked a nice dinner, but that's it. Didn't get out for a run, but I'll make up for that tomorrow. I'm marking time until I get my POSE book from America. I'm hoping it will show me how to run correctly so my leg doesn't hurt quite so much.

    Sunday tomorrow - lovely jubbly! Meanwhile, I'm going to play on the internet and look for holidays and treadmills - wish me luck! :D

    Happy Saturday night everyone.

  • Day Thirty Seven

    Day Thirty Seven of Champix, Day 27 of Not Smoking

    Hi Joan! I have to agree - probably THE best thing I have ever done - it's great! Although I do try to eat well, things have slipped of late, so I vowed earlier that the better eating starts tomorrow! It would have started today as I was doing really well until dinner, when I made a scrummy Boeuf Bourguignon (thingy!) and then have strawberries and ice cream. :eek: Strawberries would have been fine, but I had to put a load of ice cream on it! Oh well, tomorrow!

    Had quite a good day today, enjoyed a bit of a lie in and then cleaned the house - the hoover was full of pink fluff from the new red carpet - that may turn out to be a mistake! :D House clean, OH and I plodded a 3.5 mile plodette around the lanes. Typically it has been lovely running weather all day, warm, but a bit cloudy and a bit breezy, as soon as we got out of the door - rain! Pah! Luckily I like running in the rain. I guess you have to if you live in Devon. :D

    Leg was bad again, but I am plodding along and I will get better. I am getting a bit quicker, but the price I pay is a pain in the leg! Ho Hum.

    So, tomorrow is back to work, and healthy eating! I have a yogurt for breakfast, low fat cheese and tomato on wholemeal sandwich for lunch and an orange and another yogurt for snacks all packed ready to go. Plan is to have egg salad for dinner - so that will make my 5 a day and keep within a reasonable calorie allowance.

    Day 28 tomorrow - so officially one month! Hey Joan - ONE MONTH!

    Pardon me for shouting - but ONE FLIPPIN MONTH! I will celebrate - but not with chocolate! :D

    Happy Sunday everyone.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you 1 month tomorrow is great

    Sorry the leg is still playing you up though


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg and Joan

    Thanks for the good wishes Marg - always lovely to hear from you!

    Oh - I wish I had a couple of days off Joan, still - you enjoy the break and have a lovely day out. You're doing great on the bike - well done. Best to build up very gradually otherwise you will end up hating it!

    I finally decided not to buy a treadmill - it's nothing like running outside and I would have to spend a lot of money to get anything half decent! Insead I am going to invest in a good waterproof running jacket! :D

    I'm completely with you on the not wanting to smoke again. I was even confident enough to arrange to visit my family in October - they live up country and every visit is a nightmare - drive anyone to smoke! I am confident though - not me!

    I think the money saving will hit me at the end of the month when I see how much we haven't spent! I can't wait!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.

  • great reading so far :) Truly good to read how far everyone else is and how they are with their quitting, seems many folk are doubly determined right now to make sure they beat this task :)

  • Love this thread - as I have just started on Champix - day 3 so far - I have read it all through again!! Thank you Coaltyt for the diary and also fab on hitting a month - brilliant going :) Rach

  • Day Thirty Eight

    Day Thirty Eight of Champix, Day 28 of Not Smoking

    28 days = 1 month


    Thank you all for your kind wishes, and Freestyler - good luck with your quit - you will be fine! I have really enjoyed writing this diary, the best thing is reading back and remembering all those times - it seems so long ago! :D

    With the coming of the one month mark, I am going to stop posting each and every day, but when I have something to say, I will say it! :D

    Today, strangely, I really really wanted a ciggie. The first time in a week or more. Had the usual mental battle:

    "One won't matter"

    "Yes it will"

    "Just one?"

    "No - you're not having one"

    "Why not?"

    "You don't do that any more, if you have one you'll want 20"

    "No I won't - just one?"

    "Yes you will, and then you'll have to tell Marg and Joan and Jase and all those lovely people you have failed"

    "I could just not tell them"

    "No you couldn't - you couldn't go on that forum and lie!"

