Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (9th November 2015)

Hi everyone,

Last Monday I weighed 13 stone 4.0 pounds, and today I weigh 13 stone 3.8 pounds, so I've lost 0.2 pound this week. I had hoped to lose 1 pound, but I'll take 0.2 pound, as it's a loss, and I feel good about that. :-) I've managed to keep to my healthy eating plan this week, and also done plenty of walking, but I didn't do as much strength exercises, so I hope to do more of those this week. I'm aware I'm going to have a couple of meals out this week too, but I'm still going to try to see a loss on the scales for next week's weigh-in, so I hope to choose wisely for those meals out.

Reminder of how this thread works: If you weigh-in with us today, then one or more of the Fab 5 will respond to you, and we will do our best to ensure that everyone is responded to at some point in the day and/or evening.

The Fab Five are:






Lowcal (Me).

Some of you may have noticed that Candystripe is no longer in the Fab 5 team (although she will continue to be part of the Monday weigh-in group and a very supportive and much loved member). Her internet connection has not been kind to her, and she has decided to step-down from Fab 5 duty. Thank you Candystripe for your kind support up till now, and we really appreciate all you've done.

Moreless - a warm welcome to you as a new Fab 5'er, and we are grateful to you for stepping in - your help is much appreciated, both past, present, and future!

To everyone out there, if you're new, and fancy weighing in with us today, you are very welcome! Just pop in and introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you want to), plus any goals you are hoping to achieve on your weight loss journey. We also encourage discussion and supportive posts between contributors, so feel free to interact and enjoy participating within the thread.

The Group stats for last week's thread are particularly inspiring, and are as follows (thanks to our great stats woman, Ruth_Canal_Runner):

Total people posting on last Monday's thread: 73

Total overall weight lost: 44.6 pounds (20.24 kilos)

Total people who lost weight: 41 (67.39 pounds lost) (30.57 kilos)

Total people who gained weight: 14 (22.79 pounds gained) (10.33 kilos)

Total people who maintained their weight: 7

Total people starting out on their weight loss journey/plan: 3

Total people who didn't disclose their weight gain/loss: 8

Fantastic results!

Wishing everyone another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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335 Replies

  • After losing nearly every week for first time I gained a pound but o can't expect to lose each week all I can do is learn from this week and hope next week I can lose so I am now 13.2 fingers crossed for next week x

  • Hi Emma-and,

    You're right, it's unusual to keep losing consistently, so you've done really well to lose 1 pound every week - and I hope you feel ok about this 1 pound gain today, and that you keep going so you can see another loss on the scales very soon. You're getting closer to the 12's, so hopefully you'll get there soon, all being well.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Lowcal, Fab 4ers, everyone and welcome to Moreless,

    My apologies to all for being unable to continue posting as one of the fab5. The internet is so slow in our village and I have struggled since the beginning and taking me up to 30 minutes to do just one response. Being unable to support my colleagues effectively, I have decided to back down from the fab team. I shall however be staying with the forum and putting my spoke in as I did previously!

    Anyway, good news Lowcal that you've lost again this week. You are definitely getting there. Good luck with your meals out and the temptations that confront us!

    Last week I weighed in at 12st 8.6lbs and this week 12st 6.4lbs so a loss of 2.2lbs. I know I had done better than that by Friday, but at the weekend I made pork & leek sausage rolls for Xmas along with mince pies also heading for the freezer. Sadly they didn't all make it into the big freeze damn them! Yes I know it's still a loss but I was doing so well after my two weeks of alcoholic oblivion so cross with myself!

    My plan for this week is to continue with my gym class for three sessions and to be more vigilant and less greedy at the weekend!

    Have a good week everyone. :)

  • Hi Candystripe,

    Thanks for the welcome. I can only hope to be as good a Fab 5er as you were :)

    Well done with the 2.2lb weight loss, I know you're cross with yourself for letting things slip a bit on Friday, but I'm sure that your yummy sausage rolls and mince pies were worth it really, so don't be too hard on yourself, you can sweat them off in the gym :)

  • Well done on a loss, always time to celebrate! Onwards and downwards scale wise

  • Rock on 2+ pound loss :-)- very pleasing :-)

  • Morning Candystripe

    Thank you for your time and dedication as a member of the fab 5, it must be really frustrating trying to respond with poor internet connection when you have such wise words to add to the forum. No doubt you will still be around to offer support and motivation to us all.

    Well done on your loss of 2.2 lbs this week, that's a great achievement and you managed to enjoy your pork and leek sausage roll to boot.

    Good luck with your gym classes and well wishes for your onwards journey.

  • Hey Candystripe, don't be so hard on yourself, you lost weight! Who can resist baking and not enjoying some themselves? I did the same thing with a carrot cake I made a couple weekends ago. Enjoy your gym sessions and have a great week.

  • Good morning Lowcal and everybody,

    It's a big day for me, to be considered a worthy replacement for the lovely Candystripe is a huge honour and one that I hope I'll be able to fulfil to everyone's satisfaction :)

    Well done with the 0.2lb loss Lowcal, I know it wasn't quite the pound you were hoping for, but a loss nonetheless. I'm sure you'll be rewarded for your efforts next week :)

    For myself, I can happily report a 1lb loss this week, which is a huge relief, because at 1am, when I could stand the suspense no longer, I was 2lbs heavier!! Thank goodness I had 6 hours to go! :)

    Wishing everyone good luck on the scales today. Happy Monday! :)

  • Hi Moreless (Lovely New Fab 5'er),

    Thanks for your kind words on my 0.2lb loss. I appreciate them. :-)

    I'm also thrilled that you're on the team, and I know you will do a great job. You've already been supporting the thread for the past few weeks, and you've made a difference already. So thank you!

    Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week, that is really great. Wow, I'm imagining you standing on the scales at 1am this morning, that is definitely early - glad you waited the 6 hours till now to weigh again.

    Wishing you a great week ahead, and a good day today as a Fab 5'er.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, I'm in awe of your responses, cos you always manage to say exactly the right thing. My aim is to emulate you :)

  • You're doing a fantastic job :-)

  • Oh so funny more less, madness how you just want to know! At least with digital scales you get accuracy!

  • Moreless madness, exactly right! :)

  • Congrats on the 1lb loss moreless - who would have guessed we can be 3lbs heavier in the middle of the night! I guess you won't bother being so 'curious' again in future! Good luck for the week ahead and hope you enjoy commenting on this thread as much as I do. I find everyone's posts on here so inspiring. We're all in this together :)

  • Thanks Ruth, I guess that old saying "curiosity killed the cat" isn't far from the truth :)

    From day 1, I've loved this thread with a passion, I still can't believe I've been lucky enough to be invited to respond in an "official" capacity. My cup runneth over :)

  • You are the perfect person for the job moreless :-)

  • What a really lovely thing to say MM, thank you so much :)

  • Its true moreless :-)

  • LOL - I can't believe you were up weighing yourself at 1am in the morning - I thought I was obsessive :-D Well done for taking on the fab five role - don't know how you will manage it though as you are generally so quiet ;-) :-O (oh - and well done with that lb weight loss !)

  • OCD has nothing on me :)

    I'll really have to work hard to come out of my shell, I'm hoping it'll be good therapy for me :D

    Thanks :)

  • Do you have an excel spreadsheet though ? I have, and it includes a graph that shows trending lines and targets in different colours - very sad ! :-)

  • I wish I did, but I'm a computer numpty :(

    Maybe I could draw one and colour it in with my grandchildren's crayons :)

  • That's what I did for 'Strength September' - squared paper and some coloured pens. Who needs fancy excel spreadsheets anyway?

  • Precisely!That's exactly the type of response this dinosaur needs to hear :)

  • Morning Lowcal

    Wow up at 1 am to check your progress, I don't think I could ever be that keen. I think I'm going to try a 24 hour sleep next Sunday, if you can lose 2 lb in 6 hours I might lose 1/2 stone. It's got to be worth a try!! Wishing you the best of luck in your new role, I know that you will be fab at offering support and motivation to us all. Thank you to you and the other fab 4 for your continued dedication to the cause, have a great week.

  • Let me know if it works, because if it does, I'm going into hibernation for the winter and emerging in spring a super model :)

    Thanks for the really kind vote of confidence, I really appreciate it :)

  • I agree with folks here, you are going to be fab at this, living up to the name "fab five"! Great job on losing 2 packs of butter, it is a staggering amount when you see it in front of you - wtg! I must say I did relate to the whackiness of the scales and the ups and downs...there doesn't seem to be any consistent pattern to weight loss does there - I find the same thing. Although, I don't get up to weigh at 1am, wow you are keen! That said, I got some good exercise moving the scales around my kitchen this morning to double check they were right. It's a good job my family already know I'm a bit nutty!

    Happy Monday to you too, and thanks...I now have Hallelujah by the Happy Mondays stuck in my head!

  • Thanks WW, but between you and me, it's a fab four and a complete nutter :)

    I'm thinking we're both up for a game of scalextric :)

  • A loss is a loss. Well done Lowcal.

    I have made a minor gain but am not recording it as I am still in my maintenance band and more than a kg below the top end of it.

    Still learning to maintain but now at 4 weeks below my goal , so happy days!

    I need to get back to exercise now my injury has resolved but my motivation has gone... must try harder!

    Hope everyone see has had a good week.

  • You're doing so well 2beFabnfit, as you say a minor gain isn't even worth recording (will you say the same about a minor loss? ;) )

    Good luck with getting back to the exercise now that your injury's resolved, I need a kick up the backside too and I can't even blame it on an injury :)

  • Hi 2bFabnfit,

    Thank you!

    Congratulations to you for keeping within your maintenance band, and to achieving being more than a kg below the top end of it. That is fantastic! :-)

    You've achieved maintenance for 4 weeks now, and you're below your goal, and that is so great.

    Glad to hear your injury has resolved, and hope you get your motivation to exercise back - wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning lowcal,

    After my disasterous first week, weight has not changed! Hardly surprising after all the cava consumed over the weekend. So onwards and upwards this week.

    Start weight: 15st 7lb

    This week : 0lbs lost.

  • Hi Pj53, well done for not gaining ;)

    This will be your week, so onwards and DOWNWARDS :)

  • Just commenting since I have no plan to weigh in as yet, but these are my goals this try and prepare my meals and measurements in accordance to the recommended allowance, to eat more fruits and veggies, to jog more than walk this week....not minding the fact I sound like a steam train always

  • Hi Thule, great to see you :)

    Loving the sound of your goals and amazed you're still planning to jog, kudos to you :)

    That steam train action will be a thing of the past in no time :)

  • Hello fab 5 and congratulations on your new job Moreless! Like Thule I'm just commenting, have decided not to weigh in for a while because the more structured I try to be, the more my inner teenager sulks and stomps her feet, and won't join in with my plan! If I don't put pressure on myself I seem to be able to eat healthy food in sensible amounts and maintain weight, so I'm not going to weigh in till the end of November and see if I can lose a little by small tweaks. I can lose weight by calorie counting as I've already lost a stone doing that, but my head has to be in the right place. I'm trying to build more walking into my week, and that's no hardship because I love it - it's my stress release, it's about being more organised to free up the time. Good luck everyone☀️

  • I like your way of thinking Fran, we all have to do what's right for us and what achieves the results we're after.

    Good luck with your stress free month, I'll look forward to hearing your results :)

  • Wow, low cal you're on a roll! Well done must be feeling great. Poor Candystripe....I lnow how she feels like with Internet...cannot believe I'm on here! Perhaps it's because it's early in the morning.

    Anyway..I remained the same after a week plus away but I am finding it soooooo difficult to get back into the zone. Loved the holiday but my brain is still telling me to have that drink..I even got crisps out of the cupboard...they were out of date and horrid...but I still had ten....yuck! So will keep on keeping on with your wonderful and kind support..thank you low cal...thank you prin, sues, ruth and Moreless...have a super week.

  • When is your bin day? Sneak them out them and let them vanish those naughty treats

  • Too true...they've gone...

  • Thanks PP :)

    Sorry to hear you're struggling to get back on the wagon, but I have absolute faith in you being able to achieve it. Your positivity encourages so many of us, it must have the same effect on you too.

    Forget the scabby crisps, wave goodbye to the alcohol and say welcome back healthy eating. You'll soon be back to burning off that unwanted energy :)

  • Thank you so much Moreless. Really kind of you. Yep back in the zone...or getting the image of scabby crisps....go us.

  • Good Morning Lowcal,

    Well done, so long as the scales are going in the right direction any loss is good!

    Last week was the first joint healthy eating week for me and 'Mr.J' I think I was so focused on him, I took my eye off my own healthy eating resulting in Mr.J losing 2lbs and me gaining 2lbs!! You couldn't make it up!!! Must do better next week.

    Have a great week everyone.

  • I think that's what you call Murphy's Law Jenever (or something a little ruder) :)

    Time to let Mr J watch out for himself, so that you can concentrate on you :)

    Best of luck for next week :)

  • I'm sure I read somewhere that men naturally tend to lose weight faster than women, so make sure you don't think of it as trying to keep up with him or anything like that as you might get disheartened. Moreless is right, just focus on you and your journey...Mr J is a big boy now, I'm sure he can fend for himself (although bless you for loving him to bits!). Good luck for next week, we are all behind you, you can do it!

