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I want to feel normal again!!!


:mad: Hi all,

I'm on day 16 into my 3rd week.

So glad that I've quit smoking but bored of being ill or aching. I want o be able to get on with my life.

Previously when I've given up, I had to break a habit so strong that I was reminding myself every 20 mins that I didn't smoke anymore. Haven't had that as much this time due to having a stuffy head last week and the pain of Sciatica this week. I been preoccupied with not feeling very well.


House is very disorganised at the moment, even though we moved in over 9 months ago.I was looking forward to having a sort out to keep myself busy, but especially with the sciatica, I can hardly bend down let alone start sorting through stuff.

Thought my back was getting better last night as I didn't need any Ibuprofen at lunchtime but work up this morning and it was back.

Me and the boy are home alone today as its my day off and the wife has gone to work instead. He's going through his terrible two's already (he's only 18 months old).

Everybody have a good day!;)


I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 8 hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds (15 days). I have saved £28.42 by not smoking 230 cigarettes. I have saved 19 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00

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Morning Barney

Well done to you on day 16.

I have felt well since quiting, just get occasional sicky feeling and the tiredness.

Sciatica so i`m told can be very painful.Try and take it easy, which is hard with a youngster.:D

Have a great day the two of you,

Barb x

Sciatica is horrible I suffer when pregnant with it. It shoots down my leg and i have collapsed in a heap on two occasions, would be embarrassing if it wasn't so painful! >_<

So my hugs and empathy there :( indeed terrible twos start well before two :rolleyes: unfortunately it also continues well into early adulthood :D lol

It's such a great age though x x x x have a wonderful day with your boy, he is sooooooooooo gorgeous x x x x with those eyes he could get away with murder !! :D

~Buffy x x

Thanks Buffy!

He is also being so fussy with his food these days, he hardly eats anything at the moment. drinking alot of formula to make up for him not eating. Got any advice?

BTW. You always seem to be congratulating everyone on not smoking, don't normally see posts congratulating you, so... Almost 5 months!

Very well done!



Aw shucks :o Thanks Barney x x x x

Yes mine go like that too, my 3 year old is just coming through it. I think they eat what they are given then they learn 'no!' and thats it, game over !! hehehe

Cut down the formula! :D you said he was 18mnths right? isn't he about ready to progress to cows milk? It is hard 'cos they change guidelines all the time! i have never been given same advice twice in a row with my kids rofl. Mine all went over to cows milk at 12 months, when the progress formulas came out my health visitor poo poo'd it saying it's another gimmick to keep you buying their products, everything they need is in cows milk.

Never stop putting the foods out. If he hates corn one day don't decide right thats it he hates corn, and never offer it again! what he means is 'this isn't what i want right now'

Just don't stress too much about it, you don't want to make meal times a battle.

Offer rewards for the smallest amount of food, ie 4 peas or one small spoonfull of some thing on his plate for an after dinner treat.

He will be pleased that it is so easy to get a reward he'll do it happily. Then after two successful days increase it to two spoons etc.

Make sure you go really TV presenter~ish on woooping and cheering when he eats a mouthful lollol

My daughter will generally eat either her lunch or her dinner, this is absolutely normal and is fine. We need 3 meals as adults and should offer our kids 3 meals but it is fine that they eat just one of those meals in a day.

Hope this helps x x don't stress too much it's normal and i can see by his pics he is in no danger of wasting away soon :p lol

~Buffy x x

Thanks Buffy,

He has cows milk throughout the day but been topping him up on progress milk for the vitamins because he's not been eating much.

He had a chest infections about 4 months ago and since then he hasn't been right. Sometimes he'll eat loads of his dinner and sometimes he won't even try it.

He'll happily eat crap food all day (Cheesy wotsits and quavers are his fav) but obviously don't want him just eating that sort of stuff all the time. Some people say just let him it what he wants at the moment but worried he'll end up growing up to be a fussy eater which I was.

He's just had another cold which is why he's gone off food again but he has never been back to the way he was before his chest infection.

He has just eaten half a piece of bread and butter.

I'll just try feeding him little and often during the day.

Wife is a member of pratical parenting forum, so I'm guessing she's been asking people on there.

Thanks again Buffy!

Yeah thats the key, little bits, it is us that stress more than them :D lol

And getting them to help too thats good advice too i do that with mine sometimes albeit it takes the rest off the week to tidy up after rofl.

Half a slice of bread and butter is good going!

If you don't want him to be fussy then be sure to keep offering things he didn't like before, as i said, 'i don't like' often means 'i don't fancy this right now'. My daughter hated eggs in any way shape or form, but i put them out from time to time then 'ping' bingo she loves them!

The fact that he's happy to eat crap and can eat large quantities sometimes is a good sign that it's a normal phase of food fadiness :D

Bless his little chest poor wee one x x x x

Practical parenting forum is that the ivillage one? i use that site sometimes, it is very good.

~Buffy x x

Thanks for the advice Buffy!

I have no idea about the Pratical parenting forum. I'll have to ask the wife.

Sorry Boudee,

Didn't see you post till just now. I must of looked well rude thanking Buffy and not thanking you.


Thank you for your advice aswell.

He had Ravioli for his dinner tonight which he yummed up! Just never know when he's gonna eat properly next.


hi there

noticed you give up on 1st july too, and like me you are on day 16 on this forum but in reality day 15:eek: im getting confused lol! well done to you!!

Hi Destiny,

Yeah, I thought i'd give up when the smoking ban came in. Also made it easier to remember when I gave up.

Well done to you too!

The way I figure it

I have been smoke free for 15 full days, but I'm on my 16th day of not smoking. Does that make sense?:confused:

Staying strong!


See your dudes cool Barney x x x x

Honestly they do go through little bouts, when your a toddler and there's so much going on, eating aint much fun. But when your hungry your going to eat up whats on your plate!

Boudee, i think you should forgive him (that was a cute smilie thing he got huh?) and he sounded genuine enough don't you reckon?

but don't share them peanuts with him, just me :D hehehe


I'm alright I've got a packet of Maoam's all to myself! YUM YUM!



On second thoughts Boudee ......................... :p


Right! Thats it!!!



I'm off to bed! Speak to you all tomorrow!!





It's all in my hair and everything!:eek:

It'll take ages to wash all this out!:mad:

Ok! Ok!... I submit!

I should know better not to mess with you 2.:rolleyes:

I'll be good from now on;)


Aw thanks Boudee:rolleyes:

Now I've got to get back in the bath and clean this all off again!!!!



Aw x x x hehehe

I am clean too :D hehehe that was fun

I should know better not to mess with you 2:rolleyes:

Yup you should know better :p

It's great to get my other half back on board here smilies.vidahost.com/contri...

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