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No Smoking Day
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Well, I would never have believed it!

pic4ever.com/images/4fvgdaq... actually missed my own nine month milestone yesterday. pic4ever.com/images/shame.gif

I can remember reading all the encouraging posts telling me that it would get easier and secretly believing they were having me on, but it does, slowly and almost imperceptibly - that initial stage where every waking thought is about "you know what" has slowly and almost completely disappeared. The feeling that I'm missing out on something has been replaced by not believing I was such a slave to a plant. That "spot" at the back of the tongue that nothing but a smoke seemed to touch has completely disappeared. I am revelling in the freedom, relishing every tasty bite of food and making the most of the savings, I regularly donate to my favourite charities, I always have fresh flowers in the house and enjoy my little impulse buys. Most of all, just feeling well is the best benefit of all.

I just want to offer a massive thank you to everyone who has been there for me when times have been tough pic4ever.com/images/toyou.gif also an ever bigger thank you to the BHF for providing this marvellous, quit saving place to cling on to pic4ever.com/images/thankyo...

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:) :) - that is all


Loving this post, ooooooh so happy to share your success, blooming marvellous.

What you have achieved my lovely is fantastic:):)

Penthouse awaits you. And my golly gosh well deserved .:):):):)


Pom poms more Pom poms. We need more Pom poms :):):):)

Who knows how to do Pom poms????

Top woman :):):)

Many congratulations

J xxxx


Alfie ,knows how to do Pom poms I know he does he's told me!


:DYah the pom poms have made an apperance.

Oh dont cry. I mean every word x

happy tears :D


Congratulations Jen, I second what Deb said, you are indeed a lovely friend and IMO one of the nicest people on this here forum :) many congrats on your 9 months, brilliant effort :) :) (I'm sorry I can't do poms poms but if I could I would do loads) can't wait for your pent house soire, we are going to get sozzled! **hic** ;) xxx


Congratulations! We can start planning your penthouse party!! Woo hoo!!!


I never had any doubts about you making it, Jen, not even when you had your mega-wobble one afternoon. I wish I could do you some lovely pom poms or flowers or animals but I am technically incompetent....even my Miss Piggy was done by my daughter! I also wish to put on record that you have helped me enormously too, with your encouraging and supportive posts. You are a seriously kind person and I wish you every happiness. :)




Congrats Jen, just don't miss your penthouse arrival will you or me and Kat will have to guzzle all the booze we've got on order :eek::eek::D:D:D


Just wanted to add my congratulations to the rest. I loved your post. So inspiring and so lovely to reach the stage where an anniversary passes without you being aware of it.

It's wonderful knowing there are so many forum regulars on the home straight currently. I shall be cheering you home. :)

(If I knew how I would be doing dancing bananas at this point but I don't :o).

Well done indeed! :D


Well done Jen on nine months. Inspiring post for us still struggling and wondering if it will ever get better



Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and continued support - I am loving being an non-smoker and can't wait to get into that penthouse - onwards and upwards :D


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