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Unexplained 4 failed ivfs

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Hi everyone. I am new to the group. We have just had our 4th failed ivf and are obviously devastated. We are unexplained. I'm now 36 almost 37. Amh 17. I'm just after any advice from anyone who has also had multiple failed rounds. Whether any test you eventually had done which showed why you were unexplained? Or medication you may have been put on which you think helped? Has anyone had success changing and going to a different clinic or abroad? I am in Devon and currently at Plymouth but I am considering trying Bristol or London now or even abroad any help would be great thanks x

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Yes 3 early IVF losses. Then discovered issue. We’re they early losses of failed implantation. Here’s my email , please email me to discuss kellylovesy@hotmail.com

I have emailed you. x

Hi - have you considered a holistic approach to your health? What I mean is, looking into egg quality? I made significant changes to my diet and lifestyle which improved my own health, plus egg quality and improved my changes of 'housing an embryo' whether via treatment or natural conception? x

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Hi yes I most definitely have tried a holistic approach I've tried everything lol. My diet is pretty healthy I do some exercise I don't drink I don't smoke I've tried acupuncture and reflexology. I have just brought the book it starts with the egg and have just started taking CoQ10. I am about to order the inositol and I'm still debating dhea as there appears to be conflicting information. I have regular periods and I have read somewhere that dhea can mess that up so I'm just a bit worried about that x

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If you want to explore a structured approach to nutrient level dietary changes any further do get in touch i'd be more than happy to help. Best of luck with your TTC journey x

My fertility dr at BTC explained the following. Because AMH levels stay basically stable throughout a cycle, the blood test can be performed at any time. A typical AMH level for a fertile woman is 1.0–4.0 ng/ml. But, depending on age, many women will be higher or lower than this range. Treatments to improve the health of eggs may include: The increase in stimulating drugs to obtain more eggs. Addition of androgens and growth hormone in patients who are defined as poor responders. Use of PGS of embryos for selection of the healthiest embryo. Donor eggs as a really last option. Could you please update?

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