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My personal reasons for quitting

Here goes, some of these are weird i'm sure:

1) I used to feel literally inferior to non smokers. I was jealous that people I knew didn't smoke.

2) When smoking in the company of a non smoker I used to get really embarrased.

3) My mother has known about my smoking for years, but has never, ever mentioned it in front of me (although she has discussed it with others) As a result I avoided smoking in front of her, which was rediculous really. I think she was so dissapointed in me she couldn't bring her self to even tell me or something...weird.

4) My breath used to stink. Pretty standard stuff. Cigarettes make you smell, we all know that.

5) I'm very concious about my teeth, I always have been. I don't have fantastic teeth, they are a bit crooked and I broke a few when I was very young etc. I've always thought they would look fine if they were nice and white and I knew it was the smoking making them yellow.

6) I hate getting up, getting dressed, getting the car out of the garage, hunting around for £2.60 in change and driving to the petrol garage in the middle of the night (like 2am sometimes) for a cigarette. Isn't that the most mental thing you've ever heard? - True story anyway.

7) I realised my addiction was bad when I had no cigarettes, £3 in my pocket and I was really hungry. Do you think I bought a sausage roll? hmmmm. Choosing cigarettes over my most fundemental human needs really opened my eyes to how bad it was getting.

8) I look an idiot with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. You know when you do that weird balancing thing while carrying drinks at a pub or club to stop the ash falling down your nice shirt...

9) It slowed down everything I did. Whatever I was working on I constantly stopped to go and smoke and think about the task at hand. In reality The truth is I couldn't concentrate for more than an hour without smoking.

10) I was frigtened I'd be an old man with a cigarette in my mouth at all times.

There you have it kids, all of that combined caused me to quit!

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Good points Mannion and unfortunately none are weird at all!! guess the nico monster gets us all!

Kill the devil >_<


Another one that agrees with you......the things smokers do eh?

I too have made a dash to the garage in the middle of the night, with a pair of trackies thrown on, nightie tucked in and a hoody thrown on........just to get that pack of fags!!! :o

Plus I am now appalled that I used to smoke in the house when my daughter was small :mad: .......


I used to smoke in my flat because it was acceptable when I was young as my parents smoked in the house and still do. When I gave up a couple of years ago I decorated the flat. I visited a few peoples houses while I was clean who smoked and was amazed how much their houses stunk. When I eventually returned to smoking I promised never to smoke in the flat again and kept that rule when I moved into a house. I work in a pub every week and used to stink after a shift. Looking forward to not smelling anymore.




My reasons to start with was because of my daughter having my first grandchild and health.

Now its for myself. Because i was doing it for others , i wasn`t as committed.

Now i think i will be so much more healthier.

Barb x


Really relate to the 'getting up and going to the garage in the middle of the night' story.

Even worse, running out, knowing I have probably had 1 too many to drink and still driving to the shop to buy fags.

I am truly, truly ashamed of myself.


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