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Gahhhhh! Fatty bum bum!

So I came on here a few months ago at 16 stone 3lbs. I was full of enthusiasm having about 9 weeks till my holiday, determined to loose a stone before I went.

So I go on holiday 4 weeks on weds and...............

16 stone 4 lbs! !!


So now I'm aiming for half a stone in 4 weeks. I am so so annoyed at myself. I just can't get my head in the game 😢

Not going to be very pretty on the beach this year 😣

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Don't worry about what happened before, concentrate on what you have got to do now.

There are amazing sarongs out there, so throw 1 on and hold your head up high and strut your stuff.

When I was at my heaviest 17st I went on holiday to Centre Parcs and I was so worried that I would look horrible amongst all the slim super people !!!!!! that I nearly did not take a costume with me ( I love to swim). I Thought I didn't want to frighten all the kids and the lifeguards but hey I did. When I got there nicely encased in my sarong, I found the size and shapes of people where so different it was incredible. Once I got into the water and started having fun I really didn't care, and it seems neither did most people there. We worry about people's perception far too much, and most of them are just worrying about themselves and don't look around at others

So you do what you can before your holiday and stop beating yourself up for the past, that's gone now and you cannot change. Look to the future and enjoy.

Embrace the wonderful individual that you are and have a fab time.

Really hope you have a great week, keep up the good work.


Thank you so much, that reply really touched me! 😊


Your very welcome just remember we all know how you feel. You are not alone so give it your all and enjoy and chill on that holiday and remember you deserve it.

Have a fab weekend.


Definitely agree with Jo's experience. I went with hubby and daughter to the local water park determined that I wasn't going to be getting in the water because I was conscious of my weight. But they were both having so much fun, that I relented and went to hire one of the wet suits, thinking they wouldn't have one in my size. The woman said that I was actually pretty small in comparison to many and they had far larger wet suits than I needed (I could have hugged her :-) ). Spent the rest of the morning whizzing down the water slides and so glad I didn't miss out on the fun ! I didn't feel half as bad as I thought I was going to.

I think everyone gets over conscious, but don't let it spoil your holiday. Do what you can between now and then, but most importantly look forward to it :-)

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I am really looking forward to it, just wish my belly was a bit smaller before I go! Such is though I suppose, not going to be a supermodel in 4 weeks time so I suppose I've just to be good, hit the gym and walk the legs off the dogs, and chill out while I'm there.


Make a small change and stick to it for now, enjoy your holiday but remember to come back to plan when you get back. I find it helps to weigh in regularly


Don't look back, you have 4 weeks to refocus and make some changes,maybe not pressure self with a target just make healthier choices, up the exercise and see where at when weigh in next week.😎

Try the cossie on, slap the fake tan on ( I always do so no white bits) and look forward to you holiday.

Take it one day at a time 😃

Have a good week.



Its important to be pretty on the inside first! Be compassionate and caring for yourself as a starting point! Get on the 12 week plan and you'll be able to do it!


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