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Getting sick again

I tried to quit a couple months ago, and I developed a wicked chest cold, cough, and sore throat.

I wasn't completely commited to quitting, and started up smoking again.

Now, I'm quitting for real, and am totally committed to it. I do slip up and have a smoke every now and then....maybe once or twice a week right now.

I'm only in my 2nd1/2, 3rd week.

But again, I'm getting sick! I feel like I'm on the verge of bronchitis (which, as a smoker, I've had my boughts of). I've got the sore throat, heavy chest feeling, and dry cough.

Has anyone else incountered this? Why does the body get sick while you quit smoking? Is it withdrawal or the body getting used to it or what?

I tell you what though, being sick definitely makes me NOT want to smoke.

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Welcome on board x x x x

Well done on quitting! if you search for 'cold', 'flu' (thats usually the mens' posts :p ) or 'ill' you will find many posts on this, it is very common and neccessary!!

My only worry is that by smoking the 'odd' cigarette you are dragging out the intial withdrawal proccess and possibly the illness too.

Would you concider replacing those cigs with NRT?

Good Luck Little one :)

~Buffy x x x


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