No Smoking Day
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Well today wasnt so bad on the craving side!!!

Well guys today was ok.... I kept myself pretty busy, I bought some knitting needles and wool to keep myself occupied, and it seems to be helping a great deal.....even though may I say look like a crazy woman carrying it around.. Ive had a pretty stress free day. I went to the meditation class and it was shut due to beravement. but instead I channeled my energy into helping some young homeless people and think Ive managed to get help for my local area from a great voluntary group who help the homeless in the main town, which I want to commit to...... This put things in persepective for me today, and I did want a ciggie after feeling a bit emotional, but then I realised what I have to suffer is nothing compared to these people who really are quite vulnerable...Im feeling positive about this year and I hope that (not hope) know I can beat this drug..... 14 days tomo of no smoking and 12 days of no prescription drugs......

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Hey happy 14 days xx you seem too busy to smoke. Keep it up :)


2 weeks, a fortnight also nearly half a month, doesn't day 1 seem far away already :D You keep going strong and lets have another smoke free 2 weeks and then make it a month.

Good Luck from me :)


SQUARES Tia.... Ha ha.. That's all I can do.... When I worked at festivals, all I used to do is knit squares.... So here I go again, squares.....


Huge well done to you. Squares are fine, lots of different coloured ones. The charity shops/ pound shop sell lots of different colours xx


Well done I,m all for squares in knitting, what a great idea to find a alternative to how we use our hands.

Just keep going brilliant


I say, there's a bit of a Great Forum Sewing/Knitting/Embroidery Bee theme developing! Aren't you all clever? :D

Congratulations Miki- I can already feel in my water that you're heading straight for the Penthouse without passing Go. :)


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