Never thought i'd see the day- into the 6+ i go!!

Yay- into the 6th month i go!

Wow- thats been very fast!

The only downside i can possibly find is the extra stone i have put on, but i can always lose weight (which i plan on doing)!

The benefits at this stage:

Number 1 (and the most important) would be the fact that i am proud of myself for being able to do it. It hasnt always easy, and i am sure i will still get hard days, but i am now confident that i can get through it.

I dont smell

I dont have a smokers cough

I can taste things- really taste things- am eating foods that i didnt even think i liked!

My kids are proud of me :D

My kids clothes no longer smell of smoke

95% of the time i dont even think about smoking

I have saved money (although i dont know how much, as i am yet to open my smoking savings jar- am doing that on Aug 9th of this yr)

I LOVE being a non-smoker!!

To all the newbies- please ride out the tough times, its so worth it!

To all the oldies (hehehehe :p)- thanks for your help along the way!

I cant believe that the next time i move up a section, i will be going into the penthouse!!:eek:

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  • That's ruddy fab news Claire, seems like it's flown by since you first joined the forums - ruddy well done again, so pleased for you, you've done good.

    Have absolutely no doubt you'll be in the penthouse.

    Onwards and upwards.


  • :D WOW CONGRATS ON REACHING HALF A YEAR :D thats brill to hear :)

    regards Carol

  • Congratulations

    Happy half birthday, non smoking Clare:D

  • Claire - that is great news really well done - I knew you'd do it!!

    Good for you!


  • Well done and you truly are and inspiration


  • Many, many congratulations!

    That savings jar sounds veeery exciting. Not sure I'd be able to hang on until August. Clearly you are a paragon of steely willpower!

  • Well done Claire, I remember when you first joined..seeing your posts cropping up all over the show!! Can't believe you have done 6 months - keep up the good work xxx

  • Thanks you Guys,

    now if only i could apply the same thinking to giving up chocolate as i did to giving up smoking!!

    Determined to shift this extra weight!

  • Congrats Claire, that's amazing! Sorry I missed this a few days ago, like you said, I don't even think about smoking half the time so am not on the site as much as I used to be.

    Getting my eating habit under control is my next step too, haven't reached 6 months yet but save me a space, I'll be there in about 6 weeks!

  • well Claire i'm a month late with this but congratulations!

    and i'm moving on up today too, so just a long lazy summer in the 6 month forum and then penthouse for the winter months, perfect :)

  • congrats congrats!! hope to be where you are in 5 months:D by then you will almost be at a year!!

  • A big well done, 6 months is amazing, keep going forwards and stay positive :cool:

  • Thanks everyone.

    Cant believe it!

  • That is awesome Claire, can we trade places? A huge congratulations to you and all the others that actually hung in there.

  • Cant believe its that long since you joined the forum and quit! Well done, shall be keeping an eye out for penthouse post!

  • Well done Claire

    Can't wait to get to 6 months and beyond!:D

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