No Smoking Day

day 13 stress or whaat?"!

OK today I came home from work at lunchtime to discover my hot water tank was leaking in my airing cupboard. I contacted the insurance co that we have a central heating policy with and they said I would get a call from an engineer within 2hrs(this was 12.30) By 3.30pm I'd not heard anything so I called them Back. was informedthat a gas engineer needed to visit and that would at least be 24 hrs! Meanwhile my wonderfu;l brother in law managed to plug it up " temporarily,. No - ones called back. Steve is 1000's miles away so is as much us e as a chocolate teapot! I AM STRESSED BIG TIME!L&B look very tempting at the moment..........................

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Hey Kazza come on girl you can do it, The tank is safe , you are safe, even if your Steve had been with you the bloody thing would have gone wrong but you sorted it didnt you!!!. You are doing so well keep going. I really dont know what else to say but if you wake up in the morning ang you have had a s**t day without smoking then you should give yourself a bloody big pat on the back Sue xx



Aww i feel so sorry for you theres nothing worse then house things going wrong - especially hot water tanks/boilers etc my boiler is very temperamental (spell??) & I know the feeling - You nearly done 2 weeks you dont need them l&b they wont taste as nice as you remember - Then when youve smoked you probably feel more upset the you do now keep going you are stronger then you think GOOD LUCK :)


ok tank is full cant stop that. turn off boiler and stop cock to stop any refilling, place a bucket or suitable vessel underneath. sit tight and stay safe! no hot water or heating demand boiler off from mains ok?

a leak is plumbing not gas! call back ! ffs you do not need a corgi for a bloody leak!


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