  • I'm sure it's true, WW and Jenever. My hubby isn't even watching his weight, he consumes loads of crackers and cheese in the evenings and eats crunch corner-type yogurts daily, but because I'm cooking healthier meals and not keeping choccie biccies etc in the house, his waist size has shrunk. He's more like the man I married 27 years ago, except with less hair!

  • Ahhh that'll be what it is, hair is quite heavy, must be the lack of hair! Hmm, perhaps it's time I booked in for a substantial trim lol! :-D

  • Hello low cal, lovely to hear you've lost again, maybe bigger amounts next time, I'm still at 10st 7.5lbs happy to maintain, it will take some getting used to.

  • Well done Diana, looks like you've really nailed maintenance, you'll soon learn to love it :)

  • Well I hope so, my decision was based on decreasing cleavage, I'm noe very happy with what I see in the mirror.

    Just to be mindful of how much I consume

  • I'm sure you're far more critical of yourself than anyone else is.

    Keep an eye on things, but don't be too harsh on yourself :)

  • Get your self down to m&S they will sort you out😄, it may be that you suit a different shape of clothing, my chest was so large I had to wear a cami with everything....

  • To be so lucky, eh!

  • Hey guys

    I've stayed the same this week which is ok.

    I decided to fill in the NHS weekly diary and actually started to look forward to seeing my stats at the end of the day.

    Thanks to the support of Fran, Ruth & my new found love of the gps tracker on the fitbit, I've actually exceeded my 30min daily exercise challenge. So I am happy about that :-)

    This week my target is: Walk up (at least) 10 floors each day, attend Zumba class on Friday and body pump on Saturday.

    hopefully I can stick to this :-)

  • Hi Gracie1985,

    Congratulations for maintaining your weight this week. It's great to hear you've enjoyed using the NHS weekly diary and to seeing your stats at the end of the day - and also that Fran and Ruth's support has helped - plus the GPS tracker on the fitbit - sounds like fun! I've not used a fitbit myself. Briliant that you've exceeded your 30 minute daily exercise challenge - really good!

    Wishing you success with this week's target - wow, walking up 10 floors each day sounds really great exercise. Enjoy the Zumba class and the Body pump - you've set yourself some great goals.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Two of my favourite classes have you done body pump before?

  • I tried body pump before, used to go weekly but then I lost interest since it didn't seem like my body was changing

    but since I am trying to fit in at lest 2 strength training days, I figured I should go back and just get on with it lol

    my personal trainer thinks I should never consider exercising myself as boring...

  • I would like to join this group. Have been a yo-yo dieter all my life, now 65.

    I did try HFLC but it is not suiting me. I am not well at the moment, but will try.

    I am 12. 12 lbs and 31" waist.

  • Hi Lizzy65,

    Welcome to our Monday group weigh-in, you are very welcome to join the group, and we are glad you popped by to introduce yourself. Sorry to hear you're not very well at the moment. Please take it easy and don't overdo things, as often it's good to look after yourself when you're not well, and maybe you might want to consult with your GP about whether it's a good time for you to be attempting to lose weight.

    The NHS 12 week plan has a good structure and advice, so let me know if you're not sure where to look for that, if you want to see it of course! Basically the icon in the middle top of the site, labelled 'Weight Loss NHS' will take you to the 12 week downloadable pages, and you can access them there. You have to click on a couple of link pages though to get there. So if you do have diffciulty, let me know, and I'll copy and paste the link for you.

    Many of us use an app (like Myfitnesspal) to help us to keep track of calories and exercise etc) so you might want to consider that too.

    Whatever you do, you are very welcome in our group, and I'd like to wish you a really good week ahead.

    Most importantly, I hope you feel better very soon.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Congratulations on a loss Lowcal. I have lost 1.75 lbs this week. I now weigh 12st 2.25lbs. I am now at the end of week 12 and have lost 24.25lbs, so that's an average of 2lb a week. I still have a fair way to go so have printed off some more loss sheets and am moving on to week 13.

  • Wow, what a lot! Such an encouragement for your weeks ahead

  • Wow, those are fantastic stats summer, well done you! :)

    All the best for week 13 and beyond :)

  • 13 is your lucky number!

  • Morning. LowCal a loss is a loss, what scales do you use? Mine only register by the 1/2 lb. So I seem to have stayed the same, but my clothes do feel a better fit. When I look back I wasn't as careful at noting everything so this week its back to weighing and recording. The weather doesn't look so good for me so I'll not manage my 6 miles a day but hoping to brave the wind and rain and walk home.

    Hope everyone else has a great week.

  • HI SkinnyBlonde,

    I use Salter scales I think - although I might need to double check that, so if they are different, I'll let you know later. I'm about to go for some breakfast, but I just wanted to respond to your post before I do. I'm trying to respond more randomly today.

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight this week - it's definitely much better than a gain, and in my book, that's something to celebrate, so I hope you feel the same - the important thing is that you've noticed that your clothes do feel a better fit, and so your measurements are clearly changing.

    I know you're getting back to weighing and recording things again, so good luck with that. I hope your walk home isn't too bad in the wind and rain - hopefully the weather will be kind to you!

    If not, then hope you've got something warm to welcome you when you get home.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I use salter scales , great nice and easy!

  • Morning lowcal and everyone. It hasn't been such a good week for me after being so focused last week and the first half of the week just gone everything went wrong. Back to my old habits of compulsive snacking on a couple of days. Last week I weighed 15 stone and this week I am the same weight. I guess I should be pleased I haven't gained but am just feeling so fed up that I let the compulsive eating get the better of me again after I was feeling so determined to change my habits😟 this week I need to get my positivity back and get focused. I am just going to aim for a loss of any kind so I don't put pressure on myself.

  • Hi Steph,

    Don't let your slip this week drag you down. It happened and is in the past. This week is brand new and will be entirely different. Don't think about what may, or may not happen on the scales, just concentrate on your eating plan.

    All of today's posts will help to get your motivation back on track and keep using this forum for continued support.

    All the very best to you :)

  • Thank you for your support. You are right i need to stop focusing on want the scales say as it the moment i am weighing myself everyday just to see how it's going and I tell myself i won't take too much notice of it until the monday. I will set myself another goal this week to not weigh myself again until next monday and to get focused on the eating plan.

    Also I forgot to say well done on your loss.☺

  • Good for you, so fingers crossed :)

    Thank you :)

  • Totally agree with Moreless! We all fall off the wagon, holidays happen, etc, it's part of life. Think of the long journey, and ignore past events, focus on the future and the eating plan, the health and weight should fall into place naturally. Think about a whole year. If you spent 90% of it eating healthily and the other 10% was those "falling off the wagon" weeks, the odds are still stacked in your favour and you should come out on top at the end of it all. It's really hard to break old habits, so don't worry too much about the scales just now. It's good that you know your weight so you know your starting point, but it's more important to focus on breaking old habits and forming new ones, that's stressful enough in itself without adding the stress of watching the scales too! Try to have some coping strategies. I'm calorie counting and keeping a food diary to help me see what I'm eating, but that's not for everybody. The other thing I am doing is allowing myself a 100 calorie snack every day, which I save for the weak times, evenings. I know I have something to kind of look forward to every day and don't feel deprived that way. There are lots of snacks which taste good but are 100 cals or under, if you want examples of mine let me know ( I don't want to bore you!). Good luck, chin up, we can all do this together!

  • Morning All! Just a fly by this morning as I am running late!

    Well done LowCal on the loss - fab :)

    I have maintained this week but I am happy with that. I visited a friend I haven't been up to see in a while and we had coffee and cake both Sat & Sun, curry Sat night and win and beer. It was lovely but I really need to get back on it...


  • Hi NoMoreJunk,

    Sounds like you're needing NoMoreJunk, as lovely as it may be :)

    Well done for managing to maintain and best of luck for a loss next week :)

  • With all the extras I'd say you did a brilliant job of maintaining, very well done!

  • Hello, end of week three and unfortunately have put back on last weeks loss of 1.5lb, ah well, will keep at it and try to walk more, hopefully just a hiccup and back on track next week. Good luck everyone, hope you all have a good week, Chrissie

  • Hi Brick,

    Sorry you had a gain of 1.5lbs. Do you have an idea of why it happened, or was it one of those odd, inexplicable blips?

    Good luck with your extra walking and fingers crossed for a loss next week :)

  • Ahhh lol the "blips"...I seem to get those regularly and it's so disheartening when you have been doing everything right! I keep telling myself "the long journey, it will even itself out over the weeks and months", and so far, it has. The general trend is downwards over the long term and that's the main thing...keep the faith!

  • First day weigh in 15 stone 1lb I am gutted as I have nearly put all the weight back on that I lost last year :( I need to do this for myself and to show my daughter the right way to eat/exercise before the cycle starts again.

  • Oh, I'm so sorry thealley, believe me, I know exactly how you feel, I've done it numerous times before.

    Well done you for picking yourself back up, with determination to be a great role model for your daughter.

    With support and encouragement from us all, you can make this time your change for life, so here's to a very happy and healthy future :)

  • Nodding my head like the Churchill advert dog here! Moreless, I swear you say everything I am thinking as I am reading the post, you are doing a fantastic job, everything you are saying just makes perfect sense and is so easy to relate to. If you hadn't posted this 5 hours ago I'd swear you had mind-reading skills lol!

  • Madame Moreless with her crystal ball....................................just cross my palm with silver, please ;)

  • It's 7.30am and I'm just popping off for my breakfast, but I'll be back later! :-)

  • Hi all. Lowcal I am glad you are feeling good and that you lost some weight.

    Sadly since Monday lasted I gaied. 300g and have just weighed in at 91.7. Again I appear to have put on 1.7kgs since Saturday morning.

    So I have had a second bad week - mainly because I caught a head cold and then that triggered bad asthma. I have not been sick all year so annoying. Although I managed to keep up with work and hospital physio sessions there was no swimming, cycling or gym. I really need that exercise.

    I did however follow Ruth's excellent suggestion and have been switching in squash carrots and celeriac for rice and pasta in the evenings. No alcohol November is still a thing.

    Have a good week all. Looking forward to reading all the posts.

  • Keep going Gonti- I am doing a dry November too - but v slow painstaking weight loss!!

  • Hi Gonti, I think you've done very well to only gain 300g with all you've had to contend with. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Morning LC, congratulations at managing a loss this week. Even though it's 0.2lb it's still a step in the right direction!

    ScoobaSteve had a bit of a drunken student weekend and a considerable amount of fast food (maccys, subway, chinese etc), I have gained 2.4lb this week but... hey, I had a good time haha Hoping to lose something this week, managed to up my walking again last week so hopefully will do the same this week as well.

    All the best to everyone on their weight loss this week :)

  • Morning ScoobaSteve,

    Ah, happy memories of student life and what a young body has to contend with :)

    Ok, so you ended up gaining 2.4lbs, but you've got your healthy head back on now, so good luck with your eating and exercise for this week and fingers crossed for a loss next week :)

  • Thanks moreless, you too :)

  • I think I was just dehydrated on monday as I have lost almost 3lb! was 12st 12lb today I am 12st 9:2lb? Can't complain..

  • Hi ScoobaSteve,

    Great to hear you're re-hydrated! :-) I suspect Ruth may take your Monday weight for her stats, so bear that in mind for when you weigh-in next Monday.

    Congratulations on a downward trend, that is really great!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm going to take the 2.8lb loss as your figure - 12st 9:2lb - that's ace. Maccy Ds and Subway etc seem to have given you a boost, rather than bogged you down! Hope you can lose even more by next weigh-in but hopefully by less stereotypically studenty means!

  • Morning Lowcal, a loss is a loss so well done. I was 13.1 but now 13.1.7, waist 42" so I'm back up, but I'm still eating as healthy as I can. Hope for better next week. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi Marianne,

    Bad luck for a very slight increase even though you're still eating healthily. That can be so frustrating, but you're sounding really positive, which is an achievement in itself.

    Best of luck that next week you're rewarded for your hard work :)

  • Morning lowcal and all. Well done lowcal on you loss this week.

    I did not have a great week this week but im glad i check my weight throughout the week and it gave me quite a wake up call as it showed a bit of an increase. Seeing the errors of my way on friday i sat down wrote everything i shouldnt have eaten this week with a warning note to myself and stuck it to my fridge! I also braved the gym on Saturday which i have been finding excuses for not going to and really enjoyed it so now i have no excuses!

    Anyway getting to the weigh in this morning this morning and was so pleased to see the damage i had done at the start of this week had been undone and i can report that i have stayed at my favourite weight for the time being of 10st 9lb.

    My plan this week is to stick to my food plan that i have set in place and get to the gym.

    Good luck all for this week x

  • :-) well done - no place like being the place where you want to be:-)

  • Think my message was lost somewhere. So quickly - I've stayed the same despite being a little unfocused but as someone put last week 'onwards and downwards'. So I am again 13 stone but am noticing clothes getting looser 😊. Just got to keep focussed and well done Lowcal and all who have lost this week.

  • Keep focused BB3- no gain is good- hang onto the maintenance and concentrate on this week for a loss - anything is good:-)

  • Week 1 - of re-boot and dry November. Spectacular mid week - i had gained 2.5 pounds - more than dismaying. but i hung on in there and by today i have lost since last Monday 0.75 pound - hooray. i am now a weight i have not been in months!!!!