    "No - I couldn't.......I'll have coffee then"

    "Good idea...."

    So, coffee it was.

    It was nice! Far nicer than a ciggie.:D

    So, a whole month gone already - for those of you reading this who are on day one, or two, you won't want me to tell you how quickly the time goes - but it does. Sometimes the minutes have seemed like years, but looking back, the time has flown by. Someone once said that, no matter what you do, the time will pass. So it will pass no matter what you do - you can choose to pass the time as a smoker, or pass the time as a non smoker - either way - it passes.

    Now I need to go and find myself a treat - I have saved £111.45 by not smoking 835 cigarettes!

    Happy Monday Everyone!

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you 1 whole month is great Big Hug

    Sorry you had that battle today but pleased you won through and settled for a coffee instead much better for you than a fag anway


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Day Forty Two

    Day Forty Two of Champix, Day 32 of Not Smoking

    Hi Gang!

    I'm still here and still going strong! It took me a while to work out how many days I have been around here - I have now stopped counting - it's the way I am.

    Tonight I went back to the Doctors to get some more Champix and had a nice chat with him about my experiences. He was lovely - very interested in what I felt, what had happened and how I was. Nice to be listened to, and congratulated!

    Still running too - OH and I go out most days - 3.5 miles today. I am getting better and I am working on technique to stop my leg hurting. It's great to have all this energy! :D

    Wishing you all well - be strong!


  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Weel done 32 days is great Big hug

    Glad your Dr was interested in everything to do with the quit also well done with the running take care with the leg though and don't overdo it OK


    Marg xxxx

  • Day Forty Seven

    Day Forty Seven of Champix, Day 37 of Not Smoking

    I think! I have just had to do a recount - 5 weeks and 2 days today. Today has been a strange one, at work, which is usually good as I am very busy, but all I could think about all day was having a ciggie!

    I didn't.

    I wonder what re-awakens that little monster? I can't recall any triggers, but something set me off! I even decided that I'd rather smoke than be fat - what??? :eek: I thought I could stop taking the tablets now, and start again later when it would be better/easier/nicer???? :eek:

    How wierd - after all this time.


    I won! :D

  • You know it can be the most subtle of things...

    the sight of someone going for a smoke,

    the smell of a cig

    a momentary lapse in your concentration where your mind enters 'that place' and your demon goes...'oh hey!!!! i thought you forgot about me!!!??'

    or just quite the random unexpected strong pang out of the blue..

    It can happen any time, any place and once you realise it, you fight it, and beat it back down again. HA!

    Well done, keep at it.!!!!

  • Hi Coaltyt,

    I have just come across your very interesting posts and want to congratulate you for starters and also to share my experience with you and other readers.

    Like you I went with Champix earlier this year and they were fantastic, I was one of the lucky ones who had zero side effects and everything went like a dream, just the odd craving here and there in the first couple of weeks after quitting.

    Fast forward four months of not one puff and this overwhelming urge hit me, I resisted, but it was with me for two days, dominating my thoughts, day and night. Well I gave in and bought a pack of 20 (huge mistake) smoked one and felt totally disgusted with myself but couldn't bring myself to throw the packet away.

    Two days later I had another one, to cut to the chase, after a week when that pack was gone, stupid went and bought another one. I had a lot of internal conflict at this stage but justified the purchase with the reasoning that I used to smoke 40 or so a day so 20 a week was OK! I can't believe it after 4 months off it.

    Now it's up to 20 a day, my wheeziness has returned, I know that I stink and I feel like a failure. First of September is my new quit day, no Champix yet, I will try NRT (gum) first and see how I handle it.

    The moral is don't EVER give in to the urges, having just one is just kidding yourself.

  • Hi Nikyr :)

    Welcome back to the forum and well done deciding to restart your quit on September 1st

    Sorry you gave in after 4 months but it happens sometimes

    Remember the lessons you learnt from it though they'll help you this time to avoid the pitfalls

    Also remember we're all to help and support you as much as we can



  • Nikyr,

    You mention that overwhelming urge, mine didn't hit me like that.. i'd been quit 8 months.. 8 whole months, and felt great..

