No Smoking Day

Good news and bad news

Bad news first - I had a bit of a blip on friday. I was having such a stressful night and all I could think about was smoking. Even at the time I knew it wouldn't really help but I was so angry at the world by that point that I think I bought them just to spite myself - if that makes any sense?! I smoked 2 on friday night then threw the rest away on saturday morning.

I've spent ages trying to decide if this should now be day 3, or if I should carry on with day 20. I've decided to stick with week 3 as I think this really was more of a blip than previous times when I've gone back to smoking. Not that there's any excuse - I just don't want to go back to day 3!

The good news - I know it was really stupid and I'm determined not to give in this time. A few months ago I'd have taken that as a sign that it's too difficult, I'd have smoked the whole packet, then bought another one, then a few more weeks would have gone by. I gave in and I'm so annoyed with myself but I came to my senses v quickly this time so I'm taking that as a good sign!

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hI hbAV

So sorry to hear about your blip but so glad you left it as that a blip good work and welcome to day 20 Linda xxxx


Well If it takes a blip to make you see how much you really mean it!

Then I wouldn't even call it a blip ;)

Good for you marching on through x x

~Buffy x x


Thanks guys - am just so p*ssed off with myself. I don't want to smoke when I'm drunk, when I'm at work, when I'm bored - most of the time it's not even that hard - but then when I get really stressed and angry it's all I can think about.

I can think of things that really help for if I'm relaxing, or bored, etc. - but does anyone have any tips for how to beat the stress cravings?


I feel a bit guilty being on day 20 when I was smoking on friday - although I guess 2 is better than 20, but still not good.

Thanks for the encouragement though, I might well have smoked the whole packet and gone back for more if I hadn't known this place was waiting for me.

I'm going to see it as a minor blip and move on, if I don't stay positive it'll be more tempting to give in. Am feeling v positive right now as off to see Erasure tonight - am sooooo excited!


glad to see you're considering it for what it really is, just a blip, that doesn't change you're on day 20 yaaaaaay! ! !

I too believe this forum is saving many of us each and every day from falling back into the abyss...I've had my fair share of downs but the mere thought of you people here has always helped me get back on track almost instantly :)

Let's be strong hbav! :)


Good job for getting straight back on track after a weee blip. Move on with a clear conscience cause you are doing amazing. :D


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