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THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE CHILDLESS BY CIRCUMSTANCE. TO PROTECT OUR MEMBERS AND KEEP THIS A SAFE SPACE PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY IF YOU ARE ACTIVELY TRYING TO CONCEIVE OR USING ALTERNATIVE FAMILY BUILDING OPTIONS. If you are no longer actively pursuing fertility treatment or alternative family building options our More To Life community set up by Fertility Network UK. The More To Life community is for those who are childless by circumstance, not by choice. You may have tried fertility treatment with no success, or considered other family building options but decided that wasn’t right for you, you may have a partner who doesn’t want to have children, or perhaps you just didn’t find the right person to have a baby with. Whatever your circumstance if you are no longer actively pursuing treatment or alternative family building options our More To Life community is a place where you can receive peer to peer support to find a way to appreciate and enjoy your life without children.

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