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Hope I'm in the right place for Monday weigh in!

I was 12 stone 4 last Monday and 12 2 today. I hit 12 stone and half a pound around Thursday (I cant stop weighing myself ). Generally pleased. People are saying I "look well" which I take to mean they think I've lost weight but are being polite. Would love to get into those 11's so intending to have a good week!

Congrats to all who have posted regardless of outcome; engaging with it is first step. (For me anyway).

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You are at same weight as me

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I've really got quite stuck. Hoping to get it all moving again as have a holiday in January! Need to exercise tonight!


Hi Frankie53,

The Monday Group Weigh-in thread is here, if you want to join us there:


Congratulations on your 2 pound loss, that is fantastic, and so great that others have noticed already that you've lost some weight. You'll be in those 11's before you know it!

Lowcal :-)


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