    I wrote this in the tips section just now to demonstrate just how i ended up caving in after 8 months quit smoking.. and how easy it happened...

    Enjoy, but heed its message of warning.


  • Ha ha Jase, that's great. I can empathise wholeheartedly!

    At least though, you had Christmas to trigger your demon, I have racked my brain for an explanation to my situation but nothing is forthcoming. I am just going to write it off as a major stuff up and start again. Now I know how it can hit I'll be stronger.

    Marg, thanks for your encouragement, I'll be in your shoes one day. Like you say, if you can do it... Some things are different this time, I don't smoke in the house and don't smoke in the new car. That is a major shift.

    Coaltyt, just two little words of advice - never yield. If you do its right back to go. Oh the pain!

  • Day Fifty Eight

    Day Fifty Eight of Champix, Day 48 of Not Smoking

    Hi Everyone!

    Unfortunately work has got me a bit down recently, but I'm picking myself up and getting back into a better place now. Still smoke free though! :D Taken me ages to work out how many days it is, but it's nearly two whole months!

    After weeks of working too hard recently we have a fabulous weekend - I am certain that it is the first two consecutive days we have not done any work since January when we went skiing!

    I sorted out the working too hard problem by resigning from my second job as an OU tutor, and yesterday I taught my last class in Plymouth. OH drove - nice to have a chaffeur - he went shopping, I went teaching. I'm finished by lunch, so we walked into town and had a lovely bacon butty at Captain Jaspers watching the boats go by. Then we drove up onto Dartmoor and walked 3 or 4 miles in the drizzle to some standing stones. It was marvellous, spooky, but marvellous. Home in time for tea! :D

    Today we were up a tad late! Then we went into town and caught up on a few bits of shopping and then on to Sainsbury's for the weekly food shop. On the way home, noticed a sigh saying "Agility" not half a mile from home. Had lunch at home and then took a walk to watch the agility. The dogs were marvellous, some good, some great, and some who really didn't understand! :D Fantastic! Back home, beef in the oven to roast and out for a run. Lovely weather - I like September, not hot, not cold, just perfect shorts and T shirt weather. I wonder when that will change?

    Now sogging on the sofa with coffee - happy smiley people! :D

    OH has stopped taking Champix now, he had a reaction that made his eye's go red! He looked like a lizard! (Anyone remember 'V'?!) Seriously though, they were very sore and despite three visits to the doctor no drops or cream helped. The side effects of Champix are clearly listed and include eye discomfort and discolouration, so he has stopped taking them. Still not smoking though!

    Now I have a million messages on these boards to catch up on - it may take me a while, but I hope you are all hanging in there and feeling great.

  • Day Sixty Nine

    Day Sixty Nine of Champix, Day 59 of Not Smoking

    Hello Everyone! How time flies - it took me ages to count the days for the title here!

    I will spend some time catching up with people, probably tomorrow, but this is a quick catch up to let you know I'm still here, still smoke free, and still loving life! :D

    We have just got back from 3 days in London - which was our treat for not smoking. Sunday - caught the 9am train and got to London at 11.15am - all on time - very good. OH decided easiest to get the tube to the hotel. I'm not a great fan, but OK. Tube from Paddlington to Embankment - short walk to Royal Horseguards Hotel. Nice - bit OTT - but nice enough. Room overlooked the river - lovely view of the Eye and County Hall, had a decent sized bed and lovely bathroom - complete with TV you can watch whilst soaking. Mmmm! Not sure about that!

    Off to the Tate - nice walk by the river and more walking around the Tate. Had cake! :-) Walked back to the hotel just after 6pm and changed for a night outdoors. The last night of the River Festival meant loads of stalls and things on the riverside to inspect, followed by a great procession of floats and samba music! Quick drinkies and then back to the river side for 9.45pm and the most amazing fireworks. Someone said £1m worth in 15 minutes - they were great! Another drinkie and then bed. Shattered!

