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1st two weeks were fine, why is it going down hill now?

I gave up smoking a month ago, after having smoked 20 a day for 10 years. Over the last year or so i have been dieting and have lost 2 stone, I always said when i got to my target i would give up smoking. Im using patches and got on great the first few weeks. I really surprised myself. I had a big night out last weekend and ended up smoking. Its opened the flood gates and now im having a few a day. Not smoking anywhere near as much as i was but i need my motivation back!!! Ive also put on 4lbs in weight, so im now scared all my hard work over the last year is going out the window!! Help please!!

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Hi, firstly dont beat yourself up about this. You can get back onto your quit, just remember the reasons why you are quitting. You've done it once, you can certainly do it again xx Im only just into my 4th week so im afraid i cant offer a great deal of advice other than read as much as possible to try and get motivated again. Have you stopped using the patches?

I hope it all works out for you xx dont give up because you were doing good before your little blip


Its all going down hill because you are again a smoker, it doesnt matter if its one a day or 20 a day you are now feeding the nicco demon and befor long you will be back to being a full time smoker again, put the cig out and dont smoke another, easy for me to say you think but the longer you smoke the harder it will get, cruel to be kind.#

I hope you will be able to get back on the smoke free road and stay there good luck and a big hugs and remember no matter how bad you feel now in 10 years time if you dont stop you will feel even worse.

As for the weight loss massive congrats thats deffinately not easy.


Its all going down hill because you are again a smoker.

Absolutely correct and going by what you said here:

Im using patches and got on great the first few weeks.

It was going uphill before you smoked again so as jamangie says put the ciggy out and don't light another one. I say put the patches back on and act as if the big night out did not happen and maybe you will find things going uphill again.

I know we sound harsh but many before you have had the same problem but still went on and quit for good. You have fell down so come on get up, dust yourself off and crack on.

You did it with the diet and you can do it with the cigs.



Thanks guys!!

Thanks everyone, im back on the road uphill again. Patch was put on this morning. Funny tho, it feels harder than it did the first time. Iv been off work for the last ten days and think that has contributed to me starting again. I dont even think about it when im at work. He we go again! Im glad i stumbled upon this forum, thinks its going to be a great support!! :)


Great ...

Glad you are back on track ... I had a tough day myself today .. but I resisted ... keep it up ... it will get easier for sure .... :D


Well done for resisting, wish i had on that night out i had!! I would have been smoke free for a month if i had! ah well, best not to dwell eh? I think il have to pass on nights out for the next few weeks till im strong enough! lesson learnt! :o


I am impressed that you have taken all the comments with good grace and that you are now back to being a none smoker again, well done you. Forget the blip and just continue to keep the day count going its not unusual to have the odd slide so onwards and upwards and remember we are ALL here for you no matter what happens, this forum will help you to keep focussed as it has so many of us me included.


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