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Struggling with failed treatments 😪

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Well am a 42 year old woman, who had ached for a baby since I was in my 20’s. I was girl who wanted the family, but it’s all my friends who have it, and I don’t 😪

I wanted a baby so much that when I was single, I had 6 IUI cycles. Friends I knew who had success stories, give me massive hope, it would easy in fact. But no luck 😪

But then I was lucky and I met my wonderful partner, here was new hope, we clicked immediately, we both wanted a family, he has a son, whose taken to me wonderfully.

Then as we tried, no success, so IVF is was, large loan taken out, we have to pay coz he’s had a son (total shit). We had three failed cycles, recently last one was 3weeks ago. Am devastated, no money to go again, need to accept, pregnancy isn’t going to happen 💔

I feel sad, angry, resentful, depressed, the list goes on, how do you accept this situation, I feel as if, I need to change who I am, the girl who has always wanted to be a mum 😪

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In similar boat. 42 years old. 3 early losses. Then had pain issues and was diagnosed with an issue. Of which not sure how long I’d had. Again totally with you on the mental health side of it , angry, resentful and more... it’s awful. What have they said is the issue ?? Please email me we can chat more



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