    Still ages to go tho.... So roll on this week (trying to avoid calorie gain on my son's 18 on sat). V pleased to see some result!!

    Good luck to everyone - hope you are call losers:-)

  • Woohoo!! WTG you! :)

    Those scales can be both terrifying and electrifying in the beat of a heart. I'm so pleased for you that it turned out well.

    Congrats to your son on his 18th, will you be breaking your dry November?

    Have a great week :)

  • Morning Suzybenj (Lovely Fab 5'er),

    Wow, sounds like you've had a really good week. Congratulations on your 0.75 pound loss over the week, and to being in a weight you've not seen for several months, that is fantastic! :-)

    Hope your son's 18th goes well on Saturday, and that you enjoy celebrating with him.

    Wishing you a great week, and catch up with you later today.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning,

    I stuck pretty well to the 1400 calories, only going over yesterday by 62.

    Started week 1 at 227lbs, this week I'm 223.2lbs. So I've lost 3.8lbs this week, wasn't actually expecting such a high loss as I've been dieting for a while and just came off a low carb diet. At my heaviest I was around 250lbs so it's definitely coming off.

    I was hoping to start the couch to 5k today but have woken up feeling rather unwell, so I'll see how that progresses as the day goes on but I don't want to push myself to much and end very ill so will probably wait till later in the week.

    I have a prepaid exercise class on Wednesday so I will be some new exercise this week at least.

    Here's hoping a good week for everyone this week

  • Fantastic to have a 3.8lb loss RoundRobin, the change in diet must have been just the shake up your body was needing :)

    You've lost almost 2st since you started, which is terrific :)

    Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather and it sounds wise to hold off the couch 2 5k until you're feeling a bit better. Let's hope you've improved enough to do your exercise class on Wednesday.

    Good luck for this week :)

  • Hi...this is my first weigh in....i only began the calorie counting/watching my diet on Thursday but am so pleased to see a loss....starting weight was 12 - 5 and weight this morning was 12 - 2 so absolutely delighted with that!!

    This week might be a little more difficult as im away from friday to monday so wont have the same control over my diet (staying with family who will be doing the cooking) but will try my best.

    Well done to everyone weighing in this morning.....whether its a loss, a gain or a maintain its being accountable thats the important thing. Good luck for the week ahead x

  • Wow Quinnie, a 3lb weight loss in only 4 days, that's amazing! :)

    Would you be able to tell your family that you're watching your weight, or at least be able to choose what goes onto your plate and the portion size. It's never as easy when we don't have total control, but it's part and parcel of our new healthy lifestyles.

    Enjoy your weekend away, I'm sure you'll be just fine with your eating :)

  • Thanks Moreless...yes will have to take control of my portion sizes myself and also try to make sure that no Smirnoff Ice falls into my glass while im away!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement 😊

  • So Smirnoff ice does that to you too, there should be a warning on the bottle :)

  • Hi quinnie44

    As you may have read disaster first week but have been really all day including a 30 min bike ride. Well done for your weight loss hopefully you gain anything when your away this weekend 😀😀

  • Morning to the Fab 5 and All

    Well done on your loss Lowcal, I know that you were aiming for 1 lb but you have lost for 2 consecutive weeks which is a great result.

    I have managed to turn around last weeks gain and have lost 2 lb this week, I have worked hard and completed the kettlebell challenge but unfortunately this has come at a cost of being way off my kicking the km target.

    I have a spa break planned for the end of this week with a group of girlfriends which I am really looking forward to and plan to put the hotel pool and gym to good use to counteract any over indulgences.

    This weeks goal, lose 1.5 lb which will put me at the lowest weight since I started the process and also increase my level of cardio exercise which has been taking a back seat to the strength exercises for the last 6 weeks.

    I hope that you all have a good week.

  • You've had a great week mrsg, completing your amazing kettlebell challenge and losing 2lb. There are only so many hours in a day, so don't be too hard on yourself for not fulfilling your kicking the k's target, there's always this week :)

    I hope you have a great time on your spa week and have everything crossed for you losing that 1.5lbs :)

  • Thank you moreless

    You're so right there is always this week for the kicking the km's target. I'm on it, and can always fall back to using the cross trainer if the weather stays this miserable so no excuses.

    Have a good week yourself, have you set any goals for this week apart from keeping yourself busy being a fab fiver?

  • I'm really needing to up all my exercise, so I'll be concentrating on that this week.

  • Hi mrsg3 - that's ace that you completed the kettlebell challenge! That 2lbs loss really shows that your efforts have definitely had an effect. The spa break sounds great - hope there will be lots of non-food-related opportunities to treat yourself. Don't worry about the diversion from cardio/km exercise - re-starting these after all that kettlebell swinging will surely give your metabolism a boost, exercising new muscles, and hopefully building on the fitness you've gained these past 5 weeks or so. Will you just stop doing the kettlebell exercises now? Or will you keep it up, albeit at a much reduced level? Good luck for the 1.5lb loss you're looking for this week :)

  • Hi Ruth

    Thank you for your kind words. I hadn't thought about increasing my cardio having an effect on my metabolism so that will be interesting to see.

    In addition to the pilates class I'm planning to do 1-2 kettlebell sessions per week along with the increased cardio but I also need to concentrate some efforts on specific golf related exercises that I have neglected over the past few weeks.

    Only 7 weeks to wait now until my holiday which will include lots of golf so some practice to make sure that I beat hubby on the course is essential.

    I hope that you're enjoying your new job and have settled in to a new routine, enjoy your week.

  • whoo hoo

    low cal, you've turned a corner,

    small and steady congratulations.

    I've lost a 1ib 9.11 (maintenance )

    hoping to get back on the saddle,and possibly lose another 4ib.

    just so I have a few ibs to play about with.

    and it sure feels good.

  • Hi kitkat34, great that you've lost 1lb and that you're feeling in control. Do you mean get back in the bicycle saddle? I hope to do some more cycling this week, so also hope to get back in the saddle, pretty literally! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  • I wish Ruth

    I will leave that to you youngsters

    love hearing your posts

    you are always so busy

    I need to keep the weight off, and lose a little bit more.

    Thinking about applying for residency to New Zealand

    a long process and early days

    plus a medical, I hear they are quite hot on weight.

    whats meant to be will be

    good luck maintain

    hope your jobs going well

  • Greetings lovely people!

    Well done Lowcal - downwards is GOOD! Hope you get some good walks in between the showers this week.

    For me it's week 7

    11st 13lb last week. 11st 11lb this week.

    2lb down.

    Total lost so far: 11 1/2 lbs.

    Favourite bit so far: Bit excited to think that one stone loss is almost in sight.....!

    Aiming to lose about 2st and started at 12st 8 1/2.

    Thanks to the fab5ers - past and present. You do the rest of us such a kindness each week. I would never have thought I'd find an internet group so motivating - but I am hooked!

    Best of luck to everyone for a healthy week.

  • I have to agree with you about this group Runningsoon, it's totally addictive! :)

    Well done you for losing another 2lbs and I feel your excitement at that first stone down getting ever closer :)

    Here's to next week :)

  • Good morning lowcal, I weight loss this week was 1.75 lb and am 14 st exactly. I expect to put on some during the day but am pleased with the result, as I have had an up and down week this week.

    Like many others, the calorie counting has become somewhat irksome this week and I tried relying on common sense with eating frequency and portion size. Although I started the week fine, I drifted somewhat from mid week onward. Practice makes perfect, and I aim to calorie count again this week.

    I'm considering using my smart phone to take photo's of correct portion sizes and have them as a desktop slide show until I can get it into my slow brain what correct portion sizes look like.

    This could also be useful in helping me choose food plans for the weeks ahead, ensuring I get variety and choice into my diet.

    Being occupied will also help reduce snacking :) I do a lot of waiting around, for school runs, OH to come home, parcels to be delivered etc; and this will be a useful way for me to spend some time.

    Wishing you and everyone on this site a good week :)

  • Hi Tewson,

    Good morning! Congratulations to you for losing 1.75 pounds and being exactly on 14 stone - that means that hopefully you'll be celebrating being in the 13's by next week, all being well. :-) That is a great amount to lose. Really well done. :-)

    Yes, getting the portions worked out satisfactorily is an Art, isn't it - and I like your idea to photograph some foods and making your desktop slide-show. Hope you have lots of colourful foods to make it a spectacle of healthy rainbows! :-) Variety and choice is definitely a healthy combination to aim for. I always try to make my plate have plenty of variety and colour, if I can.

    I liked the u-tube video you posted of the actor at the meal ordering his pear and walnut salad - I actually thought afterwards that he'd chosen an excellent 'starter' but that he really should have something else to eat as a main course as he hadn't really chosen a very substantial or filling meal - I am definitely going to try to choose something that I'll enjoy when I go out for a couple of meals later this week, but also something that is healthy and filling. It's a balancing act sometimes, but it gets better with practice.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • What a lovely and uplifting reply :)

  • Congrats Lowcal on the 0.2lb loss - this really shows a strong downward trend which you should definitely celebrate. Before you go out this week, see if you can look up the menus of the places you're going to online, so you can plan your healthy choices in advance. Also, yes get back onto those strength exercises! Not that I've been doing mine either! But let's make a pact - I'm going to try and do mine this week, you want to get back to doing yours - let's see who actually manages to do them!

    As you know, I'm maintaining. I've gained 1lb this week, but I'm still at the lower end of my 'maintaining range' at 10st2, and I feel this is a natural fluctuation, so this is good news for me. I'm actually pleased not to have lost any more, as I'm now happy with my weight, figure, etc. I'm working hard to keep making healthy choices and not slip into any bad habits, and I think I'm succeeding. Good luck for everyone else's weigh-ins today :)

  • Hi Ruth, (Lovely Fab 5'er and wonderful stats woman!),

    Thanks for your kind words, and also really great advice regarding the meals out - I will certainly see if I can access the menus online beforehand, for a bit of pre-planning. There are bound to be some healthy choices that I'll enjoy. Thanks also for the much needed encouragement to get back to the strength exercises - I completely agree to your pact, and we can keep each other accountable - I'll keep a log of how many I do this week, and we can swap notes next week! Great idea!!! :-)

    Congratulations to you for keeping within your maintaining band - you're bound to naturally fluctuate by a little bit week by week. It's so great to hear you are happy with your weight, figure etc, that is really great.

    What I particularly like from your post today is that you are succeeding in terms of continuing to make healthy choices and you're not slipping back into any bad habits - that is going to help sustain your progress and help you maintain it.

    Catch up with you later, as I know you have a busy day ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done, sounds like you are doing well and have got good control.

    Just want to say, it's so interesting to read "the maintainer" updates. I've realised that this is the thing I never did work out how to do. I can lose it, I can gain it, but staying static always eluded me.

    I realise that I'm going to need this thread for a lot longer than the weightloss period!

    Good luck to all "Maintainers" - thanks for your input.

  • Hi Ruth,

    You're doing so well with your maintaining and it's great that you're so happy with yourself :)

    I going to use you and Lowcal for my inspiration to get cracking with my strength exercises too, as my kettle bell appears to have become an ornament that I just dust regularly! :)

  • I don't even have a kettlebell, but maybe I could borrow one of mrsg3's now she's finished her kettlebell challenge! Although I do have some dusty hand weights. I found the basic strength exercises that I did in September, without weights, really effective too, so might go back to some of those.

  • I would have happily handed my kettlebell over to you last night Ruth, the final 400 swings were a killer as I had done 6 days without a break. Seeing the results on the scale and in the mirror this morning and I'm not as eager to hand it over because although it's hard work at times I can see the benefit. I would recommend that you give it a go, kettlebells are not expensive I think my 5 KG one was £5 from Tesco and Moreless is right they do make good door stops when not in use.

  • Hi Mrsg3,

    I think Kettlebells are great - I use mine regularly - it's 8kg and it's handy for lots of things... :-)

    You've done so well to complete that Kettlebell Challenge, really inspiring!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal both for your kind words but also for your continued dedication and support. I can honestly say that without the forum I'm sure to have reverted back to my old ways way before now.

  • What a lovely place to be- maintaining- still 2 stone for me to get anywhere near that happy state:-)

  • You can totally get there Suzybenj. I'm 30lbs lighter than where I started, and now I've got here it feels like everything makes sense. You just have to keep working away at it, little by little :)

  • My first weigh in! A friends birthday Party Saturday and a w/e in London! So no surprise- I only list 0.2 kilo! Still it's not a gain.

  • Hi Ceriandblue,

    Great to see you on your first weigh-in with us - Congratulations on losing 0.2 kilos - that is great, especially as you've been celebrating your friend's Birthday party on Saturday and enjoying a weekend in London - I think it's a good loss in those circumstances. So really well done. :-)

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend away, and I hope that you have another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey all and good morning!

