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Day 27 for me and 10 for OH


Well it feels like it is flying through i must admit... didn't honestly think i would be able to sit as a passenger in a car without a cig in hand but i have, didn't think i would ever see hubby without a cig EVER, so feel ever so pleased....

Had a funny moment this morning though when hubby came to wake me up.... had a sniffing moment, was sure i could smell smoke, and then accused him of having a cig :o, he hadn't as we haven't any in the house, maybe its because of one of the following or even both

a) he just woke me up (never a good idea)

b) i am just a little concerned about his first day back at work with the smokers this is only because at the start of his quit he was concerned about it himself and didn't know how he would manage.

ahh well only got to wait until 5pm to find out! think today may drag!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! :)

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Hey massive well done, have a great smoke free day:):)

Well done Spooks to you and your hubby...

I dont know if anyone else does, but sometimes I just get a wiff of fags and dont know where it comes from its really weird maybe this is what happened to you...could be the crap coming off our lungs

Thanks Tracey, Toyah and Kat

For sure I will update later, after whooping it up round the house loony style when i hear he hasn't caved in :D

Well done, and good luck to hubby at work....hard being around smokers!

Yayy good day... hubby has come home from first day at work around his ol smoking buddies and said he was fine and that it hasn't fussed him at all!!! jumping for joy!!!!!!! :D

Fab news, first battle for the war!:)

I don't need to say how proud I am and how happy for you I am. I guess I just did lol.

Awwwww thanks peeps its great to share such good news, think i will ring my dad and tell him too! x :D

So happy for both of you, the only way is up now :D

Thanks Jen :)

Thanks Kat, just loving the enthusiasm from you guys in here, think lol Mr spooks is feeling good too, he definately did not snore last night, which in turn is better for me too :D

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