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Stoptober failure - trying again

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I stopped smoking on 1st October - but ony lasted until day 9. I thought I was prepared because I have tried to stop a few times before and this time decided to go cold turkey and just do it. I thought I knew what I was up against and could put up with it.

I think the problem was the time went really slowly (as I have since seen on here is a common problem) and I just felt more and more miserable. I didn't have a cough like I was expecting as my lungs cleared, I didn't feel more energetic, I felt really tired, I didn't feel proud of myself for not smoking - why was that? I didn't like the taste of my morning cup of tea any more and I could smell my boyfriends' feet from 3 metres away (I even spent £10 on foot stuff for him to sort it out!). I should have felt proud and free and great about it but I didn't!

I know now that there was a difference not smoking for 8 days - I now wake up at 6.30am again for a cigarette instead of sleeping, I stay up late for my last cigarette. I now have my smokers cough back and a dry throat. AND I feel bad because I'd got the hard part out of the way and I've got to go through it again. I have spent the days since I started smoking again saying I'm going to give up tomorrow (it never comes).

If you've stopped smoking and the addicted part of your brain is giving you reasons to start again - DON'T LISTEN. Do not have a cigarette today. Cigarettes are a unhealthy, unnecessary, disgusting habit that rule/ruin your life. DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM.

I've been reading the posts on here and they are really encouraging. I can do it this time. I've got no cigarettes left and I'm not buying any more. I am not smoking today.


10 Replies
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great stuff jen - you can do it.

dont beat yourself up - all you can do is keep trying.

all the best

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Well Done on trying again so soon!

I hope your previous attempt helps you notice the benefits this time!

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Good for you Jen. Don't feel defeated. Just keep trying. best of luck.

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It sounds like a cliche but u will do it if u keep trying . i was a bit disappointed when i didnt get the increase i n energy id been promised or the feeling proud thing, im happy to say that these things did materialize eventually and more besides, i wouldnt say no to having the energy of a 20 yr old but that could still materialize . the trick is not to expect too much too soon. The increased energy will come. the time going slowly thing got better for me when i stopped stressing about it , nowadays i love the time going slowly it gives me more time to just enjoy being . i spent years disposing of time through smoking ,time that will never return. im never giving something so fantastically precious away to tobbacco companies and governments through taxation again. never going to choke myself on a burning weed again. I honestly know I wont.I just wish I had quit sooner or kept quit during the times when i attemptedit . i got there in the end though and nailed it and thats the greatest buzz in the world.


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It IS mind over matter. Bring it on!


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Well done Jen for going again

I am struggling at this very moment, just started day 4 at about 1PM and craving quite bad :(

It helps reading your positive approach to keeping on with the keeping off! :)

It also helps to just simply type on this forum doesn't it?

Or is it just me? :)

Good luck


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It IS mind over matter. Bring it on!


Or you could put it another way and think of it as Mind over Mind.

That's how I am beating my psychological addiction. That part of the addiction, to me, is like another being jumping out and trying to sabotage my quit at every opportunity. I view it as part of me that has morphed into a seperate 'thing' that needs to be ignored and eventually left behind. At the moment it is still hitching a ride, but I know that eventually the smoker within me will be scraped off and no longer be part of my life.

Keep going and keep focussed :)

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Hi Greg,

My positive approach will probably not last - but at least I know that and am prepared for it! It's only day 0.25!

BUT you're on DAY 4 and I wish I was too! Day 4 for me was one of the worst as well, but you get through it by not having a cigarette. If you just keep yourself away from them while you're feeling like that, the feeling will pass. Most nights I said "That's it I've had enough I'm buying some cigarettes tomorrow" and in the morning I didn't want to and didn't feel like that so didn't buy any (but at least could get to sleep thinking I would have one in the morning!). Watch out for day 8/9. I will get past those days this time. My brain convinced me that I couldn't do it and was meant to smoke forever (because I knew that just one would not be just one and never is) - but that is a completely ridiculous thing to think, it's the addiction talking.

It is really good reading people's posts on here. I wish I'd looked on here more often before I had that first cigarette. It's definately helping now!

Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT! Just put up with the horrible feelings a bit longer and they'll go and you'll be happy and healthy! Don't do what I did - it feels worse than giving up!


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SO TRUE!!!!!!

I quit smoking 12 years ago when I found out I was pregnant and I stopped just like that - no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings - well I did quite like the smelling other people's smoke every so often, but that to me proves that the withdrawal misery is just in my head.

Well done for getting so far! And thanks for still posting advice on here so we can see the smoke-free future!


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If you've stopped smoking and the addicted part of your brain is giving you reasons to start again - DON'T LISTEN. Do not have a cigarette today. Cigarettes are a unhealthy, unnecessary, disgusting habit that rule/ruin your life. DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM.



Well written! Good for you for stopping again and hopefully this will be the one.

Fi x

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