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YES!!! Made it to week two


Hi All,

Have made it into week 2. Other than the first few days has not been bad at all. Have a pretty gross cough right now, but even that seems to be easing off.

Feeling really tired today as think son getting a cold as he kept getting me up last night, including wetting the bed at 4.30am :mad: :mad:

Hopefully will manage a little nap when he is a nursery later on, then we have a halloween party tomorrow morning, birthday party tomorrow afternoon, then I am babysitting for my sister in the evening - going to be knackered!

Hope everyone is having a good day

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Congrats on Week 2

Morning hun

Sorry to hear your not 100% today. I know what you mean about the coughy thing, i have had something sitting in mine for days and just wont shift :(

Part from that all going on ok so far. I have just Joined the Champix social group too as im on those for my quit smoking and its also another way to help each other.

Your gonna be nice and busy this weekend so thats good, stay strong hun as your doing GREAT!


Well done on week 2 Joanna!! That's great :).

Keep strong!!

Ed xx

Well done on reaching the second week hun. Hope you manage to get a nap :)

Well done on week two :D

The cough is normal, its your lungs clearing out all that yuckyness from smoking, my cough hasnt started yet but i know it will soon lol

Dont get yourself too down about your sons bedwetting, boys take a lot longer to grasp it. My two older boys were about 4 when they managed it, but my Koby who 6 yesterday is still in "super pants" of a night as he cant control it what so ever. I have tried him numerous times, but he sleeps so deeply it does not even wake him up when he is going and just wake him up in the morning to a soaking wet bed and him stinking *yuck* so now its super pants all the time.....

Snowie xx

congrats on reaching week 2 , the coughing is all part of the healing process a few mpre days and all the horrible tar etc will be out of your system and you'll be feeling fab!!

Well done you !!:D

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