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Day 8


and into week 2. I am doing okay still some craves but not to bad. Getting used to no smokes in the morning but still missing my lunch time and bedtime ones. Still onwards I plod!

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;)You will stop thinking about those specific smokes soon too, it's a subtle thing but one day you'll suddenly realise that you hadn't thought once about those trigger times. A big well done and congratulations on getting past that first week :D:D

Well done, keep going and keep reminding yourself it is worth it :)

Hey there Twinkles.:-) Week two, woohoo! Be joining you tomorrow.

Struggling this evening. My laptop seems to have died and ive lost the box I needed to post something tomorrow.... I know I can get another box tomorrow but my laptops gone to laptop hospital and will be there for 21 days so I won't be on as often :( not a happy girl not sure if I can withdraw from nicotine and no computer!!

Poor twinkles, NOT fun!:( You need to take advantage of any places with free Wi-Fi near you and sit there with a cup of coffee so you can use your phone to get on here. Honestly sweetheart, I know how much we all rely on this place but at the end of the day this only HELPS us, it is we OURSELVES that actually keep on going and keep saying no to the stinky promptings of our evil nemesis, the smoking monster. And you're into Week 2 - that is a MASSIVE achievement!!! Seriously, there are soooooooooo many smokers out there who would just LOVE to be where you are now so hang on to that thought. All the best petal, hang tough :)

Great advice from Kat as always, I believe I have now become addicted to the forum but as Kat says I have come to realise (took me long enough lol) we have to do this for ourselves and only we can fight the battle xx

Day 9

Still hanging on in there my computer was one of my distraction techniques so need to find something else.. may call for some new books!

Well done Twinkles, Puzzle books are an excellent distraction, you will get through this ;)

Day 10

Just checking in for day 10. Still smoke free! :)

:)Check in noted and greeted with a huge smile :D You are doing really well, congratulations :D

day 13

still here on day 13. Feeling a bit easier although I havent let my guard down. yet to do a night out but staying away from that until i am ready!

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