Hello peps.

I saw the vet yesterday and he suggested cutting down on the Champix to one a day to see how i get on, he suggested cutting out the evening tablet as this might help with the sleeping problems. so i left out last nights one to see how it goes fingers crossed.

Is every1 looking forward to a long weekend and the weather is supposed to be good, well i hope every1 has a good smokefree weekend.Is it allright to come up to the esteemed month3 level and join you

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  • Hope the tablet cutting out has worked for you Andy x x

    I am looking forward to the week end will be busy :D

    Having company tomorrow and we are getting in some pie, mash, stewed eels and liquor from Camden *YUMMY*

    Carnival on Sunday (Jerk Chicken, curried goat and salt fish pasty) and

    Hampstead fair on Monday!!! (Fresh made doughnuts chips hotddogs and toffee Apples)

    The weather best behave or I for one will be very cross :mad:

  • Buffy

    so far so good regarding tablet

    you have a busy weekend planned i think you will need to go on a diet after eating that lot, if you are not suffering from wind you will after that lot. have a nice weekend and the weather is going to be good:p

  • I'm a lady!!!

    I don't get wind :rolleyes:

    Glad the tab has faired well x x

    YAY For Sunshine and music and food :D

  • I'm a lady!!!

    I don't get wind :rolleyes:

    Buffy if i had a pound for everytime i have heard that i could retire lol

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