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Morning all, I am new on here after TTC for 6 years with no success. 3 IUIs, 5 IVFs and 1 miscarriage later my boyfriend and I have made the difficult decision that we need to stop and start living again. We would really love to meet up with other involuntarily childless couples to share feelings and create new friendships.

We live in London (Clapham) and have had no luck finding any face to face support groups (only 1 where couples are still trying, or women only). Does anyone know of anything suitable? Or do any of you live in London and would therefore be keen for us to start our own?

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend xx

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  • Good morning Sparkly,

    Welcome and thanks for posting,

    We don't live in London but wish you very well,

    Take care

  • Thanks for the reply infertility-hurts. Appreciate it x

  • Hi sparkly s,

    so sorry to hear about your long battle. It's a hard decision to come to terms with shutting the door on ur dream, so having a strong support network is key. I would email fertility network to find a volunteer to meet with. There are often grps to join with other couples too. It's worth finding your local gateway women grp on meet up app and there's the league of fabulous women The last two are just for women but it helps to balance the scales to have childfree women in ur life xxxx all the best in finding some support

  • Thanks Fuzzy winker. I have already been in touch with fertility network which is how I ended up here! I have already checked out the gateway women but not the league of fabulous women so will have a look at that. However, I really want to find some support for my boyfriend as well xx

  • Hi Sparkly s.....did fertility network put you in touch with a volunteer to arrange the group events for couples? x

  • Dear Sparkly,

    So sorry to hear your story. There is a group that meet up with couples and that is the Kent MTL group. They do have get togethers in London but also in Kent. The members of the group are very supportive and helped greatly with coming to terms with childlessness. There has been messages posted on this forum by the organiser so please look at past posts. I will try to find the details and post them to you.

    Take care


  • Chris Morris is the organiser for Kent MTL group and her posting name on this forum is Lucy 03. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sparkly,

    I just wondered how you got on with this? Did you find any groups in London.

    My husband and I are in a v similar situation to you so would be really interested to know what you found!


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