No Smoking Day

Real bad day :(

The reason I started smoking came back today, 9 days after I quit, PANIC ATTACKS.

I started smoking because I got panic attacks, they are terrible, cigarettes really fixed that problem until now I'm getting them back, I'm really stressed and kinda freaking out been hitting the wheel, front window of my car. I'm going nuts, really reminds me of the 6 months before I ever started!

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Boudee, thanks so much for your reply, I am seeing a doctor about this tomorrow.

But, when I used to smoke I used to be very active in life, I was always doing something, always, I was always ready to visit anyone, to do something creative like filmaking, working on photoshop, just take a drive for the fun or clean my car.

Now that I've quit I have abseloutly no interest in doing anything, I just stay in my bed the whole day, seriously :S My friends find this ought, they asked me to go to the movies and I refused. I just have no interest in going out anymore. I go to school and it has suddenly become 100 times more boring and passes slower .... zzzzzzz .... I just go to school, gym and then home to my bed and stay there till it's night except when I go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Sorry for all this negativity but this is just hard to face. Cigarettes really encouraged me to go outside and do more things.

(I have, I really have gotten over the nicotine phase, I am not in psychical need of cigarettes due to nicotine, I really just want my old lifestyle but I am telling you there's no interest, I just want to stay in my bed and do nothing, that's yes the only thing I WANT to do.


If you've only quit for 9 days then you won't have got over the nicotine withdrawal yet.

The urges may be less (which is a good thing!) but your body is probably still reacting to feeling it is being 'deprived' of something. This gives you more stress and may be why you feel unhappy and don't feel like doing anything.

You could try and find something new to do! It doesn't matter what it is. Use the money you've saved to do it, think of something new you'd like to try.

Hopefully this period will pass quickly (it has only been a few days so far).

The best of luck, keep hanging in there!


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