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Slight blood infection

Hi had my blood test results from when i was ill over Christmas ,and it shows raised crp test and inflamation and slight blood infection due to the HU ! will repeat crp blood test in 3 weeks Gp wants! . good news is the platelets are down !! Im getting blood test done for my heam appoiment on 11 th , so will see what he says having seen gp results too from last week and my ultra sound test which was normal , im bit worried re blood infection though i have to say ! hope everyone well at start of this new year love Holly

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Hi Holly Happy New Year to you to, now this is strange as when I started Hydroxy they told me that I had an infection which they thought was in my blood although my readings went back to normal this kept on showing up, and for no rhyme or reason it disappeared and has not shown up since so maybe it is your body getting used to the drug so let's hope it rectifies itself.

How are you feeling in yourself now ?

Jean x


Hi Jean yes much better thank you , yes im sure its all due to HU my tum is back to normal now although i am more constpated now ( which one is worse ? ) haha so taking something to help with this .. what a game eh .. hooe your well love Holly x


Hi Holly, , aye I'm afraid one thing oft begats another in this game, , reminds me of spider and fly song I'm taking a number of post transplant meds and a few are to counter the side effects of the many, but it increases your intake. . then there's the constipation issue which my Co-codamol caused which meant taking a mild laxitive. Also probe caused by steroid mainly fluid retention which means taking 2 types of water tabs. . . And the game goes on.

The good thing is you are being well looked after and I hope you feel much better soon.

Chris xx

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Aww bless you Chris for that , but you have and been through so much more than me , im at the start of this journey and im a bit of a whoos not brave like you and some of the others on here . but yes pills help one thing and its a chain reaction to something else going wrong .. will see what Dr at heamatology as to sy next wed takr care jedi chris thanks Holly


Hi Holly

It's good that your platelets are down especially with your mitral regurge so that's a positive .

Hold on to the word slight and I hope it clears up and your next bloods are really good .



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