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day 15 and the bad craves are back!!!


Well day 14 was so good and i didnt have many craves at all but today just takes the biscuit.

Woke up with this sudden urge to go and have a cig and the biggest glass of redbull to get me wide awake but opted for a shower instead lol.

Cant seem to stop thinking about cigs today i have my inhalator in my mouth constantly and have avoided going shopping this morning as i know i could easily just buy 10.....

Not going to gonna crack on with some good old house work and some keep fit to try and make myself feel better...

Hope everyone else is having a good day !!!!!

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Good days and bad Emma we all have them, you're doing right by fighting through it as you know the next day will be better.... and the better days will get more and more often.


It's my day 15 today!!!!!! What a nightmare, it just seems to get harder.

I just keep thinking that I don't want to go all the way back to day 1 far its working, that and constantly cleaning!!!!

Keep going day 15 is amazing, who would have believed we would make it this far!!!!!!!!


Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

You are going to get tough days, but I can promise they get less and less. Get though it anyway you can, eat, drink, shout, get back into bed and hide under the duvet till it all goes away again, do whatever you have to just don't smoke.

Remember, cravings will go if you smoke or not. Smoking just guarentees you will get another craving. Staying quit will means they will eventually go away forever !!!!

Stay strong.


Yeah, i've had a bit of a rougher day today for some reason. No temptation (i'm a non-smoker after all!) but the cravings have ramped up a notch, which is annoying.

I've been & booked a holiday to Ibiza for July instead. I can't afford it if i smoke, so there's a huge incentive right there.

That's what I done few weeks ago booked a hole to turkey so had to give up to pay for it but feel so much better for not smoking though only 13 weeks and will be in lovely hot country enjoying something I paid for with my cig money xxx

Emma, I just read your post three times thinking 'she's booked a hole in Turkey? Why would she want to stay in a hole?'

LOL - I'm really not with it tonight am I? :p:D


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