Some bad news

I have had an awful day today:(

One of my very good friends rang me and asked me to come round asap,

he has had back ache for awhile and undergone some tests ect. He was told today he has lung cancer in both lungs due to smoking and has 2-3months left to live as it has gone past the point of any medical intervention. He was married only 6 months ago, and the whole family is devastated.:(

He is 35 years old, frightened ,confused and angry....This really does bring it home how dangerous fags are-how can they be BLOODY LEAGAL!!! :mad:its not fair, just makes me more determined than ever to remain a non smoker


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  • Fek, that's a bad day if ever... :(

    Sorry to hear this, Shabba.

    Best wishes,


  • Ohh Shabba, poor man:(. I was having an awful day but this news had made me think again.

  • Hello shabba,

    Sorry to hear about your friend my thoughts go out to you both stay strong.


  • Hi Shabba :(

    What bloody terrible news my heart goes out to you

    Lots of Love and a big hug

    Mummy M xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thankyou all for your kind words they mean alot to me xxx I have shown damion your messages, and it put a smile on his face-strangers can be the kindest of people and the most helpful xxxx

  • hi shabba,,so sorry to here that, thinking of you,,god bless damion and his family,,lol tony,,ps will say a prayer for him

  • Shabba,

    That is horrendous news. The adults of the future will not thank us for failing to act today to ban this evil drug. When I take my kids to school and see the children playing I know that many will start smoking and a proportion will die because of it. That should not be allowed, IMHO.

    There is nothing that one can say to ease the pain or shock, my thoughts go out to you, him and his family.


  • Thoughts are with you Shabba, this is devastating news for all his family and friends. Nothing else I can say really. So sorry

    We tend to think of lung cancer striking at around 60/70 years of age...Good God 35 is no age to die. (Unfortunately in my line of work I have seen it more than I would care to admit)


  • Shabba

    Only just seen this. Im so very very sorry hun. you and your friend are in my thoughts. So young its so very sad.xxxxxxxxx

  • Shabba ,

    So sorry to hear about your friend my thoughts go out to you and your friend and his family .

    Tracey x

  • oh my god thats awful! :(

    im so sorry to hear that. i just cant even begin to imagine....

    hope your ok and your friend enjoys his last few months xxx

  • Terrible news Shabba-especially for a 35 year old-sincere condolences to you.

    I share your anger that tobacco is still legal when it can kill so many.

    Just wish we could get a Government brave enough to tackle the issue head on, once and for all-they'd certainly get my vote-every time.

  • I'd just like to echo peoples sentiments.

    Absolutely shocking, my thoughts go out to him and his family.

  • Hi everyone

    thanks again for all your sister who is very close to him and his wife has told me that they are preparing him for chemo-although terminal it will extend his life alttle longer,

    It just brings it home doesnt it? that we are all fighting for freedom from this killer weed, i have said in previous posts CRAVES DON'T KILL, smoking does.

    It has affected my sister deeply and she has thrown her fags over the balcony when she heard yesterday-she is going to join the forum-so you will have to put up with two of us now LOL!!!:p

    Anyway peeps keep fighting those blooming nico-demons;)

    and have a great weekend xxxxxx

  • Hi Shabba

    So glad they are going to try and do something for him you have been in my thoughts along with your freinds ever since i heard about it

    Am pleased your sister has seen the light even though it took this terrible thing to kick start it please tell her she will be very welcome

    Will keep fighting those little horrors

    Lots of love

    Mummy m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Shabba

    We will all make your sister very welcome. Love to you and your sister and friends.xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey BB

    you wont be able to handle both of us!!!;)

  • Hi Shabba

    Just seen this thread, my thoughts are with you, your friend and his family, how bloody terrible and at such a young age.



  • Bad news

    So sorry to hear that ..... i lost my friend last year too at the tender age of 46. She had lung cancer which had spread to the brain !!!

    I had a bad day today too..... but when i put my day into perspective, then maybe it wasnt too bad !

    Am determined to stop this horrible life threatening habit.

    God bless your mate xx

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