February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 1 - Results

February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 1 - Results

Afternoon all. How are we all doing? A bit sore from all that stretching? Blisters from walking miles and miles and miles...or are we all feeling fit, fab and ready to post our results?!

I had a good week - I didn't realise the underlying pressure running a challenge would bring! So, my results for week 1 are:

Strength/physio - 25 mins

Yoga - 90 mins

Walking - 90 mins

Total - 205 minutes (phew!)

Hope the rest of you managed to get some minutes in. Please remember there is no pressure, just do what you can and if you hit 150 minutes then fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing the posts coming in.


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128 Replies

  • moreless please could you pin. I will try and tag those that were taking part. Thank you!

  • My pleasure, Newbiewl :)

    Well done for your totals, you've had a great week :)

    My totals are:

    Walking - 413 mins

    Running - 139 mins

    Cycling - 60 mins

    Zumba - 60 mins

    Total - 672 mins

    I appear to have cracked the aerobic activity, but failed dismally with strength exercises, so my goal for next week, is to get a better balance between the two :)

    Good luck everyone :)

  • Fantastic total! You really have nailed the aerobic - great work. It won't take much to get your balance as you are easily hitting the time. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks, Newbiewl :)

  • Hi there! :D

    I was doing really well up till Sunday morning and then forced to stop due to poor health - as soon as I am better I'll be right back on it though...Well in total I have done a total of 336 minutes of exercise this week...that was a combination of walking, boxercise, exercises done at home, running and weight training. :) As I said, I would have done more but too poorly at the moment. :(

    Sazkia :)

  • Good grief! If that's a bad week then I will be miles behind you on a good week! Really well done. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks, I was really enjoying it too; especially as I ran my first 5k!!! Too bad I got this darn cold though, it's just refusing to do one. :P I was very busy at a recruitment event today so I might not have as much time on my hands soon. :) You've done brilliantly too, well done!! :D

    ♥ Sazkia ♥

  • Hi bit late reporting as we were away on a mini holiday. Too many cakes consumed (well it was VERY cold but did walk 23 miles over the three days. Total for week up to Wednesday

    157 active minutes

    60 minutes dance

    40 minutes cycling

    95 minutes digging and gardening

  • TheJuggler I'm so sorry think I have got confused with two February Challenges running, I joined up to Itsbabs. I think the challenges are quite similar - but as i'm here I did a total of 450mins from 1st February to today. Lots of walking, some exercise bike, abs and squats and some pilates and have taken to running up and down the stairs 10 times each set, but not everyday as it nearly kills me!!

  • I'm sure it's perfectly permissible to be in both the February challenges, lucigret, we need all the help we can get :)

    Itsbab's challenge is more weight related and that goes hand-in-hand perfectly with Newbiel's :)

    Well done for doing 450 mins of exercise, that's fantastic! Omg, my legs are buckling at the thought of running up the stairs once, never mind 10 times! Thank goodness I live in a bungalow! :D You're amazing! :)

  • I've got a spaniel who needs walking or we pay for it!! She also likes to lick me to death when I do floor exercises, do you loose more calories when you exercise and laugh?

  • Definitely!! :D

  • Wow, loads of us joined in!

    I did walking x2 hours split into 2 sessions

    Gym, 25 mins x 3

    Total 195 mins

    Thanks for giving us the challenge.

  • Great job, Ella, well done you! :)

  • Well done! Yes great to see so many people sign up.

  • Good afternoon TheJuggler

    I've had a good week exercise wise, and managed an average of an hour a day ☺

    Cardio 120 minutes

    Indoor cycling 90 minutes

    Yoga/pilates/strength 120 minutes

    Walking (outdoors, briskly) 120 minutes

    Weekly total 420 minutes ☺

    Great challenge and some good numbers people ☺

  • Fandabedozy, Anna! :)

  • Fantastic work. An hour a day is amazing - am feeling I need to up my game!

  • So, Week 1 not too bad - a total of 165 minutes, made up thus:

    Pilates 55 mins

    Aerobic 60 mins

    Power walking 50 mins

    Though having just read your post, moreless, I feel that I could do better! But I made the 150 mins minimum, so that's good.

  • What you've done is great, Dietbunny. Don't forget we're not in competition with each other, we're just trying to motivate and support each other :)

  • You are right of course, but I couldn't help but notice the difference!!

  • We should never compare ourselves with others, because our circumstances are all different, the same as with weight loss.

    You've done brilliantly and waaaaaaaaaaay more than those people still sitting on their couches :)

  • 150 is a target for us all and if you hit it that's fantastic. Well done.

  • Good day all,

    30 mins cycling

    60 mins decorating (does that count?)

