No Smoking Day

Stressful couple of days and the cravings that went with it!

Bah, the last couple of days have been very hard... on friday my son, aged 11 arrived home from school complaining of tummy ache... when he described it it sounded suspicously like appendicitis... anyway, I called the doctor and made an appointment for later that afternoon as he wasn't in really bad pain... By 4 pm, two hours before the appointment, he was doubled up and puking so I KNEW... My daughter was late arriving home so I was getting stressed because I wanted to get him medical help, I called the doctor to get advice, and my mum... both told me to call 999..we got him to hospital, and after TWO F***ING HOURS waiting in A+E we saw the medics, who said they also thought it was his appendix... they observed him that night, and decided to operate yesterday morning, and he went down to theatre at lunchtime... his appendix was buggered, so PHEW that he didn't have to wait any longer... He is home now, we got back home mid afternoon... and as you can imagine we are knackered

BOY, I really came close to asking this woman for a fag outside the hospital last night... she was smoking and I could smell it... annoyingly it didn't repulse me... I'm glad I didn't give into that craving, but was suprised by the intensity of it after 10 weeks... maybe it was the stress that made me feel that way?!

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Hi Vicki

So sorry you have had couple of stressful days glad your son is Ok and back home again also well done for resisting that crave at the hospital but would imagine it was the stress that made it worse

Also well done on 10 weeks quit you have done really well

All the Best



Bless you Vicki, sounds like you have had an awful weekend hun.

Thank goodness that the doctors operated on your son when they did, i expect you was worried sick.

You have done so well hun not to give in when things got tough. Well done you!!!

It just goes to show that even when we think we have passed the worst those cravings can sneak up on us.




Very well done Vicki

You have done very well to stay smoke free this weekend. Not that a fag would have helped but I have been there with my son very ill in the past and caved. So pleased he is ok and at least you could stay in the hospital with out going back and fo to have a puff. Also big well done on 10 weeks . xxxxx


Hello Vicki,

I hope you are feeling better today, well done on making it through the stress of the past couple of days, I am glad your son is o.k. keep up the good work:)



IM glad everthing went ok with your kid. and congratulations for not having a fag..


Glad your son is ok and well done on staying strong.


Hi Vicki - very well done for not smoking - meant sincerely - my daughter had a similar appendix emergency - can you believe my **** of an ex-wife didn't think I was worth informing of this possibly life-threatening condition? Yes we were divorced and zero contact for quite some time, but even so ...

Glad your son's OK - and, again, well done keeping off the fags - I'm sure I'd have caved under such circumstances ...


JimPart of what made my son's illness SOOOO stressful was my ex husband... I informed him at lunchtime on friday that I thought it was appendicitis, and then again shortly before we left for the hospital... We have a daughter too, who's (nearly) 14 who needed to be considered... But as soon as he and his new wife got home they necked a bottle of wine and put themselves over the limit!!!

when I phoned him after seeing the doctor he was just rude to me on the phone, and told me he wouldn't be there that night, and was going after to Estonia the following day... but when the casualty doctor called him and told him that our son was acutely ill and he needed to think of him and bring him what he needed for his stay in hospital, he came!!! My son was really upset, I think he may have really damaged his relationship with the kids by doing it tbh! Silly Man!!

I am always shit-hot about communication with him...but he behaves like that, and wont tell me important stuff when he finds out first... Then there's people like your EX who wont tell you stuff and you really want to know.... its a funny world


Glad to hear your son is recovering from his ordeal and that you managed to stay smoke free throughout. At least you were there for him when he was diagnosed and operated on.

Well done again Vicki.

Jan xx


I agree vicky the children will remember the one give support. Hope hes recovering well.xxxxx


Hi Vicki

So pleased your son is recovering well in spite of an inconsiderate father selfish sod but your children will remember who was there for them




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