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First weekend support thread


As I'm on this board over the weekend, might as well do one thread and not clog the board up. With my parents being away and husband working over the weekend I've not got any souding boards for my whinges, moans and to give me moral suppport.

Craving badly this morning, got a nasty cough and cold. Don't think its related to going smoke free as a number of mums at the school gates have one too.

Still proud of myself, halfway through the ween at lunchtime.

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I'm new here, but... WOO, GO YEAH! I'm on day 4 myself. I just keep thinking of the amount of cigarettes I haven't smoked in that time, and how my body must be loving it. Good luck!

I'm not sure my bodys loving it tooo much, spent most of the afternoon asleep on the sofa.

How are you getting along?

I'm quite tired, actually. Feeling it less than I was this morning.

Great Idea about one weekend thread!

I'm also alone as I previously mentioned somewhere, so it'll be good to check in!

I also have a nasty cold so I have full sympathy.... Mine started on day 2 eve, so I'm wondering if it could be related, but surely our bodies should feel good not rubbish????

Your body will go through a repair process. For some this will mean feeling worse before you feel better. Stick with it and you will notice the improvements very soon. Well done on the quit so far

Don't even know how i'm going to get through this weekend. I am in such a foul mood, I feel ill, exhausted.. Grrr...

Keep it going all of you support each other and the weekend will be over before you know it, and, a week under you belts very soon! Keep posting on here and reading it really does help! you are all in this together:)

Hope everyone is still keeping strong now the weekend is here whoop.

Off to relax in front of a film.

On the otherhand been listening to this a lot lately

Rather sums up my relationship with smoking and my quit.

Well I made it to today, the Champix is helping me.

Have noticed two low points for me , during the afternoon I feel really tired ... And I am waking up in the early hours , wide awake ... Im sure it will pass , all psrt of the process

Well I've made it to today.

Starting to feel a little more human and like me generally. No real cravings yet today but I'm generally an evening smoker so Saturday night without wine and fags is going to be a challenge. I may end up demolishing the tin of celebrations thats in the cupboard. I'm a chocolate fiend at the minute. I have not really touched chocolate since I was pregnant.

So I'll be a non smoker but the size of house.:D

Snik, I'm still waking every couple of hours throughout the night and I'll wait to see if I get a slump this afternoon.

OMG Day 6!!!! :D...awake at 4am.. result.. previous was 2am then 3am .. so mayby tomorrow I will wake up at 5am lol ... sleep is over rated anyway thats what Im telling myself at the moment haha!!

Not much motivation (lots of stress in my life at mo) but my brain is charging around trying to kick my body into touch :rolleyes:

WONT give in and let the stress win... got this far and refuse to start from scratch... so teh stress and fags can go do one!!! I'm working my way down the page categories and when I make it to a month, there will be a brass band playing, fan fair with streamers and fireworks and LOL :D

Keep going everyone keep strong .. we are nearly out of this category :D

Morning Everyone!!!!

So I went out last night and after swearing not to drink got absolutley wreked!!! ops! Am super proud of myself for not smoking though! Its made me think that maybe I actually can do this!!! And as a bonus this morning I felt so rough that I've just been laying in bed watching TV so I haven't even thought about smoking!!!

So whats everyones plans for the day?

foreverandex - have you tried chewing gum - just the regular stuff? I found sugar free stawberry gum the other day and its changed my life, its seems to get rid of my cigarette cravings and sweet cravings in one!!! Ok i just totally over hyped that didn't I?? I was just really worried about pilling on the weight and by chewing around 5 packs of gum a day, I actually think I may be eating less...? I know i'm just transfering my addition to gum, but i figure its better for me than fags???

Just made myself think - before I started smoking I did chew gum almost continuously.... Haven't really done that in years... odd.

I was chatting to my husband the other night about how I started smoking so young I don't really know who I am as a non-smoker, ie. I have literally always smoked with alcohol, I have never lived outside of my parents house without smoking...:confused:

What about you guys - do you know a version of you without fags???


Well done everyone. Week 2 nearly in sight.

Hi, I suppose chocolate is my gum. Me before was an absolute chocoholic.

Interestingly, I know the person without cigs. I've given up each time I was pregnant and transferred my addiciton to sweets and chocs. After my second child was born I weighed 15 stone.

I also have given up for 6 months ago 3 years ago. Unfortunately I remained a "social" smoker and it crept back in again.

Generally, I'm fitter and healthier, for example a few weeks ago I did a tough gym class, I could do it easily during my quit period, tried again a few weeks ago and huffed and puffed through it. Despite maintaining 6 hours fo gym time a week. I also look younger and healthier, its amazing how quickly your looks fade back after taking it back up again.

I think when you get past a certain age, the differences in look between smokers and non smokers becomes apparent and as someone who has always looked younger than her years, then to realise that you look your age now and if I continue I will soon look older than my years. Wrinkled skin, missing teeth and wht is left is yellow. Not a nice thought. In fact I'd prefer to be overweight than look like that. :)

I know I'm an all or nothing person, I cannot just have one or i'll be back to square one again. So it has to be complete abstinence.

Enough waffling for the moment.

Thats cool... I haven't been without smoking for more than about a week since I was 18, before that I was a social / stress smoker, so I am kind of scared I wont like being a non-smoker...?

I am really scared of putting on weight, I promised myself I'd start doing more excersise when I quit to distract myself etc, but I've felt so ill with this cold that I just cant face it, at this rate I may actually spend the entire weekend in bed! Although I guess at least that stops me wanting to smoke...;)

Morning all!

Hows the first weekend going?

I'm feeling scared, It all seems too easy this time, When I've quit before I have literrally been climing the walls all the time, and although I'm still thinking "its time for a fag" I then quite happily say "nah, not anymore

I am worried at some point its all gonna hit me...

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