    30 mins core strength

    135 mins walking

    Total 255 or 195 if decorating isn't included

  • Decorating definitely counts, ewillday! Good for you! :)

  • Decorating is hard work! I'll definitely include it. Well done on a great first week (and on the decorating!).

  • hi there.

    walking 150 mins

    running 40 mins

    aerobics 60 mins

    wish you all a good week x

  • total of 250 mins

  • Great totals charliejack, well done you! :)

  • Great work!

  • Hi I thought I did well but compared to some of you I am a beginner in this!! I did a total of 426mins consisting if:

    70 mins of Strength & flexibility NHS exercise (2x level 3)

    The rest very brisk walking- I park off site and a very brisk walk it takes me 10mins to get to work. Also been walking into town which is 3.25m away and when I go shopping I go the long way round

  • You certainly did do well, RG! I should take a leaf out of your book and start the strength and flex too! Great work! :)

  • It helps I am doing team pedometer challenge at work so we each need to do a minimum of 70,000 steps per week- there are about 94 teams and every week a league table is produced- its quite competatitive!!!

  • Wow! Great motivation! :)

  • Sounds like a great way to include your walking. I would love to walk to work- maybe when the morning doesn't have to include the school run! Well done.

  • Hi Everyone, this is how I've filled my minutes this week:

    Walking - 150 mins

    Pilates - 165 mins

    C25K - 90 mins

    Total 405 mins

    Won't win any prizes, but sure is 100% better than I was doing back in December...xx

  • Woohoo, ANewMe! I think you definitely deserve a prize! Great totals! :)

  • Any movement is a bonus and if it's more than you were doing then that has to be good. Great numbers.

  • Well done to you and everyone who has posted so far. I managed an additional 160 minutes by

    5 x 20 minute brisk walk at lunchtime and

    1 additional 60 minute Zumba class on Sunday.

    This is on top of my usual 60 minute Zumba class on Tuesday and 60 minute legs, bums & tums on Thursday.

    So grand total for week is 280.

  • Fab result! Hope you enjoyed your extra class. Great first week.

  • Can anyone recommend an exercise programme that is good yoga, pilates or aerobics? I've been to 4 different gyms and each one within 2 years they went bust after being in business for years until I joined! I've decided I am a jinx for gyms or it could be an excuse but I don't want to be responsible for anymore gyms going out of business! Looking at what people have been doing I need to mix up my exercise I think

  • Lol RG07 😊

    Yes, definitely mix it up 😊 Brisk walking, either outside or try Lesley Sansome on you tube, plus NHS choices also has some Pilates and strength and flex videos 😊

    Good luck

  • Thanks- I am doing the strength & flex but didn't see the pilates link so will look into that and the Leslie Sansome espevcially since they are free!

  • Hi all I have achieved 1 hour swimming, 1 hour stable duties. 1. 30 walking. 45 mins exercise bike. I am pleased with that.

  • Well done! The totals on here are amazing. You should be very pleased with that.

  • Hi Everyone

    This week I swam for 40 minutes

    I biked for 180 minutes

    And I walked for 812 minutes

    Total of 1032 minutes

    I have really enjoyed getting back into it. I am doing great with the exercise and the water now I need to put more focus on my portion control and calorie counting!


  • That's a huge total, well done! Adding that to portion control and calorie counting is sure to yield great results.

  • WOW......Well done!!! Even at my fittest I don't think I could do that!!! ;)

  • Thank you, I am not that fit really - just determined to achieve my goals!

  • I beg to differ there! :P Well done though, you did really well!

  • Wow! Just - wow!! I have a feeling you will be hard to beat in the top ten leader board (I will be posting the top ten later today...). Great work, I will aspire for that total at the end of four weeks!

  • Hello

    I have done 1 hr in the gym , 2 hrs running and one hr boot camp !

  • Fantastic Molly, bootcamp sounds tough!! :o

  • Tough but fun X. Who would have thought I'd ever say both of those things in the same sentence !!

  • It's great! It shows just how far you've come! :)

  • Oooh, brave work with boot camp - I have total fear of trying that. Maybe one day... Good work.

  • Hi, I managed to do a total of 202 minutes,

    Walking 60,

    Cycling 70

    Strength and flex 72.

    I didn't start until Friday so I am happy with that.

  • That's brilliant, LL, I can't wait to see what you'll achieve in a whole week! :)

  • Great total for only starting Friday - can't wait to see how you get on next week.

  • Seems to me we have all thrown ourselves into this challenge TheJuggler, well done for coming up with it and well done to everybody who took part.

  • So my bench mark from last week was 132 Active Fitbit Minutes.

