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Deep dark ms secret.... hmm I wonder


Now that is an interesting question. Not real sure I have one. I read lots of posts about difficulties and I really am hard pressed to find some.

Perhaps it is just that I ignore them or refuse to see them. After twenty years I am sure they are out there and others see them quite well. A strong belief in myself and the knowledge that interesting things will sometimes happen, help a lot.

ms is tricksy so being ready for the unexpected and accepting the unexpected will take "YOU" along way on this journey. Murphy's law is that if it can go wrong, it will. I think Mr Murphy may have had ms, he is Irish and there is more ms in the north of the United Kingdom. Perhaps "YOU" might look at it this way. "YOU" have ms, a possibly disabling condition. No matter what I say, what we all wish this is the potential prospect, Accept that and if it happens "YOU" knew it so no big surprise. Now the fact that "YOU" are doing everything humanly possible to avoid and slow your progression down is a great thing.

"YOU" expect possibly getting worse, the fact that "YOU" are doing it at a snail's pace is very good.

Look at that "YOU" just had two wins without even trying very hard. Might I say that "YOU" my friend are "DOing" your ms. I am impressed.

ms is sneaky, tricksy and challenging but today in 2018 it is totally doable. It just takes "YOU" making a decision to find your own way to "DO" it, and "DO" it well.


Just one little decision after another leads to .....

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Good Post Royce 👍🙏🐾Ken

RoyceNewton in reply to Kenu

thank you

I'm doing it it's not easy but reading your posts help

glad they so even a little

Don't you just love Murphy? Some call him something else but comes down to the same thing! :-)

RoyceNewton in reply to Ali_B62

he is a great bloke, full of wisdom

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