    Congratulations to everyone that's lost this week! This is week 2 of my weightloss and thankfully I'm down again

    Starting weight = 123.2kg

    Week 1 = 117.8kg

    Week 2 = 116.0kg

    So a loss of 1.8kg for me (about 4lbs)

    Still not managed to get back into exercise so the loss is just due to not constantly stuffing in food all day

    My target last week was 1kg and once again that's my target for this week

    keep up the good work folks and remember no point making excuses lets just get on with it if we make a slip up one day get it right the next


  • Good morning to you NocturnalBear,

    It sounds as if your mindset is very determined and that it's paid off to the tune of another 1.8kg. Well done you :)

    Good luck for your next kg and thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  • Wtg, you are doing well. It's hard not being able to add the exercise element to things, but I am in the same boat and it is still possible to lose weight through food, as we are proving eh? I don't know if you have a restriction which stops you exercising but don't let it worry you too much if you do. I have various physical restrictions so it's being done purely through food, but I'm at the end of week 10 and I've lost 1 stone, 6 1/2 pounds, so it can be done. I've had gains as well as losses during that 10 weeks so you have the right attitude, get back on the wagon, always keep going and have faith that in the long run it will even itself out.

  • Good Morning. It's the first time I have posted. I'm at the heaviest I have ever been right now. And over the past two months have gained over a stone due to debilitating back pain. 3 weeks ago I had a spinal operation to remove a disk from my lower back as well as some bone that had started to grow and push on my nerves leaving me unable to walk..... Anyway, I am weighing in at 13st 13lb. I am utterly disgusted that it has got to this stage, and am starting to feel my weight is holding back my post op recovery. I know it will be a long journey anyway, with the possibility of further operations, but I'm hoping that I am going to be able to make this happen for myself, not only to feel beautiful and confident, but to know I am doing what I can to prolong my life by treating my body the way it should be treated. I'm 28 and 5 foot 3, so I need to lose a lot to be in the healthy bmi range for my hight. Something has to give now, before I end up having a heart attack.

  • Well done - you have committed to sorting this out and turning things round for yourself, a big step.

    There are others on here who are recovering from operations and I'm sure they'll give good support. But it must be good for you to reduce your weight and increase your recovery speed.

    Very best of luck! Remember to check in here lots - whether you are having a great or a rubbish day someone will be there for you.

  • Hi Emma,

    I'm in awe of your guts and determination in the face of such adversity. To have dealt with so much at such a young age and still be willing to fight for self improvement shows a strength of character that will carry you along your weight loss journey.

    I'm sure I speak for all of us, when I say that we're delighted to be able to welcome you into the fold and look forward to following you on your path to health and happiness :)

  • Thank you so much tor that kind reply. You actually made me cry! Xxx

  • Oh crumbs, I don't know that I wanted that, but I hope you felt my sincerity :)

  • morning Emma and welcome, the hardest step is taking the bull by the horns and you have done that. Have a look at the 12 week plan for starters, you need to take it easy as you have a few health issues, see if your gp can give you any help or advice. You are a very determined young woman and you are beautiful😀

  • Thank you Prin x my GP is a bit useless tbh. I'm going to move when I'm back up and about. The only reason I was being seen by anyone was because I lost control of my bladder. A few weeks later it happened again ad that's when I rang emergency services who categorically told me that I needed an ambulance, and should have been referred straight to a&e by my GP the first time it happened. It's OK though, I will be sensible, slow and steady loss is what I am aiming for. I think it's the immobility that is going to be the hardest part for me back when I was active, if I wanted a cake I would eat it and blast it off with various cardiovascular dvds or a run. It's just not possible at the moment. X

  • Omg it's well known that loss of bladder control is an emergency situation, shame on your GP for not knowing that! I lost count of how many times my physio asked about it and drummed that into me on my recovery journey. Thank goodness you rang and got the op you needed. I think moving GP is a brilliant decision - the GP's lack of knowledge about a potentially life changing situation gives a vote of no confidence. I battled with my GP for about 6-7 years and ended up calling another surgery in tears at my wits end with the pain, although thankfully my situation wasn't as life changing as yours at the time. Best thing I ever did moving GP, don't be fobbed off (when you are able to get round to it).

    As for the food, I am counting calories. I've been filling up on lots of low calorie veg/salad based stuff for the most part and allowing myself a 100 cal snack every day. I suppose you could tweak that, so that you give up maybe 3 days' snacks, in favour of one cake, something to look forward to. Everyone has different methods which work for them. For me the worst part would be feeling hungry all the time. So, I don't! I just pile on the veggies and salad and eat less of the potato, pasta, bread foodstuffs. It's really working and I'm chuffed to bits how well it's working considering the lack of mobility. It's worked out better than I thought it would.

    Well I've rambled on plenty enough (again!), I always seem to do that...must be away now!

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I have been sensible with the food intake today. You are right re GP. If I'm honest, I just don't think he was listening properly when i told him. Either way I need gone, and will be as soon as I am able to :-). Well done on your weight loss, especially when you aren't very mobile. You should be very proud of yourself :-) xxx

  • Hi Emma, I wish you a speedy recovery from your op. Don't be hard on yourself, it can be difficult to get out of a negative cycle of thinking when you are in pain...unfortunately, I comfort ate and made matters worse, anxiety and depression got me into a cycle of thinking I couldn't lose weight and did I really want to as life wasn't worth living anyway - I had it pretty bad and hated myself. I had a slipped disc and got to the point of seeing a surgeon, but I thank the Lord that it reabsorbed. I do have some extra bone growth but again I am thankful that it is not at the stage yours reached...things are manageable with painkillers, for now. sound like you have made the positive decision to lose weight, and please be reassured that it can be done without exercise, so don't worry about that element at all. I am massively overweight, well obese actually, and have a long way to go, but I have lost 1 stone 6 1/2 pounds over the last 10 weeks purely through watching what I eat and planning ahead. We are all here for you, good luck on your journey!

  • I am here for everyone else as well if anyone ever needs an ear. I didn't realise how depressing being in a post op stage would be. Nor did I realise how long the recovery would take.

  • Good morning FabFive. Congrats to all who've lost or maintained, commiserations but chin up to those who didn't lose. Candy, I feel your pain - I live in a town a mile away from the nearest telephone exchange and STILL have a lousy Internet connection! Look forward to still reading your wise words on the forum though. Moreless you will be a great replacement for Candy, it's a massive commitment all you Fab5ers take on and I for one am so grateful for all your advice and support.

    So last week I weighed 17.3.0, this morning I'm 17.2.0. I'm really pleased with this, as |I set myself the goal of increasing my weekly loss from around 1/2 lb to 1 lb and I did it, despite very little exercise and a really bad work week which would normally have had me dipping into the biscuit tin. Doubly pleased because I went to a birthday party on Saturday and did not even go near the buffet - I'd had dinner before I went out, but in the past I would still have snaffled a few crisps, a vol-au-vent or something sweet. It helped that the buffet was in a side room, but despite the people walking past me with laden plates, I found it quite easy to resist. Also boogied a lot, which I hope made up a bit for the lack of "proper" exercise during the week. So I hope to lose another pound this coming week and edge even nearer to the 16s (which I haven't seen for at least 20 years!). Wishing everyone a lovely week. x

  • Thank you for your really kind words jigglypuff :)

    Well done managing to fulfil your goal of losing a pound and for resisting all temptation at the birthday party. I'm sure your disco diva routines helped you along the way and were also great fun :)

    Good luck with the next lb loss and look out 16's, here you come! :)

  • Hi lowcal. I weigh 12st 5 today my first proper Monday weigh in. I did start last week then went on holiday so a silly time to begin. So today I'm going to call week 1 and get serious. I love reading all the posts and great motivational tips. Onwards and downwards!!

  • Hi Florence,

    Good thinking on starting again and for "getting serious", hopefully you should see a good loss next week, especially if you gained at all whilst on holiday :)

    I agree with your thoughts about the posts, they make my day :)

    Onwards and Downwards, our rally call :)

  • Hi Florence181230,

    Great to see you today and I hope you enjoyed your holiday - you've decided to have your week 1 from today, and I think that's a great idea. You had a lovely holiday, and now you're getting serious and on your weight loss journey, and hopefully 12 stone 5 pounds will be the heaviest you'll be, and you'll now look forward to being lighter and healthier as time goes on.

    Great that you're enjoying reading the posts - and finding it motivational. That's what the forum is all about. It's great that you're part of our Monday weigh-in group, and wishing you a great week ahead.

    Like you say, Onwards and Downwards!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have decided to deliberately not weigh in this week, I know I was losing weight most of the week but I spent the weekend at a hen do and I'm still a bit bloated from that and it won't be a true reflection of my efforts this week.

  • Hi Determinedandready,

    Great that you were losing weight for most of the week, and I hope you enjoyed the Hen Do on the weekend. I completely respect your decision not to weigh-in today, as you should only do that if you feel comfortable to do so.

    I hope your bloated feeling subsides very soon, and I wish you another great week ahead. Sounds like you're reflecting your name very well, as you sound 'determined' and 'ready' - really great!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning everyone :-) Well done with that loss Lowcal - still heading in the right direction !!

    Well technically my weight has gone down from 177.2lbs to 173.2lbs - a loss of 4lb ! BUT I had to buy a new pair of scales during the week (the display is starting to fade on old pair), and after various scientific experiments involving me getting on and off each set and noting the difference, my new scales weigh me 1.6lb less than the old pair ! What a way to lose weight :-)

    Anyway, even deducting that 1.6lbs, my proper weight loss is 2.4lbs - which I'm delighted with. I've been increasing my running a bit this week, which I think has made a difference.

    I'm taking my 'new' weight as being accurate (decided that the old scales weighed me too heavy ;-) ) so I am now under 12.5 stone - Yippee :-)

    Have a great week everyone and good luck (or buy some new scales ;-) )

  • Oh yahoo! I'm off out to buy a new set of scales right now! :) Mind you, with my luck I'd end up being 1.6lb heavier! :)

    I agree, it was the old set that were wrong and 12.5st!! Woohoo!!

    Good for you with the running, but I definitely won't be joining you, the only part of me that runs, is my nose. Sniiifff! :D

  • Hi Lucca10,

    Congratulations on your 2.4 pound 'real' weight loss this week - I'm just repeating that fantastic figure for Ruth's stats, as you mentioned so many different ones there, and so I'll just summarise it for Ruth - you're doing fantastically! Really well done. :-)

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lucca10

    A real weight loss of 2.4 lb loss is fab and you're also now under 12.5 stone so well done you. I'm going to copy your efforts and increase my cardio this week so hopefully I'll report a loss again next week.

    Stick with the running it's obviously working for you, have another fab week.

  • Week 3 weigh-in: 101.2kgs so 0.8 gain which is just over 1lbs. Ho-Hum!

    I did not feel like cooking on Friday night so bought some Take Away style ready meals from Sainsbury's, Saturday we were out all day so I had left overs from the night before and picked the rest of the day, then Sunday we unexpectedly went out for a pub lunch and my old - what the hell I've blown it now anyway - fat person thinking came into play and I ordered starters, main, dessert wine etc. with not a good choice in sight.

    Then the whole of last night and the wee hours of the morning when I could not sleep from being so full and bloated I mentally beat myself up for being weak and rubbish, you know the thing. Just goes to show how a couple of bad days eating can affect one in all ways not just on the scales.

    However I'm just not going to allow it. Ok I messed up, I was weak but that does not mean I have to go on being weak.

    This one bad weekend does not signal a death knell for my entire efforts. I can't let it. I have made some good and positive changes over the last 3 weeks and I will not now sabotage myself. Be gone with you negative thoughts! I shall overcome you and win!

    I am away visiting my sister this weekend and I am bit nervous about it, however we are both in competition to lose weight so I think we will both be very virtuous in our eating so it may not be as bad I fear. But if she tries to feed me up I know what she is up to.

    Lowcal you are doing so well. Enjoy your wisely chosen meals out!

    Here's to a great week everyone!

  • SVR, I love your posts. Have you ever thought about writing a book? :)

    I love the way you make a statement, talk through the reasoning, then come up with the conclusion/cure, it's therapy 101 :)

    I can't add anything to what you've written yourself, except it could be a very frugal weekend at your sister's, with both of you choosing to stick to lettuce leaves ;)

  • Yep, I do use these forums as a kind of therapy for myself. I can talk things through and get out the other side in the company of people I have something in common with. That's the best part. :-)

    I took up piano lessons to distract me from eating, maybe I should also start writing a book to do the same. Anything to keep away from the kitchen!

  • Please do write a book, I'd be first in line to buy it :)

  • Hi SVR28,

    I agree with Moreless, you have written a really good post - really good to hear your thought processes and how you've challenged those negative thoughts, and effectively battled through a difficult situation and emerged from it with positivity. That's so great.

    If you sister does choose to eat frugally on the weekend - i.e. the lettuce leaves, then leave her to that, and ensure you eat some healthy filling foods that sustain and satisfy you - so that you don't turn to other foods in moments of weakness - that could be a potential 'plan' but I know it will be challenging when you're in her environment and under her cooking (presuming she is 'hosting' you) - just remember you can give her some guidance in terms of what you wish to pass your lips, and what you would prefer she leaves in the kitchen.

    Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.

    The problem is my sister doesn't cook, at least none of us want her to because she is really, really bad at it so visits comprise of ready meals, garden centre cafes (used to be cocktail bars & nibbles then we became sensible, had kids etc.) and restaurants.

    But what you say is so true. I am quite good at dieting in front of people then quietly munch away on crisps all on my own, in secret, because I am starving! How daft can you get!

    Wherever we end up eating I will make the best choices available, ask for sauces on the side or removed and watch my portion sizes.