    Monday - Up early and had breakfast in the hotel. Then a walk to Trafalgar Square and the National. More cake mid morning! Finished the section we wanted to see just after lunch and then walked across the river and did the Dali exhibition at County Hall. Not a fan and a bit of a rip off at £12 each! It was hard to tell which were originals and which copies or "in the style of". Decided we needed more coffee and took a nice stroll through a Park where we met some very friendly squirrels! Hit Horseguards at 4pm and watched the changing of the guard. I thought it was hard enough walking in heels, how to those poor guy's walk in those boots? Amazing! Very British - loved it! Back to the hotel for a soak in the bath (whilst watching the news!) and changed for dinner. After dinner a walk out to Leicester Square, drinks, walk back. Bed. Toooo tired!

    Tuesday - last day - up breakfast, packed and out of the hotel leaving them with the bags until later. Had tickets to the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum - very nice! Can't remember how many millions that cost, but it keeps all of the exhibits safe, so that's good. Had cake! :-) Shame the whole place is dumbed down - why can't you see all the bugs and things in trays any more? From there went to the V&A for a smooch around there at the paintings and silver - nice. Now they have draws of stuff you can pull out and peer in - lovely! More cake. Tube back to Embankment and needed coffee - headed for the National Gallery, but got distracted by the imminent arrival of Eddie Izzard! Waited over an hour, got soaked, but it was well worth it to be one of the people cheering him through the finish line. Unforgettable. Great chap, amazing feat.

    Finally got to the National for coffee, a quick look around the Sainsbury Wing, and then back to the hotel for the bags. Tube to Paddington, train home. Bed - exhausted - again! :-)

    If all of that isn't exciting enough, my running is going great and late yesterday afternoon I got a parcel containing some lovely new shoes. Nike+ Lunarglides. :eek::D:eek: Did a not-so-quick 3 miles tonight in them - I can see they aren't going to be quite so clean for very long!

    So tha's me up to date, and I promise I'll try and stick around a bit more frequently in the future!

    Take care.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Great 59 days well done you hope you're very proud of yourself Big Hug

    Glad you enjoyed the break in London made me tired just reading about it you and certainly packed a lot into those 3 days

    Sounds like the running still going well


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Day Seventy Two

    Day Seventy Two - no more Champix, Day 62 of Not Smoking

    I'm done with the Chmpix now - I have been down to one tablet a day for a while now, and like Margaret, keep forgetting to take it! It doesn't seem to make any difference, so now I am smoke free and Champix free.

    I am really please I can write that - I have the flu now and I dread to think how bad it would be if I still smoked - it's bad enough as it is! So, what ever the variety of flu - I am officially quarantined for 5 days. It started Saturday, so I am house bound until Wednesday. Fine with me - I have no energy to go anywhere or do anything! (Apart from type I guess! :D)

    All is well though - I have had a few wobbles - but haven't we all! Fought each valiantly and I live another smoke-free day. I hope everyone else is doing good!

  • I so look forward to reading your updates.. and this one is a good one :)

    besides your flu that is.. my daughters just got over a bout of it, and from what i experienced i wouldn't want that. I hope you are through this flu in quick order but one really good thing about flu is there is no way you would entertain a smoke while you have that :) (even though its 100% certain you wouldn't anyway :) )

    Heres to you, your quit and to getting well soon :)


  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Sorry to hear you're laid up with the flu Big hug hope you feel better soon

    Well done you off the Champix now and that has to be good

    Going it alone feels great doesn't it


    Marg xxxxxx

  • hey coalt - hope ya get well soon :)

  • Day Seventy Three

    Day Seventy Two - no more Champix, Day 62 of Not Smoking

    Nine weeks! Blimey.

    Thank you for your good wishes - this flu is a good one, but I have finally stopped shivering and my body has now decided it's too hot! Oh well, it's the first time I have been ill in years, so I can't complain.

