No Smoking Day

Day 13 and holding in there

Hey folks,

Well i'm half way thru day 13 and I'm having a good day. Day 9 and day 11 did not start out that way, both mornings I woke up with the worst taste of nicotine in my mouth and I couldn't get rid of it. Has anyone else experienced this? After brushing my teeth 5 or 6 times it seemed to leave but I was really on edge and cranky (a Kind of withrawl maybe??). I managed to get through it and I keep telling myself I'm a non-smoker. Coffee doesn't taste great anymore and I'm lucky to finish 2 a day now(I guess that may not be a bad thing) but I love the way food is tasting and putting on a little weight as I type lol. Hope everyone is doing as good or better and I love reading your entries. Looking forward to hitting week 3 tomorrow evening @ 8:00 pm!!


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Glad your still here with us :D x x x x

Oh i have had that before when i was on the patch, i thought it was the nicotine from the patch but since your not using the patch this time and getting it maybe it was a withdrawal!!

Enjoy week 3 :D

Well done keep it up ~Buffy x x


hi there

im on day 11 now but going back to my first week i did suffer with a nicotene mouth. it was everytime i chewed a chewing gum and the flavour went, it was disgusting it went from mint to feeling like i was eating tobacco. my hubbie says its the nicotene that is still trapped in and around the teeth.?


HI Joe

Well done glad your still doing great coffee was a bit naff for me at first but lovely now hehe. Keep rocking Linda xxx


Ahhhh I reached day 14 whew...Tomorrow evening I start week 3. I can't believe how much faster week 2 went compared to week 1. Finding I don't look at the clock as much anymore but I do like to count the days and hours from time to time just incase I need a little pat on the back. I figure I would of smoked 20-22 packs in this past 14 days and at $11.75 per pack that is a nice savings. yesssssssssss



Hi Joe,

I've downloaded a Quitkeeper which tells me how much I haven't smoked and how much money I've saved. See statistics below.

I have been quit for 1 Week, 4 Days, 8 hours, 5 minutes and 15 seconds (11 days). I have saved £20.97 by not smoking 170 cigarettes. I have saved 14 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00

Its a great boost to see how far I've come. Unfortunatley is based on the english £ and isn't able to convert to other currencies. But maybe there might be another version for Canada. Have a search on the net.I assume that where you're from by you user name. The details for the U.K one are below.

Stay strong Joe!



Hi Joe I havent had nicotine mouth but I have had to give up coffee as it tastes c**p, also on day 13 using a 4mg gum, and loving the food a bit too much.

Be hitting week 3 around the same time so well done and Im sure we can keep up all the hard work!:D



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