    I just need to think how proud I will be of myself come Monday morning when I know I have tried my best and hang onto that thought to see me through.

    Have a great week.

  • Sounds like an excellent plan. :-)

  • Here's a "possible"... had you thought about asking her if you could cook for her as a way of saying thank you for always being such a great hostess? It would be polite, you'd be lavishing praise on her by saying how great she is and at the same time you'd get to choose the food you eat, even if it was only once, it would be one less time you would eat out. Just an idea, don't know if it would sit well or not?

  • That is a great idea! She might be a little shocked at the thought of home cooking but it is worth a shot. Thanks

  • Lowcal you are so right at least you lost. I guess the only way is to look at your weight positively now I know the secret why you loose as every little achievement you are happy. You are so right!

    Well today I weigh 13 stones and I am thrilled that I stayed the same as last week as I was so naughty and ate terribly only started being Thursday, Friday, Saturday was naughty and yesterday I was an angel. no complaining! This week I am going to behave myself and eat sensibly no more comfort eating and doing more walking. Going away Thursday for a week to U.S.A. so hoping to find a scale. Will be amongst family and will be a challenge.

  • Hi Bakersdozen,

    Thanks for your encouraging words, much appreciated! :-)

    Congratulations to you for maintaining your weight, and I know you're pleased with that yourself, as you mentioned that you'd had a challenging week last week - sounds like you're on track for this week though, and you've got a plan in place to eat sensibly and to hopefully avoid comfort eating. Doing more walking is a great goal too, so hope you enjoy those walks.

    Hope you have a lovely week in U.S.A visiting your family and hope you find a scale over there. Maybe aim to maintain during that time, as it's often really difficult to lose any weight whilst away, and from my experience I often end up gaining, so whatever goal you set yourself weight-wise, make sure it's one that you feel is achievable.

    Whatever happens, you can get back on track when you get back, but good luck with your trip away!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks so much for your advice. you are so right I will e delighted if I maintain my weight and than when I return will get into 12's. That will be nice!

  • Bakersdozen at 13, there's something quite prophetic about that.

    You know where you went wrong and you know what to do to correct it, so well done you.

    Have a great time in America, but watch out for gigantic portions! :)

  • No loss no gain this week. Giving running a break for a while, as the weather has been terrbile and the other half will not let me run in the rain or the dark on my own, so instead we are going to the gym.

    Went on Saturday for an hour, did cardio and weights, Felt nice to be back there after such a long break, then Sunday I skated for over 3 and a bit hours and tonight we are off to the gym again!!

    I hope this does indeed pay off, Food has not been brilliant but I have not been eating loads to be honest. Lets see what happens over this next week.

  • I can understand your other half's concern about you running in the dark and the rain, but you've come up with the perfect solution.

    All that time in the gym and skating has to have some effect, even if it's only the feelgood factor.

    Maybe try and tie down your healthy eating this week and you're sure to see a loss next monday :)

  • He has just reminded me I have lost 1/2 a pound this last week! Yeah its the eating I need to really fix. I know I am an emotional eater. Once everything is in check, pretty sure it should fall in to place.. I hope!!

  • Hi VikxMasha,

    Great that your other half reminded you of that half pound loss - Congratulations!!! :-)

    Great that you're enjoying the gym. Hope you have another good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I lost 2lbs this week (making a total of 24lbs overall) and am pleased with that, I am managing to do more at the gym and my joints aren't protesting too much!

    Well done everyone, whether you have lost/gained/stayed the same - keep up the good work.

    Welcome Moreless to to the Fab5!

  • Thank you very much LotToLose :)

    You are doing so well, 2lbs this week, 24lbs total and so close to 2st! :)

    Good luck for this next week :)

  • Hi everybody

    today I am weighing 75.2 kgs, which is a 2 lb loss from when I started, 19th October. I started on this weight loss journey 3 weeks ago, joined myfitnesspal and NHS 12 week plan. In the first week I lost more than 1 kg which was a great start. Then life kicked in - sleepless nights with my toddler, work stress, and pms just knocked my good intentions and I continued to indulge in food to get the energy to get me through the days. I didnt dare to weigh myself until today. At least I didn't gain weight!

    I was hoping I would lose more weight on this journey, but it is challenging and full of obstacles. Thanks for all your support everybody and good luck to you all xx

  • Hi Merendina,

    Welcome, and thanks so much for joining us for this Monday Group weigh-in. I think you've done really well on your weight loss journey so far, as you rightly say - there are often many challenges and obstacles in the way, and you have a lot on your hands with your toddler, work stress and PMS, and having sleepless nights is one of the worst things to contend with, so I'd like to say many Congratulations on losing 2 pounds since you started your weight loss journey - that is really good. What we'll do for the stats is divide that by 3 to enable us to have a weekly loss (we do our stats strictly on a week by week basis), so it will be an 'average' loss in your case, as I know you don't know how much you'd necessarily have lost in this last 7 days. I calculate it to be 0.67 pound lost. Hope that's ok with you!

    Great to have you on board with us, and I'll look forward to catching up with you in future weigh-ins - one or more of the Fab 5'ers will respond to everyone who posts, so you'll get to know us over time. Everyone is friendly and supportive in this thread.

    Wishing you another great week ahead. I hope you get a few nights of better sleep this week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Dear Lowcal

    You always find the right words to say and thank you for that. I wish I knew how to find words that are reassuring and encouraging for other people too.

    Yes, the weekly calculations you worked out work well for me.

    I will continue on this journey and just keep coming back to the forum when things get shaky again.

    All best

  • Hi Merendina,

    Well done you for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after your slide off the band wagon and for still managing to lose 2lb.

    This is not a quick fix, but a new way of life and sometimes hurdles are thrown in our way.

    The true strength of character is being able to deal with these and you've shown that you have it :)

  • Thank you for your kind words Moreless - but I am not so sure of my strength of character, I just know I don't want to give up as I need to lose this weight one way or another. :)

  • Morning all! Well done Lowcal, in the right direction.

    Strange week for me, by Saturday morning i had lost 4lbs. Now for weigh in same as last week. So disappointed as even stuck to no alcohol . I blame my period which did lead to some unplanned over indulgence but not 4lbs worth! Oh well, onto a new week!

    Good luck all

  • Hi Vickster5,

    Thank you! :-)

    Wow, sounds like you've had a good week, and you'd achieved a lot of weight loss by Saturday morning, but your period has obviously put the cybosh on that - I can assure you that you won't have gained 4 pounds in a weekend, it will be literally bloating and fluid retention and hormonal, so don't be giving it the time of day - periods are a nightmare - we'll put you down for 'maintaining' this week, but the good thing is that as long as you keep on track this week, and continue with your good intentions, you should hopefully be able to celebrate a fantastic loss on the scales at next Monday's weigh-in - so that will be something to look forward to.

    Have a great week, you're doing really well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • PMS, don't you just hate it! There should be a law against it! :)

    As Lowcal's said, stick to plan and the scales next week should be really kind :)

  • I think the scales know it's Monday morning!!

    And I am trying to be calm- but WHY- is the weight not just melting off with doing a dry November???

    Sigh- head down and keep going- good luck:-)

  • Oh suzybenj, I'm agonising for you :(

    Sometimes this journey feels as if it's not worth the effort, but we know the truth. If we weren't on it, where would we be? Stones heavier and still sitting on the couch.

    Not head down Suze, head up and looking to the wider picture and to the future, where you're happy, healthy and sylphlike :)

  • Ohh no, this must be really frustrating for you. I have to admit that if I was brave enough to try a dry month and it didn't show results on the scales I would be seriously miffed. As moreless has already said you should be holding your head up high and so proud of yourself for sticking with it. Good luck for a loss on the scales next week.

  • Don't worry, you are not alone...I personally fluctuate for no apparent reason, as well as that time of the month, and I'm pretty sure there are a few others here who experience the same thing. It will even itself out, just keep going...mother nature is a nuisance but we can beat her and the spanners she throws in the works in the long term!

  • 10.10am I'm going out for a while now, but I'll be back later. :-)

  • I have stayed the same from last week


    I messed up at the weekend 👎

  • Never mind bonnie if it wasn't for weekend i would be the same size as Naomi Campbell, put it behind you, think of a weekend strategy- what about buying or making veggie type nibbles if you must have that glass of wine!

  • I had the bride and groom say to me last night, you will need to buy a bigger bridesmaid dress

    Wedding is mid Feb


    I don't want to be a fat bridesmaid

    The other 2 are size 8

    I want to fit into my size 12 dress

  • Hi Bonni1,

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight this week. Hopefully you'll do better next weekend, with a good strategy in place, as per Prin's suggestion.

    There's plenty of time between now and mid February, so hopefully you'll be enjoying fitting into your size 12 dress by then. Lovely that you have an occasion like that as a motivator. Is it a dress you like, colour-wise and style-wise etc?

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes I found it and showed it to my sister and she bought it

    When I was my sisters age I was a size 8/10

    Now I'm

    A size 14 due to stress and partying

  • It's long dark pink with undercoat and it's Victorian style with lace at shoulders

  • Hi Bonni1,

    It sounds like a very beautiful dress, and I'm sure you will look lovely in it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hiya Everyone!

    It's a mad loss for me this week of -2.8lbs, so I now weigh 10st 2.8lbs. I don't know quite where it came from. I always seem to lose weight like this, hardly anything for a few weeks, then a massive whoosh! Had a great week though, survived a cinema trip with a bag of crumpled up rice cakes and a diet coke and took a packed lunch to work every single day.

    My man is visiting this week, and so since Saturday night the alcohol has been flowing. Foodwise, I'm feeling pretty good though - we went for a 3 course set lunch yesterday, and the main course was lamb shanks and potato wedges, and although it was a more calorific dish than I would have ordered, I managed to stop when I was full and not be tempted to scoff it all. Then the desserts was a "taster plate" and I managed to just have a taste of all and not eat until I was feeling stuffed. It's a great feeling.

    This week will remain challenging for me as there will be lots of celebrating so my only hope is to maintain as best I can :)

    Wishing everyone a lovely week!


  • What a great week well done, liking the idea of crumpled up rice cakes😀 enjoy your celebrations and look forward to hearing how it's all going next week

  • Wow Meshyt, 2.8lbs down, well done you! :)

    I have an amusing picture of you surreptitiously eating from your crushed bag of rice cakes at the cinema, did you get any strange looks? :)

    Considering the fact that your man is visiting this week and that there has been alcohol and meals out to contend with, you've done extremely well.

    Good luck with coping with the challenges ahead of you this week and let's hope you can keep those scales in order :)

  • Hi

    Well done on your loss this week, I am still the same, not too suprised just glad I haven't gained. It start's to get difficult now bad weather comes and not out walking as much plus going out for Christmas starts so must make a better effort this week.

    Good Luck to everyone.

  • It's quite challenging at this time of the year, sort out that party outfit, I think that just might be my saviour I want to ensure I look as good as I can four the party season I bought mine in the sales last year when I was about 6 lb lighter......

  • Hi Slimjan, the rubbish weather has a lot to answer for, doesn't it. I have to admit to not keeping up with my walking too. We'll both aim to do better this week :)

  • well done on the 0.2lb! its still a loss!

    ive finally made it into the 13s! so im 13st 13lb, a loss of 2 lbs since last week so very happy now 1st and 1lb total loss

    overweight bmi for my height is 13:4 (as currently im in the obese section) so only 9lbs to go :)

  • Yaaaay, into the 13's and only 9lbs from leaving the obese category, WTG you!! :)

  • Well done hydrogirl I see you are greedily lapping up milestones, first stone and down into the next stone bracket😜, great to see you have smart goal, you will be overweight before you know it! Remember BMI is just a guide I have never made it to the middle!

  • thanks Prin and moreless!

    three years ago I was in the middle of the healthy section so I would love to be there again (also thought I was fat then?1?!) but I know that will take at least a year so mini goals!

  • I did exactly the same 10yrs ago. We can be unbelievably cruel to ourselves!

  • yes we can! tho so can others especially those who are naturally skinny

  • I would Iove to be in the middle again

  • Hello Lowcal and everyone!

    Congratulations on your 0.2lbs loss and for being positive about it even thought it is not exactly what you had hoped for. I love your upbeat attitude and how you always look at how you could improve little things for next week. Very inspiring. And yes every loss should be celebrated!

    Moreless I'm sure you'll be a fantastic Fab 5er I have to admit to you I thought you were one of them in the first week I had joined this forum lol! Candystripe wow I had never realised it could take you so long to reply to us! You should be commended for trying so hard in spite of adversity. I am looking forward to carrying on reading you soon though!

    Ok as for me this morning I weighed 80.7kg compared to last week's 82.3kg. This means I have lost 3.5 lbs in a week. I am really thrilled after having lost only 100grams last week. Moreless did tell me last week that I seemed to have good losses one week then followed by a much smaller loss the week after and it looks like that might be my case! So for next week I am just hoping to not gain, as I have already lost what I would be happy about on average per week over two weeks. This has helped me see things in a different way! I was weighing 196.2 pounds when I started, I now weigh 177.9 so that is a loss of 18.2 lbs in 10 weeks. I am so happy. And being in the 12stones after having started at exactly 14stone is also an achievement. And being out of the obese zone too.