    This week:

    Active Fitbit Minutes (includes brisk walking and treadmill) - 367'

    Indoor Rower (C2) - 60'

    Elliptical - 10'

    Weight Machines - 50'

    Exercise Bike - 15'

    TOTAL:. 502 minutes

    I am hampered by an unhappy ankle, so am having to do lots of 5 minute exercising (working with my physio) rather than being able to plan out a balanced programme. And standing around is banned.

    I was overtaken by events today, so failed in my mission to prioritise some exercise time for me.

    Great to see so many people fitting in such a variety of activities.

  • That's a huge total, MissisB, especially as you're injured! Well done you! :)

  • Take care of that ankle. I have a dodgy one so I feel your pain (sometimes literally!). Glad to hear you are having physio - worked wonders for me. Fantastic total so well done.

  • Great job all! I have done 180 mins on my treadmill. Going to try harder next week.Good luck everyone.

  • Great job, Rocky :)

  • Well done!

  • Hi all.

    My week consists of:

    Walking: 1003 mins

    Rowing: 20 mins

    Blisters: 1

  • Woohoo, SE.........except for the blister! :)

    We're going to be hard pushed to keep up with you! :)

  • Ouch! Amazing total - no wonder you have a blister!

  • Well, that didn't go according to plan!

    Walked and/or ran only a total of 19 miles according to my trusty Fitbit. The good thing is the watch clocked me at 160 minutes in the fat burning range of heart rate and 320 minutes total cardio including some at peak HR.

    Three sessions of weight training at the gym for about 60 minutes in total seem to be paying dividends - I've seen a steady reduction in body fat from 29.6% to 28.8% over the week but unfortunately no loss in weight.

    I'm not sure if it counts as flexibility, cardio or weight training, but several hours a day have been packing and humping boxes for our forthcoming house move.

    I promise next weeks report will be more structured.

  • Everything seems to going perfectly, Stewie, as far as I can see. The number on the scale doesn't matter a jot, when your body fat has reduced. It's all about getting fit and healthy and that's exactly what you're doing :)

    You've done 540 mins of deliberate exercise and another 20+ on humping boxes! You should be really proud of yourself :)

  • I like that you say 'only 19 miles'! That's fantastic. Moving is moving is moving so celebrate how far you have gone. Great work.

  • TheJuggler ive put my fitbit results ... here.


  • Well done Claz :)

  • Hi, I might be being dense but was that 80 mins every day for 6 days or am I reading it wrong! Great work.

  • yes my active minutes where on average 80mins per day x

  • Hi Newbiewl, thanks for running this challenge! I'm so used to thinking in kms it was a challenge to shift to minutes. I usually leave my endomondo app running while I lock up my bike etc, as no more kms are being recorded so it usually doesn't matter... But now I'm getting used to pausing it while I pop in somewhere, restarting for the next bit of the journey etc!

    You would laugh if you saw me, faffing with my phone before I even take my helmet off! Maybe I need some kind of garmin or snazzy watch thing instead... For all that, I have 197 mins to report, all cycling. I hope to have running to report next week too.

    I hope the challenge is motivating for you despite the responsibility and not a chore! I hope you're not going to have to add anything up or any other horrible homework etc :) I'm glad I achieved my 150mins :)

  • Your app may have an auto stop function in the settings. That way it would stop counting both distance and time when you stop moving.

  • I just looked and there is an 'auto pause' - genius! I'll try it next time I'm out. Hopefully it also auto-restarts if I'm just waiting at traffic lights etc...

  • Mine does. It's usually very responsive :)

  • Well done for achieving your 150 mins and learning an easier way to record it Ruth, this week will be a doddle in comparison! :)

  • That sounds like me setting up my runkeeper when I go for a walk! I need 10 minutes before I actually start moving... great work! Am enjoying running this challenge and I love a spreadsheet so not too onerous and I can think of worse 'homework' to be doing!

  • Hi TheJuggler

    My exercise for this week was:

    Walking - 430 mins

    Exercise bike - 97 mins

    Total - 527 mins

    I seem to be having a few problems with getting back into using the exercise bike daily but hoping to get there by next week.


  • Woohoo, Rose! Fantastic total! :)

  • Another amazing total! Well done.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for the challenge @Newbiewl

    Unfortunately despite the best intentions I've done less exercise than normal this week (I'm blaming having two job interviews to prepare for!)

    Cycling on exercise bike: 40 minutes (2 x 20 mins)

    Walking (outdoors, briskly) x 1 35 minutes

    Weekly total 75 minutes

    Half way there at least! And surely can only improve on this next week...!

  • You've still done more than everyone sitting on the sofa.

    I gained quite a few minutes by jogging on the spot on the lounge whilst the adverts are on. If you do this a for a couple of ad breaks each day, the minutes soon mount up.

