Fasting blood sugar level 10mmol/L

I'm 29, and even though I tried to be good during Christmas I fell off it and now my fasting g blood sugar is 10mmol/L which is scary as I have to get it to 5 or below..... Could someone please help me to by suggesting what I should eat n what not... I tried to google it and also YouTube it however they talk about carbs and proteins.... I just want to know what meals I should have.... Also please let me know how I can bring down the sugar level.... I'm scared now...

Please help

Kind regards



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  • Hi, I don't know anything about diabetes. Surely your doctor gives you advice about what to eat? I know there are diabetics on here that can support but I would recommend you consult gp if you are worried. Good luck

  • Rioc , if you're in the UK don't you have a diabetes nurse? According to the NHS site..."as type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition, you'll be in regular contact with your diabetes care team. Your GP or diabetes care team will also need to check your eyes, feet and nerves regularly because they can also be affected by diabetes." Like EllaMidlands I too would recommend a consult with your GP.

    Just to add you might want to join this forum also:

  • How do you mention someone in a post like you did for me? It would be useful to know!

  • Easy, use the @ symbol then type the name - you'll see a little box appear with the name - select the name - if it goes blue it has worked. Hope that works EllaMidlands !

  • Ok Angusina i will try it, woo hoo! Success! X

  • Hi Rioc,

    Welcome to the group. Feel free to continue posting postings/comments of your own and posting comments on the postings and comments done by other members, asking questions, take a look at the topics section and of course, meet the other members of the group.

    For diabetes control, have you seen your Endocrinologist (diabetes doctor)? What had he/she said at your last appointment? Are you counting carbs for each meal and snack? Did you get put on insulin or just medication without insulin?

    Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation website. There are free leaflets on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes " and "Exercise and Diabetes ". All leaflets are downloadable, can be read and/or listened to at anytime. Go to:

    I hope this helps!

  • I have a NHS nurse.... And she wants me to use insulin which I don't want to use.... I still want to manage it and have a better life without the use of insulin.... I'm on metformin... But yes I need to book an appointment to see the nurse.....

  • Which insulin does the Nurse want you to use? There are lots of different brands and names. I use Lantus and Novolog, but that will change soon because the medical insurance is changing what they will cover for insulin. Please make that appointment. They may want you to get another A1c test done.

    Please check your e-mail.... I'd sent you a quick note.

  • Thanks

  • You're welcome!:-)

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