    And and and: I have done week 9 run 1 yesterday!! This means I ran for 30min non stop! For the FIRST time in my life!!! So I should graduate very soon!!!I am really excited. Who would have thought that 10 weeks would have changed me so much!! I have also bought a Fitbit when seeing how Dave was using it (he was saying his fitbit talks to his my fitness pal) and I like getting more stats on my day too!!

    Finally this Thursday I bumped onto somebody I had not see since September. She was very happy to see me then she said "What happened to you you have changed so much! Oh you have lost weight!!" it was sooo nice! She said " you have melted away" lol which IS an exxageration of course, but I dress VERY large for my size, so the fact that she realised even though I had not said anything is telling me some of my face features must have changed. I personnally feel lighter and can see my body as generally "smaller" if that makes sense but I would not have thought to the extent you could tell from my face lol.

    So... lots of good news this week. I am happy to have started this journey. Although I still need to write a little bit more about this LCHF thing. I have now cut down ALL carbs and sugar. SO yes it works but I wanted to find some sort of balance very soon. I have not yet. I think I will give myself until the end of the 12 weeks in order to reassess where I go from there.

    Thank you all for your support. I have gained so much confidence that I have also been taking biking lessons which have pushed me to start my theory test revisions!!! As I said, sooo many things have changed in just 10 weeks that it is really amazing. Physically and mentally.

    Wishing everyone a fab week and thanks again for your patience in reading!!!!



  • A fantastic and inspiring post just showing what can be done in a relatively short time frame, I love your new found confidence! It's great when people start noticing- and dress to impress 😜 have a great week

  • NB- what a great enthusiastic post- you are making me smile on a grizzly Monday morn at work. When it all works and comes together - it is like an aphrodisiac- I am getting mine vicariously through you:-)

    Big congrats on weight loss. But supersonic happy dance congratutions for doing that 9 week c25k- amaze balls:-)

    Rock on to next week:-)

  • So this is my third weigh in (although technically only my 2nd one registered with you guys)

    And although I had a controlled week and did lots of exercise last week I had a bit of a bad weekend although staying ish within my calorie intake I didn't eat good like I normally do- Nandos- cider- Sunday dinner- bottle of wine! Oops

    However this morning I weighed in at 87.4 so a loss of 1.2kg!!!! I'm shocked! And so happy, people have started noticing and passing comment which feels amazing- defo got my motivation to carry this on!

    Well done to everyone else who weighed in this week you've done amazing :)

  • Hi Woods,

    It looks as though your good week of eating and exercise was more than enough to compensate for your over-indulgence at the weekend, or maybe you didn't over-indulge as much as you thought you did :)

    Whatever the reason, many congrats for the 1.2kg loss, that's a fantastic achievement :)

    So pleased that people have started noticing that you've lost, it's a great motivator :)

  • Oh my gosh Nussaybah, I don't know where to start, so many positive things in 1 week!

    First of all 3.5lbs down is fantastic! :) I'm so glad my advice last week paid off and that I was right! I'll have to chalk that up for future reference :)

    Secondly, how fantastic that you were able to run for 30 mins non-stop! What an achievement!! :)

    Thirdly that your friend could see a difference in you just from your face.

    Fourthly your increased confidence enabling you to take up biking lessons (is that motor bike?)

    And finally, last, but not least, thank you so much for your vote of confidence and even having mistaken me for a Fab 5-er earlier. I couldn't be happier :)

    Don't worry too much about your diet, fine tuning takes a little time and I'm sure you'll get there soon.

    Thank you for your positive and uplifting post. Hope you have another fantastic week :)

  • Wtg Nussaybah you are going great guns! I misread Moreless' reply and thought it said "enabling you to take up BIKINI lessons..." then I saw motor bike right after and realised my error, and felt a sense of relief. If there were such a thing as bikini lessons, I shudder to think what they would entail!

  • Hahahahahahahaha! I'm needing bikini lessons, I don't know how to hide the rolls :D

  • Good morning.

    Last Monday I weighed 70.8 and today I weigh 71.1 kg so gained 0.3 kg.

    I was disappointed but I try to focus on other markers of success. I've lost 2cm round my waist and I feel better and lighter and the trousers I bought last winter feel very baggy now.

    I also managed to complete Week 1 of couch to 5k plan. The app is great.

    I also have a graph (hand drawn) on my bedroom wall which I look at every day reminding me that the overall trend is downwards and that up and down I trajectory is normal.

    So now I am thinking so what ? I'm feeling positive, today is another day on the weight loss journey. So what if the path is a bit wobbly? I will get to my destination at some point, maybe not before Christmas, certainly some time in the not too distant future.

    Have a good week everyone. Onwards and downwards.

    Linda 😀😀👍👍

  • Hi Linda,

    We could all learn from your positive outlook. The 0.3kg increase is disappointing, but as you say, put into perspective by the loss of cms and obvious outgrowing (or is it ingrowing? Nah, sounds like toenails! :) ) of your clothes.

    I think I should have a graph too, it sounds like a fab idea :)

    Keep up the good work and good things will come your way :)

  • Hi Nussaybah and Woods, I don't quite know what's happened to my replies, it looks like I've made a booboo. So sorry about that, I hope it's not too confusing.

  • Hiya Lowcal - well done on your weigh loss. Not about the number but how you keep at it no matter what!

    I lost 1.4lbs - now hovering outside of the 16s. Need to get back to the 15s and stay there.


  • Great loss Lizzie and so close to the 15's now. Fingers crossed you arrive sooner, rather than later :)

  • Hi all you lovely people, congrats on loss low cal, every bit counts as lots of little bits add up to big bits :-)

    Thank you everyone for the fantastic support on here it really is an amazing thing to be a part of , I treasure it!

    I am a very happy lady today I managed to lose 3 pounds so have done my first half stone only 7 and a half stone to go, if i say it quickly it doesn`t sound so bad! I do feel incredibly positive and am chuffed because i managed 4 swims at the gym. woo!!

    My plan is up my fitness with swimming and chip away at the weight slow and steady. I managed to get rid of last weeks gain!

    I hope you all have a really happy healthy week :-)

  • Well done- that first half stone feels like a fantastic milestone and really means you are on your weightloss/healthy new you journey. Bank the half stone and work on the next one:-)

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Thanks suzy onwards and downwards! :-)

  • I like it:-)

  • Hi MM,

    I apologise for the length of time it's taken me to respond to your post, I did try hours ago and got frozen out of the site! I guess it's trying to tell me something :)

    Every half stone is to be celebrated, no matter how many 1/2's you have left :)

    4 swims in one week is terrific, you're much braver than me, I won't even get into a swimsuit :)

    A happy and healthy week to you too :)

  • Thank you very much hun, I must admit I do look a bit of a fright in my costume but have found a gorgeous swim suit on marisota which pulls me in the right directions! (if you look from afar!)

    I have always apart from last couple of years done lots of swimming and it took some guts going back but I really knew I needed to overcome my embarrassment to get the exercise I need, so i do a very swift manoeuvre into the pool so no one will see (a bit like that squirrel in the ads!)

    If you can get brave and go as it is fantastically calming and not hard on joints etc make it one of those little goals! :-)

    I would go with you if you lived close by !!! :-)

  • I bet you look positively gorgeous! :)

    I got as brave as looking for long sleeved, long legged swimsuits, but chickened out of going any further :)

    I used to love swimming many moons ago and a pool buddy would be fab :)

  • Take the plunge hun , buy that costume and one day just go for it , take it one step at a time! I will be `virtually` swimming with you ! :-)

  • Maybe one day :)

  • Baby -steps :-)

  • Hi all last week I was 16st 5 lb and I'm not sure how many ounces this wk I'm 16st 5 lb 6 ozs. I'm not sure if its a loss or gain but I'm trying to stay positive as it could have been worse. Well done lowcal on your loss I've started writing it my weight down. Good luck everyone x

  • Hi Rosie-2015,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I think you've had a very slight gain this week of 0.6 pound, so hardly anything at all - and it's great that you're trying to stay positive, because you're on a downward trend overall - I know you lost 1 pound last week.

    Hope you're enjoying things and wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal, it's really great to hear you have had another loss this week 0.2 pounds is a good result so that's a total of 2.6 pounds in two weeks :-) Your making good steady progress now and long may it continue as you are getting ever closer to reaching your Christmas goal of getting into the 12's and even I can't wait to celebrate that with you Lowcal :-)

    I thank you for your recent support it really means a lot to me and I have had such a wonderful weekend I think I am going to have to catch up on some sleep and catch up on some exercise at some point because I haven't exercised all weekend and just got back home today. It's like I've been on holiday and have to get back into a routine. I'm sure I can get back to it soon, but today is my birthday :-) so another day off hopefully won't set me back. This has been one of the best birthdays I have had in years :-)

    Well done to you Lowcal keep doing what your doing it's obviously paying off hun and have a wonderful week x

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Oh I really hope that we can celebrate my getting into the 12's by Christmas, that would be amazing!!! I'll look forward to that Trafford1, and thank you so much for your encouragement.

    Happy Birthday for today!!!! I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed your celebrations, and I hope you get a chance to catch up on your sleep sometime soon. Great to hear you're home safely today, and good luck with getting back into a routine again - you'll soon be back to exercising again, I have no doubt about that! :-)

    Fantastic to hear it's been one of your best Birthdays in years - that's really lovely to hear.

    Thanks for your support - I really appreciate it.

    Here's to a wonderful week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for your birthday wishes Lowcal. I am well and truly stuffed for today. Oh my, I am going to have to work hard the rest of this week to balance the scales. I think fish is going to be on the menu the rest of the week LOL :-)

  • Fish is delicious Trafford1 - good luck with balancing those scales. :-)

  • Happy Birthday Trafford1

    With the amazing results that you have achieved to date I'm sure that you can afford a day off to celebrate and enjoy your birthday. You are so focused and determined that you'll no doubt be straight back to plan tomorrow. Enjoy yourself you thoroughly deserve it.

  • Thank you for your birthday wishes mrsg3 :-) what a great day I have had :-)

  • Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday dear Trafford,

    Now that you feel twenty two! :)

  • Thank you for your birthday wishes moreless :-)

  • Happy Birthday 🌟🌟

  • Well done Lowcal, another loss, it's all going in the right direction, wtg!

    I'm having a strange morning, I am lol-ing as I think about it. I spent a while moving the scales around the kitchen to make sure there wasn't suddenly something wrong with my normal weigh in spot by the kitchen window. Despite all the various places, there was only a pound variation, so I am taking the higher reading and hoping it is correct. So here it is...(drum roll - lol)

    I lost a truly bizarre 5 1/2 pounds since I weighed last Tuesday. As I say, it was showing a pound lower, but I moved the scales around in disbelief - lol. Maybe it's what I should have lost during my holiday and this week's loss all rolled into one, who knows? I will say, I have rested my leg a lot more than usual over the weekend and there is a noticeable difference in size this morning, although it will probably be swelling up again by the end of the day. So it could well be fluid loss from the leg. I'm just hoping that if it is like a balloon next week, I don't put weight on as a result! It's a crazy old life isn't it, all sent to try us...

    I'm torn at the minute, the rest seems to drain the leg well, but I really want to try getting out for a walk again too. I don't want to undo the good associated with resting but I want to add the benefit of gentle exercise. I guess, suck it and see eh? Hopefully I'll find my balance.

    I hope everyone is doing well and keeping a positive outlook whether you lost or gained this week. Let's keep on keepin' on...

  • Hi WeightWarrior,

    It sounds like you had a bit of a dance with those scales this morning, working out the correct positioning, and ensuring you're happy with the base etc, and you took the higher reading - all credit to you in doing that, you could have taken an average of the readings, or even chosen the smaller one ! Wow, what an amazing result you've had - Congratulations on losing 5.5 pounds this week. That is a lot! You've highlighted quite a few factors that could have contributed to that loss, so I suspect it's a bit of each of them. Glad to hear you rested your leg - and that it's less swollen today. I can understand your dilemma of attaining a balance between having some light exercise and enabling your leg to drain. It must be tough to strike that balance. I hope you achieve the balance you're hoping for. Good luck!

    Like you say, let's keep on keepin' on....

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done WeightWarrior

    51/2 lb in a week is a fabulous result. I hope your leg continues to improve so that you can incorporate a small amount of gentle exercise this week. Take it easy though you don't want to do too much and set yourself back. Good luck on your journey.

  • Hallelulah! Hallelulah! Woopdedoo! 5 1/2lbs fantastic! :) :)

    I know the perfect answer to your weight loss/exercise conundrum....... walking on your hands :) I'm going to try the same thing, because I have exactly the same problem with my legs (although not as bad as you).

  • lolllll I am wondering whether, due to the lack of gravity we could try walking on the moon instead? ("I hope my legs don't break...walking on the moon"...) :-D

  • Even better! :)

  • Woah WW that is fab what a great loss especially with your leg you have done so well !!

    I love the way you move the scales around to check so funny , but five and a half is incredible!!

