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Can this illness be anymore confusing, after 19 years it still manages to play unexpected tricks. When I say Tricksy I mean Tricksy. Even with the absolute BEST of management, observation, protocols, learn to live with & expected the unexpected.

Just remember that there are miles and miles of nerves in your body. ms attacks the myelin sheath so thats a LOT of nerve real estate that can short circuit.

Accept the unexpected and have a nice day, it is going to be different.


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Predictably unpredictable. It sure is a roller coaster ride.


Hang on!!

typical hiccup :-)

Yeehaw, i gotmy ropes on & hangin on for da'ride of ma' life!!😃😄💐💜 whew! Got th@ right Royce.,, Blessings


Oh yeah, on ths mean bull M.S.!! In our brains & real estate of nerves!! That is!!😄


I agree with you totally Royce. This uniquely beautiful and complex disease finds so many different ways to slowly but surely infiltrate every nerve along your spinal cord until like you said no matter how prepared you think you are there are days you just want to scream and pulled out every last piece of hair on your head! I guess best motto you can have with this monster is to expect the unexpected! What makes this seem so scary is that it doesn't attack or infiltrate any two people the exact same way. So be on your guard, be prepared for anything, and like I always said give yourself an extra hour to get to your first destination in the morning because you're going to need it.

What we need to remind ourselves is that it could be so much worse. We are lucky to have MS even though it's hard to remember most days. My future will look different than I ever had the slightest clue that it would but I still have a future. I will get to watch my sons marry and I will watch my grandbabies be born and grow up. I will, with God's willing support get to grow old with my husband and learn to accept the Future Has Changed but I can rewrite it and still live it and enjoy it! Thanks again for a great post Royce. You've been digging deep and giving a lot of food for thought for everyone in the chat room. You've become an inspiration and a deep thinker for the people in our chat room. Remember together we are stronger!

o so well put

hairbrain4 in reply to Fancy1959

Well said. You could almost take up an offering after that! LOL I love to see people with the same attitude about MS as I have. It definitely could always be worse, like something more tragic than MS, brain cancer, or metastatic cancer and so on. I thank God every day that its only MS.

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