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No Smoking Day
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day 6 (BAD NEWS)

i've started smoking again, i woke up and got up early and just decided i wanted to smoke. i don't really understand why because i was doing so well, i went to the shop and bought 20 and i've smoked about 7 upto now. i dont really know what else to say other than im dissapointed, and feel like i've let myself down. i don't know whether i want to quit anymore its hard work. any advice will be really appreciated, thanks.


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Hello Dan, im not sure what to say as you have obviously decided to be a smoker again havent you ??? if you dont want to smoke then you need to throw those 13 or less cigs away and get straight back on the smoke free road as thats the only way to quit, you cannot do both and being indecisive is not going to help as you will not be able to stop if you say to your self I am not sure if I want to quit, if nothing else you have to decide for your self if you want to quit or you want to smoke.

If you decide to be a none smoker then we are here to help and support you and try to keep you smoke free but we cannot quit for you.

I am sorry if I appear harsh it is not intended I just want you to stop smoking once and for all xx


daniel -I am sorry to hear that -but a lot of us have numerous quits before the one that sticks.

I wonder if you have thought through the motives that made you want to pack in? writing them down helps strengthen your resolve.

It is difficult and I know I felt very different this time . I read loads about how the cigs affect us physically and emotionally-so felt better about those craves. I know if I hold on and grit my teeth it will pass eventually .

are you getting any support outside the forum?

The fact you have got back onto the forum tells me you will try again soon.

I am sure of it. Dont beat yourself up please .

I am ashamed of the amount of times I told the family I had quit.

you are young - so the benefits to you will be fantastic.


Good luck Daniel .looking forward to seeing you post again soon .



Hey daniel

chuck erm away in the bin now ..you know you want to quit .....the cost is nothing compared to wot you will spend if you carry on ....just get rid & start again now..no point in thinking one last fag binge till tomorrow.... coz you are making something in your head that is telling you that youre shortly gonna be deprived of something good ....

Just get back on your quit ...get back in your garden ..remind yourself one last time all your reasons ...You wont regret it.

Just some advice ..hope your ok?:)


yer im fine thanks kat, i'm just gonna have to get it out of my system i think, if i try an quit now i won't succeed. so i'll be back here at day 1 in a few days. thanks.



yer im fine thanks kat, i'm just gonna have to get it out of my system i think, if i try an quit now i won't succeed. so i'll be back here at day 1 in a few days. thanks.


Hi daneil

i know wot you mean with not suceeding ,,like if you half want it ...it dosnt happen...well be waiting for you ...good luck with your day 1.... soon i hope:)


Aw thats a shame. :( because it's just so not worth it. Just think about the negative future possibilities that come with smoking, like when your older and using a breathing aparatus to get by with etc. It WILL take control of you if you let it.

Like Jamange said, not being harsh, just really want you to quit, plus the help is always here on tap when you are 100% ready.


oh dear

Hi, daniel.

I am sorry to hear of you're fall off the wagon. If it makes you feel any better, I too have fallen in a great heap and have smoked since yesterday. Pathetic, i know. However, what say you we jump back on? I intend to get my patch on tomorrow and give it another bash. Dont even know why I did it. I am tired of trying to work out the psychology of it all. Every time i am on a downer, i reach for the fags. But I am an unhappy smoker, so I will continue my quest to be a happy smoker. Honestly, life just gets in the way of quitting. sometimes the stress is so great, my head could explode. but that's just me and the things i am going through. Fags have not changed a thing , only adding to my woes, and leaving me with a feeling of self-hatred that is going to be hard to shake off. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know you are not alone.... If I can get back on the saddle, so you can you.

Must add, this site is great for encouragement but I feel that there is a distinct silence from those that do fall off the wagon. I am ashamed but not ashamed to admit it. Honesty is very important for addicts, and I will always freely admit to my failings, it's all part of the cure. You are all right, sometimes it is just not the right time to stop etc. But when is??? But,thanks for your honesty Daniel, cos it helped me just to hear of another casualty's guilt etc. Don't lose sight of the goal though, O have seriously blipped but I do see it as a blip. So some of my determination has remained and I will harness all my resources to get ready for my new Day 1. all the best,




We have all fallen off the wagon plenty of times..some of us use the forum in a more tactful way to inform us...



Hi, bossdean,

I presume you are referring to me and my tactlessness. I am sorry, but i was only trying to let daniel know that he was not the only one to fall down etc. Hope no offence was taken. As you know, it's a horrible feeling. It's just that people who fail tend to dissappear from the forum, and that's not a good thing. Hope this is not tactless in its tone. Quite paranoid now!! cheers.


completely paranoid rachel... it wasnt aimed at you in the slightest so now it is my turn to apologize if thats the way I made you feel...


Morning Daniel and Rachel,

Try setting a date, say Monday, ENJOY the weekend and start the week fresh. No guilt, we all know what a monster this is. I know I am only on day 4, so invest as much value in this advice as you think is wise.



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