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The name says it all

I am going to be a 2020 bride. In fact one year from today - 5th September 2020. So plenty of time to steadily lose weight. I had cancer back in 2013. Put weight on with chemo, radiotherapy and lots of steroids, and remain on two lots of medication both of which have a stated side effect of weight gain BUT I My weight at end of treatment was 17 stone 10 pounds. I’m currently 14 stone and 10 pounds, and need to get focused on losing some more weight. On day two of week one of the 12 week plan, and looking for some ideas, support and just trying to enjoy this process.

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hi 2020bride and congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Hope you have a great year ahead and bet its here before you know it. sorry to hear of all the treatment you've gone through. to of lost 3 stone is brilliant so well done. I found this forum about 9 weeks ago and everybody has been so supportive and given lots of advice. I do a weekly weigh in and that helps to keep me focussed. good luck with your weight loss journey,have a great week :-)


Thank you candoo. I am just reading through some of the weigh in groups. It’s great support and I will join one.


Hello, 2020bride, and welcome to the forum :)

This must be an advance anniversary for you, so advance congratulations :)

What amazing progress you've made since seeing off cancer. I hope the forum will be able to help you through the next stages and that you'll be an active member, as I know you will inspire many of us :)

You need to get a personal calorie range from the NHS BMI calculator as the 1400 figure you will see is generic and is likely to be too low for you. As for what you use your calorie allowance on, the Daily Diary is a great place for logging your meal plans and sharing ideas. I also recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, for the brilliant ongoing support you'll get there.

There's plenty more going on so we've put everything you need to find your way around in this Welcome Newbies post Please also read our post about online privacy and security, especially as you have not locked your post

Take your time exploring, read and join in chats, ask questions, encourage others - it will all pay off for you :)


Thank you BridgeGirl. I’ve already been and calculated calorie allowance from BMI. I gone old fashioned and have the week 1 sheet on the front of the freezer. I’m having a good look around the site and will for sure sign up to a weigh in group.


That's good :) Experience here, including mine, is that you can lose weight steadily while eating in the upper half of the range it advises.

Make the most of the forum and you'll do great :)


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I’m sorry to hear of your health problems but it sounds as if you are making in roads with your weight loss, which is great news. Like you, I’m getting married in July next year (second time around for me) so I started doing the Couch to 5K in March along side healthy eating to try and lose weight. Will you be wearing a wedding dress? I’ve decided to wear one so that’s been a great incentive for me to get moving and eat less. Wishing you good luck with your weight loss and all good things for your big day next year! 🥂


Hi, yes I had a tea length wedding dress, which I love, but need to lose some weight to get in it. I would say about 2 stone. You’re right it is a great motivator. Got the first three days done (I find them the hardest), and other half is being very supportive. I have a dog walking business so exercise really is not a struggle, although we don’t really do much strength based exercise so I’m looking into that. I walk between 15000 and 22000 steps a day and I think that has really been why I’ve lost weight, so hopefully with healthy eating it will really help to shift the weight. Congratulations for your upcoming wedding next year. It’s not our first time so we are taking a lovely relaxed approach to it all.


Us too. We want the ceremony to be taken seriously but then the rest of the day is to be very relaxed and hopefully a lot of fun. I went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday and found our dresses, the total opposite of what I was going for and we walked 14,000 steps so win win. Good luck with your healthy eating and visualise yourself in that dress looking stunning on your day! x


Welcome and a good plan to start now and getting into healthy eating habits and not crash dieting at end which never works. Great news on kicking the cancer. I see your doing 12 week plan have you checked your actual allowance on the BMI calculator rather than using the generic 1400. Make sure you eat to top amount then got leeway to come down as loosing also if don't eat enough body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. Good luck also join in a weigh in


Wonderful you are doing this the sinceable way lie other mentioned, it can be a plan for life, You had great courage over cancer you can battle weight. Exercise is a big help get up and walk or swim or join a class. Burn some calories, find new recipes we eat Keto which is high fat, no grains, mainly meat, seafood, butter, cheese, veggie's,. A girl friend of mine is getting married next month and listened to me on this diet since my husband lost 70lbs in a year. She worked the diet on the low fat but did not cut all the carb's and does she look fantastic. Keep up with the support group, check out some low calorie recipes. Enjoy your time-Welcome.


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