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First the bad news then the good


The bad news is I have had a blip - if you make me go back to day 1 I am leaving!!!! :D Had a row with OH. Had I been at home I don't think I would have done it but because I was out - giving him a lift somewhere - I went to the shop.

The good news is I didn't enjoy it, realised it was not helping in the slightest and broke the rest of the packet up and put it in the bin. What a wast of £3.

I kind of think it probably had to happen because I have had a difficult quite and in a way I am glad it did because I really know now that I am doing the right thing by stopping whereas I think I had a sneaky suspicion before that I was missing something.

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lol - back to day one!!! :eek: Could you imagine that!!!!!!

I so nearly smoked this morning and could have been making the same post - thanks for taking the hit for me :)

Hey, you learned from it, take it as a positive and keep looking forward.

Take care

well done to you :) i wouldnt beat yourself up over it and i think you should stay where you are at, not sure how many weeks it is now for you, i had a blip on day 21 and it was a very small blip two puffs so i stayed where i was had i of gone back to day one dont think ide be where i am today

plus you have threw them anyway so just keep strong ;)


Hi Canwilldo,

Hey blips happen, so long as you hated it, learnt from it, then that is what it is. Don't dwell on it, don't beat yourslelf up, learn from it & move on stronger than ever.

Gaynor x

I so nearly smoked this morning and could have been making the same post - thanks for taking the hit for me

no problem. You wouldn't have enjoyed. Makes your mouth feel dirty. LOL as punishment I refused to allow myself to have gum or clean my teeth.

Thanks both. It will be five weeks on Wednesday and it really is starting to get easier now.

I'm not sure whether I am month one because I have done a month or month 2 because I am into the second month!


Hi Cando, sorry to hear you've had a blip but sounds like it was a positive thing for you if its reinforced your quit. Many of us have blips Cando and no-one on here has the right to tell you to go back to day 1 or stay where you are or anything like that, you decide for yourself what you do hun, totally and at all times.

Rows with OH are a big thing in the trigger camp, so as the others have said, dont beat yourself up about it, onwards and upwards and well done you for not only not liking the smoke but putting up the post about it which will help others.

Good luck to you Cando, and well done. :)

Hey cando, glad to hear you are still with us, and on your quit. It's not always an on/off switch, and things like that can reinforce the quit. I had a puff off a fag while on holiday. Tasted so horrible I didn't want any more. I still consider myself quit for over a month. :)

Hi Cando

You stay right where you are and keep strong.

Cigarettes will not make you feel better after a row with your OH, but a plasticine doll and pins might :)

Keep smiling

Thanks for all the replies/support.

One thing I would say, especially to people who are quite early in their quit or even not quite ready to quit, this really is possible.

I haven't found it easy and to be honest never really wanted to stop because (I thought) I enjoyed smoking, but although it has been hard, deep down I knew it was the right thing and this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. So for anybody struggling keep going, because you can do it and it does get easier.



Thanks for ur comments wendy as I thought about having a ciggy this evening after a rubbish day at work and an argument with the oh but am finding this forum of use, have just be sucking hard on my inhalator which I think is enpty and killing some people on call of duty. Yes I am a 26 yo kid =]

On wards and upwards smoke free

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