Week 26

Hi everyone I'm a bit late posting today as I have just returned from Blackpool again.

I have maintained this week so still at 55 lbs total weight lost. I have worked out so much this week and my calories have been on point so don't know what happened there, but still remain determined and focused for the coming week. Nothing is going to stop me in my tracks. Look forward to seeing a minus on the scale for next week, let's see what my future holds :-) I am 55 lbs lighter and a happy bunny :-)

Hope you all have a great week x


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14 Replies

  • I love your positivity. 55 pounds is amazing, it's as if you are no longer carrying around a whole child!

  • LOL :-) my two boys only weigh 5 stones each so yeah one of them nearly :-) I do remain positive as I have come so far already and I feel like a normal person now. I walk with confidence I dress with confidence and I shop for clothes with confidence so there is no reason not to be positive and I am truly happy :-)

    I thank you for your continue support x

    Trafford1 :-)

  • You are doing brilliantly and glad you lack of loss this week is not de-motivating you. I suspect you will make up a bit of ground next week, that happens to me sometimes.

    Good luck for next week :)

  • Thank you sueper, I have remained focused and motivated throughout my journey and ain't no stopping me now. I knew one day this would happen but never mind as I have had a really good run and getting to week 26 and having this happen is not a problem. I don't look at what I have not lost this week as the bigger picture is that I have lost 55 lbs to date and that makes me happy :-)

    Have a great week sueper

    Trafford1 x

  • 55 pounds is amazing! If you don't mind my asking, how long did it take you to achieve that? Your determination is so admirable, maintaining is better than gaining.

  • Thank you. I lost 55 lbs in 25 weeks :-)

  • You sure do have what it takes Trafford! I love your positive attitude and hope it rubs off on all of us. Keep posting! x

  • Thank you eeek1110, I remain positive because I am happy with all I have achieved on my journey and this is what weight loss can do for you. I am a changed person physically and mentally and I only have an I can attitude. I've not failed I've won in my eyes. Thanks eeek1110 for your lovely words of encouragement :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Congratulations from me too. Do you measure your waist too? If there's no change on the scales it might show in your waist measurement instead? Or I'm sure the scales will show a difference next week. But I meantime enjoy that excellent feeling! 55lb is such an achievement :)

  • Thank you Ruth_canal_runner :-)

    You are right forgot to check my measurements and my waist has gone down 2 " and there is more muscle I can feel in the side of my waist. I am getting stronger and building more muscle all over. The muscles in my legs are really strong and in my arms and when I look at myself I can see I am toning so it could just be muscle verses fat that explains the maintain this week. Thank you for reminding me to check and thank you for your encouragement hun x

    Trafford1 :-)

  • Good news indeed, Traff. So pleased for you - the positives ripple throughout your life. Onwards and downwards! :D

  • Thank you :-) the positives sure are Gollibooboo I'm in control and in the driving seat steering forward at full speed ahead.....watch out cause here I come.... :-)

  • Wow Trafford1. I've just rejoined this site and your 55lbs achievement in 25 weeks has massively inspired me.

    Well done - you sound on top of the world.

  • Hi FiFiGitl54, I am on top of the world and loving this new me.

    The changes I have made have brought me so much happiness and confidence. It is such a great feeling. I am glad you have rejoined the forum as I find this is such a great place to share your journey with like minded people who encourage one another and it brings out the best in you.

    I wish you all the very best on your journey hun and thank you for your encouraging words they really mean a lot :-)

    Trafford1 x

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