No Smoking Day
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The reason for me to quit are:

In no particular order,

1. I do not want to get a smoking related illness which ends my life early.

2. I want to keep my toes! (I now have some circulation problems and I know someone who had to have their toes removed - A 60yr old male 40 per day smoker.

3. My daughter (18) doesn't smoke and dislikes me smoking.

4. My Son (16) smokes and I'm hoping me quitting will encourage him to do likewise.

5. I am unfit and get breathless easily - need a new healthy lifestyle.

6. I would have a bit of money to spend on myself each payday (not loads as I only bought 2 packs tobacco per month so around £34).

7. I will no longer smell like an ashtray.

8. Many of my family and friends are non smokers so I will no longer feel uncomfortable and anti-social at gatherings.

9. My husband is a non smoker and although he always said he didn't mind my smoking I think he worried about my health.

10. I need to lose a fair bit of weight, exercise when you can hardly breathe is awful and I always gave up before. Clearer lungs will help.

Amazed I thought of so many reasons, when I asked myself why I smoked my answer was always 'I like smoking' or 'I get stressed and need to smoke'. Rubbish reasons really aren't they.

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Can add to this:

The time wasted either smoking or thinking about smoking!

Unfortunately my son does not seem to want to stop (Fags and Weed) but at least I am now leading by example.


Oh Nicky all your reasons are so very true indeed, and I am sure we all have very valid reasons to stay quit, as of yet have not found a reason to smoke, and doubt very much I will!

I have very belief in you and can see you reaching the penthouse, doing a amazing job, just keep going my lovely.

Ps, my eldest son who smokes was with me over the weekend, now I did notice he cut down considerably, as he knows I have quit, so it's is indeed having a nock on effect, that can only be a good thing .

Sending good vibes your way:cool:


Thanks Tracey and Jenny for your replies. My son seems to smoke less around me now which is good as he is so young, I wish he hadn't started, particularly with weed!

Anyway, I will get through my quit and get to the Penthouse, then will try and get him to stop :)


Hey Nicky, great list of reasons to quit. I agree with your reasons and would like to add

No more occasional days with yellow fingers

A handbag that it is not full of loose bits of tobacco which sticks to everything



Good point Camellia, I had forgotten about the bits of tobacco everywhere :D


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