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Bad Cravings



Stopped 9 days ago and been doing really well. Cold turkey and it has been ok, even with husband and family still smoking. But today...really bad cravings, I could so easily have a cig...I thought that by this time it would be so much easier.

Have been reading the threads day by day but this is the first post...

Starting to sleep again which is a help but has anyone else had sore legs..I have bad cramps???

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Hi lornaj, first of all you are doing really well getting to day 9, especially if you have family smoking around you too, thats amazing!

Smoking is hard to quit otherwise every1 would do it, but your cravings will become easier to bear and gradually become less and less.

They say that day 5 and 9 are killers which was what I also found, mine started to become easier after day11, (Im on day 15 now) although I think every1 has good days and bad days no matter what stage ur at.

Stay strong and maybe treat urself to something as a reward to you for all ur hard work, we all need motivation when the will power is waning!

You will get there, just have faith in urself.

I havent had any sore legs, so cant answer that one sorry, I just felt really fluey and aching everywhere. Might just be a physical withdrawl symptom but prob best to keep an eye on it and maybe mention to ur doc.


ps- welcome to the forum. (how rude am I ?):rolleyes:

Thanks Charlene...I have read so many of the postings on this site already I feel I know you all. :) Leg cramps are really strange, feels like I have done loads of excercise...may be totally uinrelated.

I do feel very proud of myself, I ahve tried to stop before and never managed 24 hours even using patches but for some strange reason I have the determination this time and thats from 20 a day for 25 years.

You are all so inspirational on this site it is so good to know there are others out there going through exactly the same.

Luv L

You will get there, and the great thing about this site is that there is always someone here to talk too, and everyone is so supportive and behind you 100%.

You should feel very proud of yourself, 25yrs is a long time and to break that habit is momentus, you are an inspiration. :)

The hardest part of quitting is making the decision, you are through the first week now and well on ur way.

Remember we are all here for you. ;)


Hi Lorna,

Welcome to the board and I hope that by the time you read this, your cravings will have eased off a bit. There's a tendency to think that each passing day will always be a bit easier than the last, though as you've experienced today that's not always the case and it's possible when things have been progressing nicely to have a surprise bad day. I too am trying CT this time round and like you I've been surprised that it's not been too bad, however out of the blue on my day 24 last week I had a day horribilus.

When that happens it can really shake your confidence so it's important to firstly acknowledge that you're just having a one off bad day and do the best that you can to tuff it out, while realising that tomorrow will be another day. The couple of days since then have been absolutely fine, so to use Boudee's words from one of her recent posts, I think on that day I'd got a bit mentally tired of the quitting process. I went to bed at 9pm just to be out of it.

Anyway, 9 days is a fantastic achievement, but remember it's still early days yet in breaking a long term deep rooted habit. Cravings can strike weeks and even months into quitting but they generally become infrequent and quite short lived as time progresses. Not only that, but after a while as the intensity of cravings diminsh it becomes more difficult to distinguish what is a craving and what is just a non specific slightly rubbish feeling that anyone might feel.

Good luck and I hope tomorrow is a much better day.

Might I suggest a brisk stroll in the Leeds sunshine around Golden Acre Park to get things back on track.

Thx Dicky...Golden Acre Park!!! its been a few years, nearer Temple Newsam but not tomorrow with "Party in the Park"...:D

Still not a lot of sunshine promised for tomorrow...look like more rain...but thats a chance to feel generally smug as I watch the others go outside in the rain to smoke...

Day 24...well done you...

I live in Hertfordshire now, but my childhood stomping ground was Temple Newsam. Spent just about all my free time in Temple Newsam Woods and the park. Lived at 22 Temple Gate Drive from the age of about 3 until about 13yrs.

Hi Lorna


I was wondering maybe if your leg pain could be to do with circulation as it gets better when you stop smoking. Its just a thought.

Your craves will get less and not so intense. I have had craves 2day , but forget them really quickly.

Well done.

Barb x

I'm a new comer to Leeds, only here 5 years.

Originally from Edinburgh but was lured away by my gorgoeus husband..but love living in Leeds.

Still if I had stayed in Scotland might have given up the weed a couple of years ago when the ban came in up there...:D

Thanks Barb

It must be to do with the circulation as I have not been doing any exercise...maybe I should start it may help with the cravings.:rolleyes:

Really helped tonight...tomorrow will be a better day I am sure.

luv L

I hope it will be a better day . I`m getting urges at the moment.:eek:

I wont give in though.

I better get to bed quick. I dont think about them when i`m in bed.LOL.

Barb x

Hi Lorna- I'm having trouble sleeping too- hence why I'm online at 1.00am!

Exercise really helps me with rotten days- even a little walk round the block makes me feel a whole lot better.

Thanks to all last night...I feel so much stronger today.


Legs are feeling better today, so much easier when no pain involved....

Happy Sunday..x :cool:

Welcome to the site Lorna x x x x

:D not much else to say! everyone else has already said it :D hehehe

stay strong ~Buffy x x

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