Good news for Champix Users

Hi All

I have sometimes moaned about the side effects of Champix, but have always maintained that it has helped me to quit smoking, so has been worthwhile. One niggling worry that I have had is that when I came off it, I would suddenly start craving again.

I know that some of the other Champix users have shared this anxiety, so I just wanted to say that I am now off the drug completely, and it hasn’t made a scrap of difference to how I feel! I had been cutting my dosage down for several weeks, and in the end, a short spell in hospital was the ideal opportunity to finish it altogether. I am pleased to be off it, but I will always recommend it to anyone who doesn’t feel able to quit smoking in any other way.

Some people have likened quitting smoking to a divorce. Well, if smoking was my long term love, then all I can say is that Champix was the perfect Rebound Guy:D

Hope that you are all doing well.

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  • Thanks Mrs T:D

    I am still early into my quit and I have been worried about the time when I will have to come off Champix, I know I shouldn't project but I do:o But I will be due to come off Champix around Christmas time, and for various reasons my trigger points are stronger then. So it's good to hear that you have come off Champix without any probs, so well done you, you are a true non-smoker now yaay:D And you have put so much into this site and are an inspiration to us all. Well done Mrs:D


  • Cheers Zoe

    Because I had been anxious, I had been cutting down every week or so. I had ended up only taking 0.25mg a day in the last week. So that final leap to come off was actually just a very tiny step in the end. It is nice to feel that all this is down to me now, though!

  • Champix or not!


    after several failed attempts over the years to quit and having double pneumonia I decided I no longer have an option but due to health reasons have to stop smoking, I am terrified. I collected my first prescription of Champix today and after looking on various forums haven't yet had the courage to take the first tablet as alot of people are posting very negative things about this drug. I am really scared of the side effects I may have while on Champix. My husband works abroad for 4 weeks at a time and i have a 9 yr old and a 13 yr old to take care of and don't want to be having mood swings etc. while i am on my own with them. Can anyone give me any advice or help me with this please.


  • Hi Mrs DF

    Welcome to the forum - you have come to the right place!

    Probably the most common bit of advice to new members is to "read, read, read". On the forum - you can see the experience of a whole range of people at different stages of quitting. A lot of us have given up using Champix, and you will see that it gets mixed reviews. Some people seem to get very little in the way of side effects, while some have had to stop using it because it became too uncomfortable. The most common effects seem to be very vivid dreams and disturbed sleep, along with nausea when you take the pills (they are best taken with food).

    For myself, I had to stop smoking, and Champix looked like my best option. I was aware of the horror stories about side effects, but decided to try it and tolerate any effects other than psychosis in order to finally kick the weed. It isn't a pleasant drug to take, but it is very effective, and I have never regretted taking it. Interestingly, when researching it, I found that most of the really shocking stories were on some of the American sites - not sure why!

    My advice is to give it a try. Your first tablets are not full strength, and you don't have to stop smoking immediately, so it will give you a feeling for how you will react to this sort of medication. If you have to stop taking it, you haven't really lost much. Read as much as you can on here to get a sense of how other people have dealt with it. And let us know how you are getting on!

    Good luck.

  • Hi mrsdoubtfire and congratulations on making the decision to stop smoking, you are already halfway there:) And please don't worry about the Champix, I did a lot of internet research on them and terrified myself. But a lot of the so-called side effects are things that happen from quitting smoking anyway, and are not due to the tablets. The worst thing is nausea, but you may not get that. And if you do, it can be helped by taking the tablet in the middle of a big meal, a good piece of advice I got on this forum.

    I suffer from anxiety and depression, but I can honestly say that Champix has not affected that. In fact I am a lot happier now I have quit smoking for 4 weeks. So I would say go with the tablets, and don't believe all the alarmist stuff you read on the net. Have you got a stop smoking clinic you can go to cos that helps and you can get advice about Champix there, And keep posting on here, you will find loads of support.

    Wishing you all the best,


    P.S. Mrs T is right, the Americans do the most whinging about Champix lol:rolleyes:

  • Firstly, great news Mrs T .... that your now off the Champix with no effects,

    Congratulations on your quit !!!

    I'm only 9 Days along the path to freedom and I must admit I think they are brill, but I do feel a bit 'fake' compared to quitting cold turkey..... although I know there is no way I would have lasted more than a few hours without the pills.

    Mrs Doubtfire, I think everyone is at least a little cautious about using Champix due to the 'potential' side effects... I certainly was.

    I also think it's important to remember everyone is different 'one mans posion is another mans meat' (is that the right way around :confused:) you know what I mean ??

    I'm perfectly healthy (I hope..) never had any history of depression mental issues or anything and the only slight side effect I have suffered is feeling a little 'sicky' after taking the pill a few times, and also had the odd 'stomach cramps' that passed after 10-15 mins ? I took them on an empty stomach and with food didn't find much difference, but the forum seems to favour taking them with food. Personally I would say 'go for it' and obviously keep regular contact with your GP / Quit Clinic and if you experience anything your not happy with you simply stop taking them !