    You must be feeling wonderful x

  • Happy Lunchtime Lowcal... I am back again from my overwork load cooking jam for the Advent Fair here in Germany... Last week I added pounds, but luckily this weekend with normal food I was this Monday morning with 91.1kg. :-) It is now not longer than 3weeks to go before I am on a weekend holiday to London.... And well Christmas at London and meeting friends I have arranged to see already, ... I am so happy to tread on English Ground again... Yes I am German, but I have Scottish- English foremothers ... So it is genetic longing to be from time to time in the land of ones ancastors... Cheerioh :-P

    And to you fabulous five thank you for reading and responding happy feasting times with Christmas parties now, .... but Oh what do I say we have at the moment 18-20° C here in South Germany and this in November, I would like to speak of Golden November in our Region, though most trees are bare now, having dropped all leaves, but the sun and the warm wind doesn't bring yet the winter cold.... ;-)

  • Hi Flower-Arranger,

    Happy Lunchtime to you too! Did you have a good lunch? I've just had some homemade Carrot and Red Lentil soup that I made in a big batch last week and froze in portions. It was very tasty. I had it with 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with peanut butter. Yummy!

    Sounds like you've had a busy week cooking up all that jam for the Advent Fair in Germany.

    It's lovely that you are coming to London for a weekend soon, and that you'll be touching base with the land of your ancestors - I hope you'll have a lovely time catching up with your friends.

    Congratulations on losing some weight this week and getting down to 91.1kg. Do you know how much you lost this week? - maybe Ruth has your figure from last week, but if you do know - just let us know so she can put the correct amount on the stats. It's great that you have seen a loss on the scales. Well done! :-)

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and enjoy that lovely weather you're having in Germany and the Golden Autumn colours.

    Lowcal :-)

  • :-( Sorry, Have to admit I didn't stand on the scale last week and also not during the week. I was turning like a Misissippy Boat last week... I am only lucky that I didn't gain too much... more I don't know. Thank you Lowcal for your letter; was working in the garden this morning cutting down bushes, and herbaceous plants. I prefer to do the garden work in autumn with sunshine and some warm temperature. The summer heat makes me faint, for this reason I like to go to Nothern Europe for holidays...By the way, do you have a calendar on which you are noting your up and down with the scales? Or is it for you just HealthUnlocked as well? I am also trying to keep on track with Myfitnesspal... but often forget my stamina in writing it carefully down... ;-)

  • Hi Flower-arranger,

    Great that you're enjoying your gardening and that the weather is nice for it where you are.

    Yes, I do note my weight on a calendar - so I know exactly my ups and downs over the year - I like to keep track of it and compare it year to year! :-)

    Hope you have an enjoyable week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi today is my first day of doing the NHS plan. I know I will find this tough. I am 13 stone 7lb!

  • Hi Katherinecairo,

    Glad you found us ok, and a Very Warm Welcome to you! It's great that you've joined us for this Monday Weigh-in group, and you are very welcome! You've taken the brave step of posting your starting weight, and hopefully that will be the heaviest you'll be from now on, and you can look forward to being lighter and healthier as time progresses.

    Good luck with your first day on the NHS 12 week plan. Are you using an app to help you to track your calories and exercise? I think Myfitnesspal is a good one, as it's very easy to use and gives a lot of helpful stats.

    Have you set your short-term and long-term weight loss goals? Many of us have set a goal for Christmas - a post by Sueper that was posted a while back has the various goals set, but I know I've already adapted mine - as I hope to be in the 12's by Christmas.

    We'll look forward to catching up with you next week and hope you have a great week ahead. Hope also to see you around and about in the forum, it's such a great community with so many lovely supportive people.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you so much. :)

  • Hi Katherine and welcome, I'm sure you're going to do fantastically well with the NHS Plan and we're all here to cheer you on :)

  • Good (late) Morning to All !!!

    Running late for work, yikes!

    This is going to be a flying comment, had a great bonfire party, too much wine, too much comfort food Sunday, feeling bloated, have gained 2lb, so the scales were 200lb this morning.

    My first gain, will have to work hard this week, but did enjoy the weekend, so no regrets.

    Sorry for the rush, will have to go,


  • Hi Elissy,

    Great that you enjoyed the Bonfire night celebrations, and sorry to hear you're feeling a bit bloated at the moment, and that you've gained 2 pounds. But at least you know why, and you'll hopefully soon be back below 200lb again really soon. Like you say, it's your first gain, and you're intending on working hard this week, and you enjoyed your weekend - with no regrets. So that's great!

    I hope you got to work on time, I know you were rushing this morning!

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • My first post but looking forward to many more!

    Starting weight 20st 2lbs

    This week 20st

    Weight lost 2lbs

    Have tried to lose weight many times before but am hoping a combination of healthier eating, more exercise and what looks like great support from you all I can achieve!

  • Hi Niclib79,

    A very warm welcome to you, and thanks for joining us for this Monday Group weigh-in. You mentioned trying a combination of healthier eating, more exercise and having group and community forum support, and I think that's a winning combination, so I hope you'll find it so too. :-)

    You've shared your starting weight, and I hope that felt ok to do so. I see you've already started your weight loss journey, and Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, that is fantastic! Really well done. :-)

    Are you using the NHS 12 week plan, or something else. Whatever you're doing, it looks to have given you a great start.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.

    I am using the Lifesum app which has worked for a few friends of mine and am using a fitbit step counter so that I can measure my exercise and gradually increase.


  • Hi Niclib79,

    That sounds really good. Hope you're having a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done on your loss! I have put a pound on this week. Was fabulous this week 2 in doing my exercise dvd. Am following the T25 and while I'm only doing the easy routine, I felt I worked hard. Unlike with my eating and writing down my calories. And some wine. So will carry on my exercising, but actually write down my calories and be aware of what I am eating !

  • Hi Maxine5555,

    Thank you. :-)

    It sounds like you've had quite an active week, and it's great that you enjoyed doing your exercise DVD, and enjoying the T25 (is that C25K?) - you've certainly worked hard on your exercising, so really well done.

    I know you're goal this week is to focus more on the healthy eating side of things, so good luck with that, and hope you get into a good routine with that side of things. Maybe use an app to help you log the calories and exercise - something like Myfitnesspal? It's very easy to use and makes it so much easier.

    You'll soon get that pound off, all being well - and hope you enjoy your week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm not good at technology despite being a programmer, so write everything down :-) Though maybe I should get into this century and have a go. I might just do that! The T25 is a BeachBody set of dvds. Each one's only 25 minutes so I have no excuse not to do them, except laziness. I'm going to go and look for Myfitnesspal now. Wish me luck!

  • Good luck!!! :-)

  • Good luck :)

  • Well done on your loss, Lowcal. Little by little, you're going in the right direction. Thanks to all the Fab 5, epsecially Candystripe as she steps down and welcome to Moreless.

    Well, after a gain of 700 the previous week, I was stunned (but pleased!) to find I've lost a kilo at 53.7 this morning, even though I've upped my limit to 1500 calories to maintain. I think the thing is, I've got used to a lower calories intake so it's not always easy to add more calories without obviously gorging on unhealthy stuff. Nice "problem" to have!

    Things may change now I've stopped using mfp to record every damn calorie, so maybe I will get more lax about my eating, so let's see what this week brings.

    Good luck and stay strong everyone :-)

  • Hi Carolee13,

    Thank you :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 1 kilo this week, that is fantastic!!! :-)

    You're doing well at your maintaining so far - and it will take a time of adjustment to get used to not logging all your calories etc. But hopefully your new healthy habits will see you through, and you'll find it easier than you anticipate. I hope so!

    I have also stopped using MFP for the past 3 weeks now, as I feel like I understand my portion sizes quite well now, and feel more confident at judging how each day goes. I was looking at my weight over the year, and realise I was 13 stone 1.4 pound on 1st January 2015, and so I feel like I've been 'maintaining' it all year! I'd still like to get down to the 12's by Christmas, but I don't want to reduce my calorie intake as I think I am feeling healthy currently with my current eating plan, and don't want to deviate too much from it.

    You are doing really well.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You're so close, Lowcal. I'm sure you will get there, but the more important thing is you're feeling your eating plan is healthy. If it ain't broke...

  • Thanks Carolee, I appreciate that feedback, because the holy grail of the 12's seems very elusive, but I know I'm in the middle of the 'new BMI' measure, so I should feel content with my current weight really... :-) But my continual chasing of the 12's helps me keep on track and motivated - so I think it's good that I continue to strive for it... :-) As long as I don't go back over 13 stone 7 pounds I remain happy, which helps. :-)

  • Thanks for the welcome Carolee :)

    I'd love to have experienced your "problem" and be able to offer advice, but so far it's eluded me :) I'm sure you'll get to grips with it soon though. Have fun trying :)

  • Hi, I am brand new here and probably like a lot of people tried every diet going! My little boy is 4 this week and I'm still trying to get to my pre baby weight - around 9 and half stone (saying it's baby weight is not really cutting it now!)

    So I weighed myself this morning and weigh 10 stone 11. I seem to have been around this weight for the last year. I would love to get to 10 stone and anything else would be a bonus... really hoping to get there this time 😆

    Loving reading everyone's progress, looks like this is a really supportive sight 😊

  • Hi Sarah_L17,

    A very warm welcome, and it's great that you've decided to join us. Great that you've already had a read and feel it looks like a supportive site - I think it is incredibly supportive, and I hope you'll find it to be as well.

    You've taken the brave step of sharing your starting weight, and I hope that felt ok. You've also got a goal in mind. It can help to break it down into manageable chunks or steps.

    Have you seen the NHS 12 week plan? It's got some great structure and advice and information. Many of us use an app alongside it, like Myfitnesspal or similar to help track calories and exercise.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great week and hope to see you around and about the forum, and good luck for next week's Monday Group weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi and welcome Sarah,

    How conscientious of you to work on the baby weight so soon. My "baby" is 35 and I still haven't managed it ;)

    This is a very supportive site and if you stick around, you'll have no problems reaching your goal.

    All the best for your weight loss journey :)

  • Well done lowcal, pleased with my week, not only did i complete couch to 5k on Thursday 9 weeks27 training sessions I also lost 2lb after staying the same last week and putting on a pound the week before so well happy. Starting weight 13.7 end of week 9 12.9. Total loss 12lbs. Cannot wait to reach the 1stone loss. Have a tough week ahead like yourself have a meal out on Thursday with work and think it may be a curry night! 😨 Also have a problem with my achillies so had to miss my run yesterday, but will try again tomorrow to see How it holds out. Have a goodness week everyone. Nifty

  • Hi Nifty,

    Wow, you've had a great week - Congratulations on losing 2 pounds and to achieving all those training sessions - sorry to hear you've had some problems with your Achilles' and had to miss your run yesterday, but good luck for tomorrow - do be careful, as you don't want to overdo it and cause further injury.

    Brilliant that you've acheived a total loss of 12 pounds - you're getting really close to your first stone.

    Hope you cope ok with your Curry night - I may be having one too - as I think one of the meals is going to be likely to be in an Indian restaurant - but I am really looking forward to it. :-)

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal hope your meal goes well too, not the best for low calorie but hey could stick to the chicken tikka with salad? Yes really annoyed about my achillies but will see how i go tomorrow, I am now addicted to running and love it, wouldn't have caught me ever saying that 9 weeks ago. Thanks for the continued support to makes the world of difference.

  • Hi Nifty,

    I think that sounds good - personally I will probably choose Chicken Buryani as it comes already with its rice and I find it a good complete meal - I am also intending to have half a peshwari naan with it though - as I absolutely love those! 1 small glass of red wine, and that will be me very happy to enjoy the meal - that's the plan anyway.

    I'll then have the other meal to contend with, but I need to try to get a menu for that one - like Ruth suggested - it's a great idea.

    Good luck! We can compare notes next week on how our meals went. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • What a great week you've had Nifty :) a 2lb loss which takes you to just 2lbs off your first stone and great progress with the couch 2 5k.

    Sorry to hear about your Achilles tendon problem though, I bet that's sore. Just take it a bit easy with tomorrow's run.

    Ruth had a good idea for Lowcal, to see if the restaurant you're going to has an online menu and calorie counter. Forewarned is forearmed :)

    Here's to another great week :)

  • Thanks moreless, not a bad idea but not sure where and what the restaurant will be as I am away with work, if Indian will try and stick to chicken tikka with salad. if my will power stays strong!

    Yes my achillies is a right nuisance I don't want to drop my fitness level after working so hard, really frustrating. Will see how I get on tomorrow, gentle run I think.

  • Week 5 done and dusted and 1.5 lbs lost! This was helped by lots of exercise last week, and more on the cards for this week. And my BMI is 24! I can't remember when it was that low. I'm recommending this group to all my friends as I'm sure the support network has helped substantially. Thanks all!

  • Hi Jane_Ski,

    Congratulations on losing 1.5 pounds this week, and to achieving a BMI of 24 (well within the healthy range!) - that is fantastic news! Really well done. :-)

    Have you reached your goal yet, and will you be staying with us for a while to 'maintain'?

    Great that you're recommending the group to your friends. Group support can be really great.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm aiming for a further loss of 6-7 lbs, so I'll be around for a while yet, and a week of skiing might undo some of the work with all the apres-ski!

