No Smoking Day

Day 8 update

Can't believe I'm at week 2 already - did have a few difficult moments when having a few glasses of wine but OK in the end:p

Had another weak moment on Saturday ( a good one really though).

I bought 2 pairs of boots with the money I'm saving (they are realy nice) although its used up my "no smoking money box" quota up for the next 6 weeks!

Champix dose now lower as I was feeling too sick / bad dreams and not sleeping and thankfully seems to be working better and still managing cravings.

Can really smell the smoke on Jon now - didn't notice it before!

Luv n stuff :)


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Congrats Whitto you sound so happy, be proud of your self every day!

Today I bought a minidress and am soon going to buy some nice boots too, a pair brown and a pair black - what we are doing is possibly the greatest thing we could do, spending money for ourselves just sounds SO right doesn't it :p


WELL DONE CAROL :) You've done brilliantly

Pleased that the sickness and sleeping problems are settling down now and more important that you are treating yourself to some special things.:)

Have to say this champix stuff is really mega (despite the side effects). I've never come this far before nor felt so positive. At 8pm this evening I will have reached 1 week - it's so exciting :D

Take care and have a good day




Hi Ali

CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING 1 WEEK!!!!!! Great feeling isn't it.

That achievement is definetly worth a splash out on pampering yourself!:D

Keep up the good work & stay strong.

Luv n stuff



Boots ? Two Pairs ?!?!?!?

Well done AliD on a week - that really is fantastic !! Keep up the good work. I know how hard it is - particularly at the start - but it will get better!!

Now, ladies, I'm not being funny - but those of you that are spending money on boots as treats have a duty to fulfil - and that duty is to share with the rest of us non-smokers what you look like in them.

I think that the only way you can truly appreciate the money you're spending on your reward is to take some 'photo's of yourself wearing them and get them posted on here. You don't have to have anything else on - but you might want to.....................who knows ?!;)

It's the only way you'll truly feel as though you've got the full benefit of your reward!



Ooo Maximus you never guess what I have just been bought??

Well I did buy my dms a couple of weeks ago with my saved spends (black ones) But there is this amazing pair of dms called wild poppy with poppies all over them but they are a lot of pennies but someone very special to me has just bought them for me as a suprise and they are so beautiful!!

So I now have poppy boots to wear isn't that fab??

Have a great day and a big hug



ABSOLUTELY NO!! I'm not that kind of Fairy!!

But you can have a pic of Poppy Boots to drool over Maximus cos they are coooool!!

Have a great afternoon all.



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