    Good Luck, I'm sure you'll be fine ;)

  • Mrs T & Zoe, thanks for your prompt replies, just the support i need at this time and yes Mrs T you are right alot of the negative comments about Champix are on American sites. I have decided to go ahead and my first Champix tablet will be tomorrow, of course, after a large breakfast! Thanks for your support it means alot to me.

  • I'm only 9 Days along the path to freedom and I must admit I think they are brill, but I do feel a bit 'fake' compared to quitting cold turkey..... although I know there is no way I would have lasted more than a few hours without the pills.

    Cold Turkey Shmurkey, Dragon - using Champix or any other means to stop smoking is nothing to be apologetic about. When we are congratulating ourselves on our wise decision in years to come, who will care how we got there? What matters is that we do. :D

  • Mrs T and Zoe, so sorry so wrapped up in myself forgot to congratulate u both on your achievements. Well done.

  • No Dragon don't even think it:eek:

    I do feel a bit 'fake' compared to quitting cold turkey

    You are so not a fake, cos taking Champix is similar to going cold turkey. It didn't help me with the first 3 days of not smoking at all, I was a total basket case:( And I wondered where the Champix effect was in my major cravings. Conspicuous by its abscense is where it was. Suppose it is doing something, but I feel that this forum has done the most for me. Kind of feeling like binning the Champix at the mo, cos after 4 weeks I am feeling kinda good:D But I won't bin them, too scared in case I get a sudden craving. But please Dragon, don't feel like a 'fake' cos you are doing so well. I am still banning you from Asda though, hee hee in case I run you over with my trolley, dangerous woman as I am:D You are doing great so stay with it!!

    All the best,

    Zoe xx

  • I have decided to go ahead and my first Champix tablet will be tomorrow, of course, after a large breakfast! Thanks for your support it means alot to me.

    You're welcome. I found that actually taking the tablet mid-meal rather than before or after was the most effective, but you may need to experiment a bit to find out what works best for you. Oh, and take it with plenty of water.

    Good luck - I'm sure you will be fine.

  • No worries mrsdoubtfire:D

    Mrs T and Zoe, so sorry so wrapped up in myself forgot to congratulate u both on your achievements. Well done.

    In a few weeks time you will be feeling wonderful:p Just hope you don't end up singing all the time like me cos I am sure the neighbours are fed up with me by now:eek: But I am feeling so good and you will too:D

    Zoe xx

  • Oh and scrambled eggs on toast is great for stopping Champix nausea. Works for me:D


    Zoe xx

  • Hello Mrs Doubtfire

    I've quit smoking for 12 days now with the help of Champix. It IS very effective.

    Side-effects - well, first week nausea with morning tablet, but as everyone says take it with some food. Also felt VERY tired. Oh and have been dreaming alot, but nothing horrible. I quite like it!

    2nd week (still smoking) - side effects lessened. Last 2 nausea, no tiredness, still dreaming! All good!

    I hope it does suit you because it certainly helps with the physical cravings and with the psychological ones, to some extent. I have had some bad days, but seem to get through them. (today for instance!)

    Good luck.


    ps. Well done to Mrs T're doing it all on your own!!

  • Well done to you Mrs T - knowing you're finally going solo is a great feeling :D

    Mrs Doubtfire - best advice I can give is to make sure you have a full stomach when you take your tab and try to drink more fluids. Keep an eye on how you're feeling and if you have any concerns see your GP or quit nurse. Read as much about quitting as possible so you're prepared for how you may feel - regardless of how you quit most have the same symptoms. Most importantly try and relax into your quit and think of it as the best thing you're ever likely to do - good luck :)

  • Hi Jlight

    I know that the list of possible side effects is scary - but most of these are not that common, and to my knowledge, no-one has ever suffered from all or most of them! We have had a number of people who have also been on anti-depressants who seem to have coped.

    I wouldn't feel too worried about this - your doctor has prescribed Champix on top of your other medication, so presumably feels that you will benefit from them. If they don't seem to suit you, you will probably find this out fairly quickly, and be able to come off without any ill effect.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

  • Well done Mrs T - and thanks for the post. I've still got a couple of months t go but was getting a bit worried on how I will feel after I stop taking I have less worries!

    To me Champix has been a literal life saver and I don't think I could have done this with it. I have had the same side-effects as most people seem to have had on this forum - a bit of nausea and some very interesting dreams (but nothing horrible - quite entertaining in fact). I did have a little bit of depression in the early days - but I really think that was down to giving up and not Champix. And in fact - my moods now are way better than they were before I gave up smoking!

    Everyone is different in how they react to drugs - and lets face it - some people are just drama queens where a bit of nausea turns in full scale vomiting type thing. The only way you're going to really know is to try them and see what happens. I am trying to convince a friend of mine who is thinking of quitting for the umpteenth time to give them a go...and I really wouldn't recommend something I thought was horrible to a friend!:D

    Good luck to all of you just starting out - it does get easier - I PROMISE!

  • I honestly feel a lot more chipper on these drugs, nor anxious or depressed. Not getting any side effects yet after two weeks. I guess everyone's bodies react in different ways though

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