    Nine weeks sounds like a long time, and yet it sounds like yesterday. That's what I feel about smoking too. There are those odd times, I am sure you know them, when you just go into "automatic" mode and "want" a ciggie due to some wierd trigger. Then there is most of the time, when it never crosses my mind and I can't remember what it was like to be a smoker. If I think about that, my thoughts are all negative - smelly, choking, awful.

    Happily I am a non-smoker and the trigger moments are few and far between. When they come, they hang around for a while - days sometimes - but I know they are all in my head - they are not real. It is that acceptance that has taken a while - but I am getting there.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  • Day Seventy Three

    Day Seventy Three - no more Champix, Day 63 of Not Smoking

    Hi Joan! So you should be proud of yourself - you have done fantastically well, especially when you were under all that stress with hubby. I'm not sure that I am that confident about never smoking again, which is strange beacuse my hubby is - he is 100% commited non-smoker. I actually feel that I am treading water and take each day at a time. I'm hoping that will change over time! :D

    Tomorrow, as they say, is another day - and another day of not smoking. The good news is that I have saved £255! As OH has done the same, this household is £510 better off! Wow! :D

  • I am bumping this because i linked it for someone just now and a good champix blog like this may well prove useful to new quitters as much as it did for folk last year.

  • Hello / Thank you / Sorry

    Hi Folks - sorry I haven't been back in a while.

    Thanks for bumping the thread Jase - good to know you are still around and still being helpful as always. :D

    I am fine, but a complete cheat I'm afraid. It is very sad reading back through this thread and seeing how far I came, but I can see the wobbles, and they came back big time!

    The good news is that my OH has been an angel and not had a single ciggie for over 7 months now. He is my hero.

    The bad news is that somewhere between my last post and this one, l began to have the odd ciggie every now and then. This is a dreadful place to be - not a non-smoker, no longer proud, yet not a smoker either. I'd go a whole weeks with no ciggies and then have one. Why? I have absolutely no idea - may be because I could? I don't want that to sound flippant - I don't know why I did it, but I did and therefore can't claim to be a long term non-smoker any more.

    I will keep trying though. There is no way I am going back to smoking as a full time habit!

    I still run, normally every other day if I can, and I have booked my place in a half marathon and a 10k both in May, so I need to keep up the running and that would be impossible if I ever went back to smoking 20+ a day.

    When I first started this thread, and through those early days, weeks and months, I had huge support from the likes of Margaret, Jase, Joan, KitKat, TopTotty and a shed load of others - you know who you are. Probably 75% of the reason I didn't have that cigarette was that I didn't want to let you guy's down. I couldn't possibly have a ciggie and then face coming back here and telling you all. I could not give in and go back to Day 1 - I would be letting you all down.

    Well, I did, and I am, and I am really sorry.

    Now I'm back for more of that support. I don't need anything from you really - just to know you guy's are looking over my shoulder will give me the extra strength I need to never have another - not one puff never ever ever in the whole wide world.

    For all of you lovely people who are in the first days/weeks of your quit - please learn from me - just one is not an option. It takes you all the way down the snake and back to square 1 when you should be on square 226! :o

    Now - who's in charge of the kettle now-a-days and where's the cake? :D

  • awwww you know? You don't have to prove yourself to folk on here, nor feel awful if you slip into smoking somewhat, even after such a great start. Take a leaf from my book.. i had two previous quits one of 6 month, one of 8 months and i was REALLY enthusiastic on both them quits... but why should THIS one i'm on now be different?

    I've found the answer to be simple.. this is the first time i've joined a forum alongside my quit.. it helps to just share experiences once those around you in the nearby world stop asking how you are getting on.. and its great to be proud of quitting.. something you can .. and will get back again.

    Don't you feel bad about slipping and well, ok.. many.. occasional slip ups.. all that has happened there is you have got into the 'occasional smoker' mindset where you kid yourself that the odd one here or there is ok, yet kick yourself for it. Its a far cry from my 6 month quit where i relapsed to a 40 a day habit for 3 months. Its down to you really if you want to quit completely you have to truly want to do that again, and psyche yourself up for it... folk will help and assist i'm certain.

