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day 8

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I thought after day 3 that it could'nt get any worse, was walking around with a really smug look on my face, with no thoughts whatsoever about smoking till day 8 when I have had cravings galore! I'm still not going to give in to them but would be interested to know from others if they have had a similar experience, ie, from what week/month do the cravings/thoughts subside?

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Ohhhh Bella!!! We all have been where you are and I wish we could have mad it clear to you that this will happen. Everyone has good and bad days and there is no way of telling when the bad days will hit us, but they do hit and sometimes its hard.

I had bad days on the 4th, 7th, 9th, 11th...and I have kinda forgot the exact dates now because things are much better. As days go on you will notice that it gets easier, but you are still not out of the woods. Cravings keep coming, unfortunately. :( I don't know when they go away for good because I am on my (ohhhh I just looked at the time and my time here right now is 12:10am...which makes it 1 month for me today) first month today and I still get the odd craving.....few and far between. Keep your chin up - you will can do this and it gets better and better :D

Thanks! I needed to hear that. Day 10 for me now and all I can say is thank heavens there's no cigs in the house!!:eek: Think things are getting harder for me before they get better. Still determined not to smoke though. It makes it a little easier knowing there are people out there going through the same feelings.

We have all been where you are. I was at a point where I thought forsure everyone was lying to me when they said it gets better, because each new day was feeling like it was just worse and worse. Believe me - and i know its really hard to believe but eventually you will see that it is easier. The 7th-13th day seem to be hard just like days 3-6. I wish we could all just feel 100% normal again right away after we quit, but we have trained our bodies that we need the ciggies and that took time so now we have to train our bodies that we don't need the ciggies.

You are doing great - keep it up...we will get there soon!! :D

Aw Bella! My worst days were exactly Day 3 and Day 8 - I actually described here my Day 8 as bad as my Day 3 but without the tears ;)

It does get MUCH better though, and so quickly you have no idea! If you go back and read our posts on those days, you'll see how miserable many of us were...As of today (Day 24) I feel no real cravings, I don't desire any cigarette, I really don't want to smoke and I am not particularly bothered by the presence of smokers - though I have to point out I try and be in their company only for short times and not too frequently, like, not for an entire evening, maybe a couple hours tops :p You know, let's not challenge ourselves that much so early! Because the danger is still close, but you feel its presence only occasionally and just like a mild mind thing, something not even remotely close to the hell of Day 3 or 8... You hang in there hun and be strong for a little longer cause it's getting better as we speak :)


Bella, there's no hard or fast rule when the cravings stop. I haven't had 1 for a couple of weeks and had a bad weekend and the cravings came back. I'm on day sixty something.

I'm sure you'll start learning how to get rid of them quicker. I do silly lil breathing excerises.

Keep up the quitting, you are doing great.

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Floriecham1 Year Smoke Free

I am also on day 8 gping out of my ever loving mind very very tempted for just one puff argh i know i cant but the urge is so strong today. Theres alot of life happening as well so im trying to reach for swig of water each time i want a but the only problem with that is having to use the bathroom so often

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Welcome Floriecham - apologies for only replying now but this post is over 10 years old and inactive (members no longer on the community) and will not be seen in our news feed. Well done on Day 11 now, perhaps create a new post sharing your story so that it will be seen in our news feed and you get the deserved encouragement, support and any help or advice needed :)

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Hey Floriecham - 3 months today, how are you getting on?

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Hopeitsnottoolate6 Months Smoke Free

Day 8...morning was great... But the evening! I could smoke my couch! I could set fire to my pillows just to get a puff of carbon monoxide... Eek! Not where I want to be. Won't give in.. Good night. X

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hopeitsnottoolate

Welcome Hopeitsnottoolate - congratulations on 8 days smoke free, well done! Please note this post is over 11 years old and no longer active. Perhaps create an introductory post sharing your story when you get a chance.

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