  • Thanks Cavaco - I think this is a top tip for me when working from home too. I can sit for hours without moving, which I know is not healthy, and short bursts of exercise every hour would be a great improvement...

  • Good luck with the interviews

  • Thank you Mollydex I got offered both jobs, so am over the moon! Thanks for the support.

  • Fantastic X well done

  • Think of it the other way round, you have started the challenge and despite preparing for those interviews you have still managed 75 minutes. Isn't that an achievement? Good luck for the interviews and hopefully you can break 80 minutes next week...

  • That's a much more positive approach! Thanks @Newbiewl

  • Hi TheJuggler,

    Walking (indoors and outdoors) : 120 min

    Vibestep : 60 min

    Hope to do better this week. Its definitely motivating to see what everyone else has achieved. Well done...

  • You've achieved your 150 mins, Kittynibu and that's what counts. Well done you! :)

  • You have done really well and yes, is good to see what others are up to isn't it? I like that you are already planning to challenge yourself next week - good luck.

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you TheJuggler for tagging me in. My stats are:

    cycling: 624.36

    life modelling: 195

    total: 819.36

    Have an active week everyone :)

  • Wow, that's lots of minutes! What is life modelling?

  • I pose for artists to draw me. It's a good workout because I have to hold challenging poses for various lengths of time.

  • wow, I took a life drawing class once (many years ago). It must be good for your core strength.

  • It is and also for the legs and arms :)

  • Great work. Having very little balance I can only be impressed with your life modelling! We used to have to draw a very grumpy man in life drawing (but maybe that was because he was naked, having to stand still and look at a bunch of hungover students....!)

  • LOL that couldn't have been much fun. There are some grumpy old life models out there!

  • I've had a good week - total 356 minutes of activeness according to my wonderful fitbit. I've had a couple of sessions in the gym, mostly cross-trainer or treadmill, but also a lot of active walking - ie getting my heart rate going. Sadly I have a couple of raw patches on my heels from walking in the wrong trainers and that is hindering me slightly, but I shall keep going.

  • You have a good total, too. Hope your heels heal quickly :)

  • Ouch! Some cushioned plasters, comfy socks and trainers this week then... Good work - hope the heels are better soon.

  • Morning everyone. Am totally blown away by how much effort you have all put in to this challenge. Need to go and do the school run and attempt a body conditioning class (!) I will be back later to respond to you all and to start the stats (that is unless I'm still crawling out of the gym...). Good luck with week 2. I will be posting that one open later today. Keep at it you Fantastic February Fanatics!

  • Great challenge TheJuggler thank you 😊

  • It's all thanks to you, Newbiewl! :)

  • You have made the biggest effort by putting the Challenge together TheJuggler , running it for us, and giving us the motivation to get moving. Would I have moved as much as I did last week without this Challenge? I very much doubt it. :)

  • Walking 210 minutes.

    Pilates 80 minutes.

    Strength 40 minutes.

    Total 330 minutes

  • Great total manda! :)

  • Good morning.

    Walking-outside 252 mins.

    Gym bikes treadmill 60 mins.

    Total------------------- 312mins.

    Thanks for the February fitness challenge.

  • Brilliant Roset, good job! :)

  • It is not really about how much you do or how far you go, it is about doing some.

    And for those that do, you are already a winner.

  • I've managed 30 minutes walking every day, so pleased with that, total of 210 minutes, pleased with myself , but not as good as many if you others. well done everyone, I feel much more positive.

  • That's great work and you only need to think about yourself. We are in the challenge together but only in competition with ourselves. 30 minutes a day is fab. Well done.

  • Sorry I'm checking in late. Exercise on Tuesday morning didn't go so well. I flipped my sitski and landed upside down with the frame and all my weight resting on my right arm. I've had it x-rayed and it's not broken but it's pretty swollen and badly bruised and I can't move it properly. Anyway...

    Pilates (physio) - 194 mins

    Wheelchair propelling - 190 mins

    Walking - 13 mins

    Skiing - 45 mins

    TOTAL = 442 mins = 7 hours 42 mins

    I'm quite pleased with that, but next week is going to be considerably less as I can't propel myself.

  • Oh no! Hope you are OK. Sounds like you will need to take it easy this week and give your arm a rest. Hope it feels better soon. Great work on your time total though.

  • Ouch! That sounds really painful, but you had an excellent week otherwise. Hope it all mends quickly

  • Morning, sorry I was doing this and I have taken note...am I to late now to record it? Was it tuesday to the tuesday? Thanks #dotty lol

  • Hi. No its fine to still post your results - I will post stats next Tuesday for the first week. Wednesday to Tuesday inclusive. Thanks.

  • Thanks i was 4 hours 10 mins...mainly walking but theres a 20 min zumba in there, thanks

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