    There is NO shame in trying again.. none whatsoever. its admirable that you've acknowledged your slip up and hey.. congrats indeed to your other 'arf for keeping up his quit too!

    You'll get another go .. the main thing is you don't just concede to being a smoker, thats the easiest thing in the world to do.

    i wish you luck and at the same time welcome you back. good to see you post.



  • Feeling Better

    Hello World!

    Hi Jase - and thank you for your kind words, it's so nice to be welcomed back. I feel a lot better now that I have admitted to everyone where I am, and feel able to move on now.

    You are right - I have got into the occassional smoker mode, and that has to finish. I have a week's holiday next week, just slobbing about at home, but that will be my cue to stop completely and utterly.

    I have learned a lot from the past few weeks of having the odd ciggie. First of all - just how it messes your head up! One ciggie and I'm dizzy and head thumping - how on earth did I cope with 20+ a day? Secondly, not being a non-smoker is not a good place to be. As a non smoker I had more confidence in every way, I was proud of what I was doing, I had good skin and a healthy body - whilst I smoke I am none of those things.

    I want to get back to the confident and proud person I was a couple of months ago when I had gone 5 months with not one ciggie. Now I think I must have had 20 or so over the last 2 months and that's not good. It's neither one thing nor another. Unbeliveably, not having a ciggie doesn't bother me at all! No idea what that is all about! Maybe someone should do a study on me! It does show just how very powerful that nicotine drug actually is though. It has to go, and it will go.

    Thanks for listening - I'll be around a while now, so settle yourself down, make yourself a nice cup of tea, and have a slice of my very nice home made coffee and walnut cake. :D

  • Hi

    Hi Joan!

    So good to hear from you - I see you have been creeping up the folders and have made it into month 7 - many congratulations! :D

    I'm facing another day at the office, so I'm gearing myself up with coffee and cake! :D

    I'll post again tonight when I have a day to tell you about - but just wanted to say hello!

  • Saturday

    Another day of sneeking a couple of ciggies whilst I was out. OH knows that I have the odd ciggie and moans and whinges at me being "stinky", and of course he is right. I have decided that I need to take control again and as of Monday - no more. I have to do shopping and stuff tomorrow, so I know I'll be out and able to sneek a ciggie, so no promises for tomorrow, but as of Monday I will be home all day, so no chance to sneek anything - which is a good thing! :D

    That's me sorted then - Monday 8th March will be my new quit completely date. :eek:

  • Lessons for Everyone


    It's a while since I showed my face here, but I am in need of a reality check - so I am back for a while.

    The story so far - I didn't quit in March as promised last time - I went back to my GP and eventually stopped on 20th April this year. Since then all was good - until (for no reason what so ever) last week. Last week I absolutely had to have a ciggie. No idea why and I did battle with myself for days before that feeling went away.

    It's been 17 weeks tomorrow - nearly 4 months smoke free and without too much of a problem.

    Today I wanted a ciggie too - and I still don't know why. But I do know what to do about it - not give in!

    I need to share this with you lovely people just so you know - the battle never stops!

    I'm putting the kettle on and there are biscuits - anyone join me?

  • ive got my running shoes on :)

    white , no sugar -and the whole packet please :eek:

    thanks for that post xx

  • champix

    hi all

    been here loads of times with trying to quit

    went 100 days without a ciggie then relasped

    tried again a year later and went 122 days then relasped

    so me on day 1 with champix and i owe it to my lungs to be a good boy from now on xx



  • hi all

    been here loads of times with trying to quit

    went 100 days without a ciggie then relasped

    tried again a year later and went 122 days then relasped

    so me on day 1 with champix and i owe it to my lungs to be a good boy from now on xx



    Hi Tim and welcome.

    You know the drill by now so just need to get on with that quit :D good luck and hope the champix works out for you - are you day 1 of taking it or day 1 quit ??

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