No Smoking Day

I Never Though I'd Make It


Dear All

Just checking in at Day 3. Crunches really bad this morning. My kids go bonkers from the moment they wake up and as I'm half asleep and so tired from lack of sleep - my body convulses inside and the deep twisted words of 'You need a ciggie NOW' are there all the time. I have visions of myself throwing husband, fish, kids whatever is in my way over my shoulder as I tear down the stairs grab a cig rush outside and all better. But we know this is a LIE and it wont be all better so I tell the voice to push off and stick the radio on full blast and fill my head with music instead.

I seem to get the crunchies at certain times during the day - I don't know why but there you go. (I must add this is not Cadbury's thank God it's Friday Crunchy - that would be cool and I would not moan - I would cheer HOORAH!) It feels a long time ago since I had a cig - but I know it's not. Anyway I have to say I would have jacked it in at Day 1 if not for you guys so many many thank you's.

So I've just done some exciting ironing - watching the end of Garfield 2 with the kids. That is one funny funny film. Just to say Surfs up is good fun too - went to the pics to see that on Tuesday - very funny.

Going to do some painting and bits with the Kids now - so I'll keep checking in to see how you are all doing.

Loads of Hugs

Poppyfairyxx(with a tired twinkle)

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Poor poppy you trooper! youre doing so well and you HAVE come far dont sell yourself short, this is the hardest time as the nicotine leaves your body, so dont underestimate your willpower, youre doing amazingly well.

if its getting too much dont forget nrt is there to help you, in all shapes and forms, not trying to push it onto you, just so you are aware back up is always there if it gets too much.

well done poppy, youre amazing, keep plodding youll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel, its not far now, stay strong, charlene.


Thanks lovely - need that - sometimes I think I'm too weak in my head!!



Hehehehe Poppy I wish you would use your new found time to start writing!!

You have a wonderful descriptive manner with your posts an put a shine on everything you say :D With a wonderful family as yours there is never a dull moment!!

It would make a wonderful book your life and your put on things in your tongue!

Glad you are facing the demon head on and staying strong, keep it up ~Buffy x x


Great idea Buffy, can we all get a signed 1st ed poppy?:D

Do you hear the story of that Scottish journalist who met JKR in the cafe, didn't bother to get his 1st ed signed and actually gave it away soon after? Now that's what I call critical judgement!;)

Seriously though poppy, a few hastily jotted notes could be turned into a book at a later date; you've obviously got the ability... :cool:


Hahhhaaa FOOL!!!

I reckon he should give up journalism he obviously doesn't have the talent for it :D


Well Buffy it's funny you should say about the book because....

I just had this idea for a book about an Admiral with a multicoloured beard who takes on a vampire called Buffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I have been asked before to write a book but just have never had the time (especially as both children have been at home for 15 months). But now I have the ciggie time, as you so rightly pointed out, I may try and get a few lines down inbetween chatting to you guys.

Guess what Matthew said to me? I asked him if he would do anything for Mummy as I've stopped smoking. He looked at me very seriously and was totally still and quiet for 5 seconds then said 'Yes Mummy I will stop calling you an old hag!!'' Well i did laugh!!! He honestly doesn't call me that so it was just so funny how it came out - I don't know if he knows what a hag is? Maybe he meant bag - I could be an old bag!! Maybe a Tescos recycling carrier with pretty roses on - that would be coooooooollllll!!!!!!



Ahhhh bless him :D

He actualy really thought about his want to support you what an angel!!

Well you could always tell him to remind you of much sweeter you smell now, like a rose decorated Tesco bag :rolleyes: hehehehe

When the kids reward you for what you are striving to do it makes it all so much more of a positive thing!!

I reckon you could get a lot down in just 10 mins and if you give yourself 10 mins a day you will be amazed at what you would have in the 1st month.

I reckon it would be a great goal for you in your quit!!

~Buffy x x


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