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I feel like I want to cry...

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Day 2 today and I feel terrible. Ended up having a big row with OH last night that I think was made worse by my not smoking grumpiness, woke up in a 'need a cigarette' panic this morning, and am now sitting at my desk feeling like I am about to burst into tears at any moment. I think its going to be a long day...

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Oh dear!

Right. Do NOT let this feeling drive you to smoking. Try doing these things:

1) Drink cold water

2) Take a few deep breaths

3) Write an email to your OH, apologise (if you can stand to!), tell him you love him and you're finding it really tough at the moment so could use his support if you get a bit snappy. You'll feel better if the air is cleared a bit.

4) Leave your desk and go for a walk if you need to.

5) Accept the fact that you will have cravings today, and some might be a bit fierce. Embrace them. Time them (they're not as long as you think). Every one you get past is another achievement, so be proud.

6) Cake. Or chocolate.

7) Stick around here. Vent all you need to. It does help.

Stay strong! You are doing a good thing here, and it IS WORTH ALL THE PAIN!!!

Helen x

Awwww MissC,

I do feel for you. It can be a little stresssful in the beginning and we say and do things we would not normally say or do. It will pass, honestly, its the nicodemon rearing his ugly head, trying to get you to take him back but you can do this, you can stay strong and tell him to sod off. He will keep trying to lure you back so be on your guard.

I know what you mean about the tears, it can be quite an emotional time too but again you can do this.

Keep ya chin up hun, take it one hour at a time and dont try and run before you can walk, if you get what i mean. You can do this. :)


I agree with everything Helen says, great advice.

Breath deep, chew gum and es even cry and let it out if it helps but dont smoke it will pass x

Hope you're hanging int here, MissC.

you can only stop smoking if you truely want to. if you don't want to quit, don't try to.

not really, we could all convince ourselves we don't want to or its not the right time but tomorrow may never come

I am just about hanging in there. Feeling hyper sensitive today so am trying to just sit quietly and puff away on my little blue inhalator. Hoping that I can get through the rest of the day without any arguments....

Well done for getting this far! Honestly, you will look back on this week and be so happy it's over! I am especially impressed that despite the row, you didn't reach for the ciggies! Ok, so maybe the row itself was caused in part by the lack of ciggies, but you know what i mean.

My husband and i had i bit of a go at each other in the car at the weekend and we both felt so frustrated with each other - that was the first time since my quit that i really REALLY wanted a cigarette. I think, if it had been only day one, i would have crumbled, so, again - well done! Stands you in very good stead for a successful quit.

Stick with it - we will all tell you that it does get easier, because it is true.

you can only stop smoking if you truly want to. if you don't want to quit, don't try to.

Whilst I agree that 'truly wanting to' is important it's wrong, completely wrong IMO, to state that someone can 'only stop if they truly want to'.

I'm proof that not wanting to in the beginning can work. I needed to stop for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks I educated myself, saw sense and carried on. There are a mix of ingredients that will kick off a quit, likewise with maintaining one.

Your ill advised comment could easily deter some folk from trying.

miss C..i know this feeling you are having!..helen gave you great advise!

i had to go into my room and shut the world out and have a good cry! it sure helps....these days will pass and you will become happy and pleased with yourself..just gotta make it through the pain to expirience the joy hun!

miss C, you just have to grit your teeth through these first few days, when the physical effects can be really overpowering.

After that, it's mind games with yourself for a longish while, but a lot less in the way of massive weepiness and feeling so physically bad, you'll be glad to hear!

Hang tough. We've all been where you are and come out the other side. It's hard, but it's possible, and you will feel SO PROUD when you come out the other side of hell week.

Keep us posted!


you can only stop smoking if you truely want to. if you don't want to quit, don't try to.

James, I think your one line response is incredibly discouraging. Especially for someone going through the first stages of nicotene withdrawal, because nobody wants to feel like that and it would be the easiest thing in the world to find an excuse to stop trying.

Yes, you need to have the desire not to smoke but none of us on this site want to be smokers, else we wouldn't be trying to stop... I for one quit because of being ill, didn't plan it, didn't really 'want' to stop. Just like Pol, I 'saw sense and carried on'. And here I am nearly six months later.

Miss C, you keep on going girl!!

MissC, I hope you managed to get through the day hun.

If you didn't, learn from it and take that knowledge through till next time.

Withouut doubt the hardest is the first 3 days. If you can get through the physical withdrawal which is the hardest then you can can carry on through the mental trickery of the nicodemon.

I hope you have survived but we are all here for you come what may and willing you, helping you on :D

Gaynor xxx

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