  • The skiing itself will undo the après-ski :)

  • You are really doing well, 1.5lbs down and your lowest BMI ever, WTG you! :)

    Wow, there's no higher praise than to be recommended and you're absolutely right about the support network, it's second to none :)

  • 5.40pm I'm off to do some cooking! I'll pop back now and again this evening, hope everyone has a great evening. :-)

  • Keen to be in the right place so repeating myself and apologies if have doubled up; I was 12 stone 4 last Monday and 12 stone 2 this morning. I was nearly under 12 midweek! Weekend is my downfall but in a way it's good to be weighing in at my highest in the week Monday. Thanks for all support.

  • Well done for the 2lb loss Frankie, but weekends do have a habit of biting us on the btm :)

    I think Lowcal was inspired when she decided on a Monday for the weigh-in, hopefully it helps to keep us in check over the weekend :)

  • 86.1 kg today

  • Hi gsr, could you expand on your post at all, as I've no idea whether you've lost weight or not, although I'm sure Ruth may be able to sort it out :)

    Have a great week though :)

  • moreless. One month ago it was 89+ kg . i am on LCHF .

  • Wow, at least 3kgs down then, wtg you :)

  • My relatives who met with me after months got surprised. Actully i am suffering from hashmito and metabolic syndrom with obesity. Now i m ussing VCO n feeling better.

  • Hi.I'm ashamed to say that I gained one pound this week.An elderly lady wound me up so much on Tuesday,that I completely lost the plot and ate rubbish .Its no excuse I know ,but she makes me so depressed that I just don't care what I eat after seeing her!!😱

  • Oh dear Rosie, that's a shame, but why let her get to you twice? It's bad enough that she's able to wind you up in the first place, but to allow her to sabotage your weight loss efforts is to not give yourself enough credit for all the hard work you put into your healthy lifestyle.

    I don't know what your problem is with her, but you need to come up with some tactic to change the way in which you react. Maybe try picturing her as something completely different, like a stray kitten, or something else that deserves your pity, even if it scratches you. You never know, it may work.

  • Thanks for reply.She is the only person who knows how to push my buttons.And she loves to argue ,where as I don't.It upsets my nerves.

  • She can only argue with you if you argue back. My advice, for what it's worth, turn around and walk away.

  • Hi Rosie15,

    Sorry to hear you've gained a pound this week, and it sounds like you've had a stressful time - which often contributes to weight gain due to the stress hormones flying around at such times, in addition to the resulting comfort eating you described.

    Moreless has given you some really good suggestions - and I just googled a few sites on coping with difficult people, and I really liked this one, which you might like to take a look at:

    There are other sites you could look at - one by Psychology Today also looked good.

    Good luck with future interactions with the lady, and hope you have a better week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for replies.Will look that up. My doctor says I should walk away ,but she s 90 years old and has no family or friends .I do a few odd jobs some weeks .I feel trapped.

  • Evening fab 5, lovely losers and an extra special welcome to moreless☺

    Well done lowcal on your 0.2lb loss, its going the right way! Thank you to candystripe for being part of the fab 5, hope you'll still be around to post when you can (internet permitting)!

    This last week I only managed to go swimming once due to my local pool being closed for maintenance😑. I really must get my gym / body pump shoes and be brave (such a scaredy cat I am)! I have a week off in a couple of weeks so will book an induction for then and try and do a body pump class as well socat least I can mix things up a bit because although I love swimming I know there will come a time when I need a change.

    I have gained 1lb this week, knew I would with the lack of exercise and a meal out with work as requested by one of our lovely colleagues who has recently had surgery for breast cancer and who is just about to start radiotherapy. I are badly at that meal and didn't make wise choices and just sort of carried on from there for the next couple of days! I managed to rein myself in by Saturday and I know if I hadn't the damage would have been much worse!

    Sorry for wittering on. Have a lovely week everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Nic ☺

  • Hi Nic,

    It's great that you've got some plans for when you have your time off - hopefully you'll overcome your slight fear regarding the gym and you'll enjoy the induction, as well as the Body pump class. Great that you were able to go swimming once this week, and I hope that your local pool will re-open following its maintenance really soon, so you can enjoy more swims.

    I know that your meal out and the reduced opportunity for exercise have likely contributed to your 1 pound gain, but hopefully you'll soon get rid of that again - it's good that you felt that Saturday went better.

    Thanks for you kind words regarding my slight loss. I am a bit concerned myself for my two meals out this week, but I hope to choose well. But like you experienced during your meal with your colleague, it doesn't always go to plan.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal for all your support and for this wonderful thread I know without it I wouldn't be doing so as well as i have been.

    I'm online looking at when the body pump classes are and there's one on a Tuesday morning at 6.45 which I'm told is quieter than an evening one (should hope so at that time)!

    The pool has now reopened and I went last night, enjoyed it but was shattered after.

    Planning is key to any meal out and my plan was to have steak with jacket potato and salad but as I had an abscess I knew I would be able to eat that and chose the softer (if not more calorific) spinach and ricotta lasagne yum yum! The pound will soon com off again and more I know ☺

    Enjoy your meals out and try to choose well.

    Nic ☺

  • Thanks Nic, I will try to choose well. Sounds like you're having a great week so far. Glad your swimming pool has reopened. That's great! :-)

  • Hi Nic,

    Thanks for the welcome :)

    I think you showed remarkable restraint to rein yourself in on Saturday - excellent damage control :)

    That 1lb gain will be gone quick as a flash when you bit the bullet and get started on the body pump (that's easy for me to say, the reality is that even the name scares the living daylights out of me :) )

    All the best for next week :)

  • Hi moreless

    Thank you for replying. I hope you're enjoying your new job ☺

    It was difficult to stop eating I must admit, you just kind of get carried away with yourself and eat and eat for no reason.

    Body pump 2 weeks today! Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted 😱

    Good luck with the next week and beyond.

    Nic ☺

  • I am new to this group and not sure if this is the place to post.

    Aim is to try to eat a healthy diet and try to increase my exercise levels which will hopefully result in weight loss. Started on Monday 2nd Nov at 13st 3. Weighed this morning and have lost 3lb. Really pleased. My down falls are weekends. Any tips for avoiding the nibbles on a Friday & Saturday night or for eating out?

  • Hi and welcome Tinkle :)

    Well done with your first 3lb loss, that's fantastic and you're so close to being in the 12's :)

    I think most people struggle with the weekends. Maybe save some of your calorie allowance through the week, so that you can have a little "treat" at the weekend, or factor in extra exercise to keep you occupied, or a new hobby that does the same. You could try looking up the restaurant's online menu and see if it has a calorie counter, if not, then choose lower calorie options, no sauces, or sauces on the side, baked potato rather than chips, or extra veg.

    Sorry, I've rambled on a bit :)

    Good luck this week and especially this weekend :)

  • Gained 1.6 lbs

    But today I've been back on track!

  • Hi Lostconfidence,

    Great to see you. Good to hear you've been back on track today - and hopefully your 1.6 pound gain will soon be a thing of the past. Hopefully you know where it came from, and I hope you have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi, having missed two weeks on the trot due to unexpected work trips (aka calorific trips....), I am pleased to weigh in at 18st 13lbs, which i think is a 1lb increase since last week, but level over the two weeks...

    It's hard enough at the best of times, but almost impossible to maintain when away from home....

    Any tips appreciated... I've managed to avoid any deserts, and stuck to low calorie (although still alcoholic) drinks.... The biggest challenge is getting the exercise in.....

  • Hi HK,

    Glad to see you back and a 1lb gain over the 2 weeks will only count as 1/2lb/week, which is minimal.

    You can't have been making too many mistakes, or that gain will have been a lot more.

    Have you been staying in hotels? A lot of places have pools and gyms which I'm sure you could put to good use, there's also probably lots of stairs that you could run up and down.

    Maybe cut down on the alcohol a little and check that your portion size hasn't got a little warped.

    I'm sure you'll only have to do a little tweaking to see a loss on the scales.

    Good luck for this week :)

  • Starting out at 16 st 7.75lb

  • Hi and welcome to the group Muttley, how lovely to see you here.

    Well done for sharing your starting weight, I know that can be a bit challenging for some people.

    Do you have an eating plan that you intend to follow, if not the NHS 12 week plan is a good place to start.

    Wishing you all the best of luck on your weight loss journey :)

  • My first week with a start weight last week of 10st 9lb and today I have lost 1lb. Aiming to lose half stone by Christmas and a stone by beginning of March ready for my holidays.

  • Hi Nellieg,

    Welcome to the Monday Group Weigh-in, and Congratulations on losing 1 pound after your first week, that is brilliant! :-)

    You've set a good goal for Christmas, and also March - and it's great that you have your holidays to look forward to in March - hopefully a great motivator.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Nellie, it's lovely to welcome another new member :)

    I see you started alone last week at 10st 9lb and have already lost 1lb, congratulations, that's great :)

    All the best with your goals for Christmas and march and if you're interested, Sueper is running a Christmas wish list thread, where we've all registered our Christmas goals. I'm sure Sueper would be very happy to have you join too :)

    All the best for week number 2 :)

  • 15,11 so a loss of 2lbs this week but still a gain over the whole two weeks. Pleased to be going back in the right direction though! This week I'm determined to get back into single figures on the lbs side

  • Hi Garfield_123,

    Wow, that's a great loss - Congratulatons on losing 2 pounds this week - the week before is in the past now, so disregard it and put it behind you! You're back in the right direction - onwards and downwards, and you sound determined to get into the single figures on the lbs side, so wishing you success with that goal.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. It's so hard to stay motivated. But I'm keeping in mind your way of visualising each pound as a pat of lard and that definitely helps!

  • It's 11.10pm or thereabouts, and I am going to go to bed now, but to any late night weighers, there may still be some Fab 5'ers about, or if not, then I'll be looking in tomorrow morning, so we won't miss responding to you.

    I've been impressed by our thread today - really inspiring reading.

    Moreless - you are a star - thank you for all your fantastic support, and to the other Fab 5'ers, and also everyone who's contributed to the thread - you all make it an amazing place to be on a Monday - sleep well everyone!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, but you were the inspiration behind this whole thread and the reason why everyone is so motivated to keep coming back. I just turned up on the day :)

    Thank you for all your support, I can't tell you how much it means to me. You're the star :)

    Night night :)

  • I know I've,issued Monday weigh in but have only just discovered this website. I'm 10st 7lbs, the heaviest Ive been in over 11 years. I know the problem, stressed at work and just can't stop eating, I have no motivation to lose weight but doing online calculator need to lose 1st 10lbs.

    I'm hoping that by reading all your positive stories, I can now find the motivation to join you and work towards a better, healthier weight.

    I will report back on Monday.

  • Hi Nikkit1973,

    I'm really glad you are planning to join us, and thanks for introducing yourself - it's great that you found us and I really hope that you'll find being part of this Monday weigh-in group will help to motivate and support you in your weight loss journey. Hopefully you'll be able to achieve a better, healthier weight.

    You've shared your starting weight, and hopefully this will be the heaviest you'll be, and you can start moving to being lighter. Stress is tough - hope you can find other coping mechanisms rather than turning to food.

    Have you seen the NHS 12 week plan? It's really good in terms of structure and advice, and many of us also use an app (Myfitnesspal is a good one, as it's free and easy to use).

    Good luck, and we'll look forward to hearing from you at Monday's weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I am the same weight this week.

  • Hi MrsBooboo,

    Great to see you. At least you've maintained your weight, and not gained. I hope you're feeling ok about that, and hope you've had a good week.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and all. Sorry I'm late (as usual) we didn't get back from our weekend away until yesterday evening so i've only just weighed in.

    So... After my little wobble about turning 40 last week, I awoke on my birthday feeling no different to the day before (who would have thought it?!?) unfortunately I also had a hangover which lasted until I went out again because my lovely family and friends had arranged a surprise bonfire party to ease me in gently a day early and the prosecco was flowing :/ Went out for a meal and drinks on my birthday and then away to a cottage near Brimham rocks from Saturday to Tuesday with my hubby and one of my fur babies.

    The result of all this is a 2lb gain taking me to 17st9lbs. I have one more birthday related night out this coming Fri, for a curry with my friends and then I am going to stop drinking alcohol for a month.

    Thank you to all who posted last week and helped me to clamber over the age barrier! Much appreciated :)

    Hope you all have a happy healthy week :)

    Kate x

  • Hi Kate,

    Great to see you. I'm glad to hear you coped well with your 40th Birthday, and sounds like you had some lovely celebrations with your family and friends. Just a 2 pound gain from all of that celebrating, and cutting out the alcohol should help get rid of that - so good plan!

    Enjoy your remaining celebration, and hope you have a good week ahead.

    Enjoy your week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Is this where I put my weight? I started on 15/11 at 13st.10lb now 13st.6.75lb so yes!

  • Hi skinnylizzie, I've just found you. Unfortunately you've posted on last week's thread. The link for this week's thread is

  • Hi Skinnylizzie,

    You put your weight in last week's weigh-in, but luckily Moreless has spotted this, and I am just popping in here to copy and paste your result to the right place - Moreless gave you the link, but you may not have seen her post. I know you tried very hard to get to the right place, as I've seen both your posts now - and we'll count your stats in our current weigh-in.

    Please look out for Prin's name next week (Prin) as she will be posting the next 3 Monday weigh-ins (as I am away).

    I will be back on 14th December to post that weigh-in, but in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy being part of our weigh-ins, and Congratulations on your excellent loss of 3.25 pounds, that is fantastic!

    Lowcal :-)

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